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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Guest Edition

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Guest Edition

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Wedding season is quickly approaching, which means that it is shower season! June is definitely a coveted wedding month; however, in Texas, October is the most popular month. Our date is October 28th, so I can't say I disagree;) That being said, it's about to be bridal shower city!

Anyway, I have my opinions on weddings and attire. I share them, because I honestly think people don't know and ignorance is not bliss. I would go into some of the things I saw people wearing this weekend at a wedding, but that is another topic, for another post. 

If you missed the first part of my series, about a month ago, I wrote What to Wear to a Bridal Shower: Bride Edition. Catch up here! That was an important one to write, because it's the story of my life right now; however, I realized that you are a guest for a wedding shower, a lot more than you are a bride...so, on with the post!

Here are some styling tips, to make sure you look the part, for the next shower you attend.

What is the theme? You should consider this before deciding any outfit. Chances are that it is most likely semi-casual, which means you can wear something you'd wear to brunch or church. Occasionally they are themed, like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or a "Tea Party", which err on the side of semi-formal. Essentially, just know what type of scene you are stepping into, and dress accordingly.

What to wear: Once you know the theme, you can figure out what to wear. I did mention that you could wear something you'd wear to church, but bridal showers also allow you to wear fun things that you wouldn't wear to church, like a backless top. Yes, you can choose from the many dresses and skirt/top combos, but the fun thing to wear to showers right now are jumpsuits and rompers. In regard to silhouettes, you really aren't restricted from any type of clothing, as long as it doesn't take too much attention from the bride!

What not to wear: My list for what not to wear to showers, is a lot less long than my list for what not to wear to weddings, so you're welcome.

--White. My biggest pet peeve is when people wear solid white/ivory to a wedding event. Like, what are you thinking? That is the bride's color; however, there are exceptions. Part of the reason I paired this outfit, with this post topic, is because it is the perfect example of how to wear white to a shower! I'm wearing a white tank, but you don't notice it...you notice the floral print, and my pop of shoes. I think it's okay to wear white with patterns, as long as they aren't tonal or pastels, that essentially make it look some shade of off white. If you have to question it, then you probably shouldn't wear it.

--Jeans. If you're going to pick between wearing jeans or wearing white, then please wear jeans, but I would rather you not wear either. If you're going to a barbecue shower or are a guy attending a couples shower, you are in the clear...otherwise, I'd just stay away from them, all together.

Random Tips:

-Wear something that is comfy to sit down in. Bridal showers are great, but you're probably going to be sitting for most of it. That is, after you get your food:) Side note- shower food is my favorite!

-Wear something that is comfy to stand in. Sometimes there aren't enough seats, so you are left standing. Make sure your feet won't want to punch you in the face after the event, by wearing footwear that your feet are used to and are easy to walk/stand in.

-Wear something flowy. See my comment about shower food...you want to be able to enjoy the yummy goodness, in all of its glory, so don't be restricted by your clothes. The last thing you want to feel is onset bloating, because of your bodycon dress.

-Wear darker colors. I always end up spilling red punch on me or dropping a blackberry.  It's really no surprise, because often times, you have your hands full and are eating without a table. Don't fall victim to a ruined outfit! The darker colors will hide any spill!

Still at a loss or need some inspo? Here's some of my favorite looks. If you came to my shower in one of them, I'd be like GIRL. You look AMAZING!

So, what is your favorite piece? Do you have any tips for what to wear to a bridal shower? 

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