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Why we Chose to Hire a Videographer for our Wedding + Our Video!!

Why we Chose to Hire a Videographer for our Wedding + Our Video!!

Photo by Heidi Lockhart

We have officially been married for three weeks! So, clearly we know everything. jk not. BUT, what we can say is that we are super glad that we hired a videographer for our wedding. Initially, we decided to cut that from the budget, because we both love photos, and that is what we cared about spending our money on. After speaking with one our friends, he encouraged us to do it, because there is something special about having it done. We chose to take his advice and are so glad we did.

If you have a great photographer (like we did! Heidi was awesome), then they can catch that raw emotion (like in the photo above!!) that most weddings have; however, they cannot capture moments like a videographer can. There's something that is different about watching someone sing, or dance, or talk. It is honestly like more like reliving the day. So, if you're still on the fence, here are three reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding. If you're just here for the video, scroll down ;)

1) It's a good memento. Our friend who encouraged us to do it said he and his wife watch it every year on their anniversary. I can SO see us doing that, plus we have watched it ten times since we received it ;) It's like a time capsule from your big day! It comes out once a year (or more) to share where you were when you first started and how far you have come! 

2) It's a highlight reel. Something will probably go wrong at your wedding. Or maybe not wrong, but not how you planned or thought it would be. For me, it was the during the day. Fortunately, the video doesn't show any of that during the getting ready time.  Can you tell? No, because it's only the good things!! So, even if something does happen on your big day, the video will not showcase that. It will not only remind you why you got married to your love, but show you all the great moments you had in real time.

3) It can be shared. Like it or not but you will have important people who cannot be there. Whether it's because they were ill or their flight was delayed, there's nothing that can be done to teleport them there. We are so excited to be able to send this video to friends and family who were unable to go to the wedding. It will make them feel like they were there, and for those who actually were, they will be able to relive it!

So, without further adieu, here is our wonderful video by Bow Tie Media.

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I could not recommend Bow Tie Media  enough. They were professional, kind, and super easy for us and our photographer to work with. As you can see their work is top quality - I mean did you SEE those drone shots?! Pretty cool, if I do say so myself, but I may be biased;)

Did you have a videographer at your wedding or are you trying to decide right now? Try and budget for it, if you can! Hope the recap of our big day as much as we did!

Wedding Venue: The Castle at Rockwall

Wedding Dress: Blue Willow by Anne Barge

Wedding Hair and Makeup: Grand Slam Glam

Wedding Photographer: Heidi Lockhart

Wedding Flowers: Lizzie Bee's Flower Shoppe

Wedding Tuxedo: Menguin

Videography: Bow Tie Media

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