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What to Wear in LA

What to Wear in LA

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As someone who has embarrassed herself several times on what to CORRECTLY pack, I’m happy to bring you a post today about what to wear in LA. The first time I went to San Diego (as an adult), I packed like I was going to be in Texas, not a beachy city. Shortly after that I went to San Francisco for the first time (as an adult) and packed like I was going to San Diego. MISTAKE, let me tell you. San Francisco is still cold in July. I actually wrote about what to wear in SF here. It’s an old post, but still relevant. Just don’t judge the image style ;)

ANYWAY, this post won’t really be about what to specifically wear style wise, but will be more of a broad statement. I’m not trying to suggest you should alter your fashion when coming to LA (though you can def be more edgy, trendy, or casual here), just trying to make sure you bring the right silhouettes and such to make your trip more comfortable. There are definitely β€œvibes” depending on the area you will be staying / frequenting, but there’s really no need to conform to where you’re going unless you just want to.



Before I get into specific tips, I want to encourage you to check the weather before packing for your trip. The joke is that it never rains in LA and it is always 75 degrees and sunny. I say that is both true and false. Right now we are in a heat wave and it’s about 85 every day. It can be hot and sticky July - October really. We even had a couple days end of March this year where it was in the high 80’s / low 90’s. Things can always changes, so again check the weather. My family came to LA last Thanksgiving and it literally rained the whole time. I don’t think it has rained since. Hah! the other thing I want to ask you is where are you staying? Are you wanting to stay close to the beach and will be hanging out in Santa Monica all the time or are you headed more towards the valley / away from the coast because you want to do DisneyLand? Keep in mind it will be warmer further inland and more breezy towards the pacific ocean. This kind of ties into that question, but what are you going to be doing? Just beach time or a mixture of parks, beaches, and sight seeing? Also specifically where are you sleeping and does it have AC? Our current apartment is on the west side, so we have the benefit of the ocean breeze, but we currently do not have central air conditioning and rely on fans. It’s not a big deal unless there is a heat wave like we currently have… then it is kind of unbearable. Last thing is when are you traveling? Winter, spring, summer or fall? Like I mentioned, LA is known to be seasonless, but there are some differences to consider depending on the time you go. Mainly just bring more jeans and layers in the winter. I literally wear a beanie on the beach in December. Hah!


Now that I have you thinking, here are some tips for what to pack when you visit LA.

  • Layer up. It doesn’t matter if you are coming in July or December. You need layers. I’d bring your favorite sweatshirt and say a denim or moto jacket. The photos for this post were taken in August and guess what? That evening it was so windy on the beach, it felt like December. I can count on one hand the number of times I brought a jacket to the beach and didn’t use it. If you plan to stay the entire day at the beach, you might need one as the sun starts to set. If you aren’t going to the beach, I would at least bring one for restaurants for walking around in the evening.

  • Lace up. Take advantage of the comfy sneaker trend and wear them with ANYTHING. Honestly sneakers with dresses are my favorite thing right now. Also chances are that you will be walking around a lot and sneakers just make sense. I rarely wear heels and such anymore, but when I do it is only when I’m driving somewhere.

  • Casual up. But really. It’s SoCal, so you can pretty much wear whatever you want anywhere, unless there is a stated dress code. Chances are that you’ll want to look cute for photos, as there’s a spot to snap a pic pretty much anywhere, but you can do that and still be in casual clothes IMO. Biker shorts are having their moment right now for example and those def look cute out. I say β€œcasual up,” because you can easily dress up casual clothes these days and make anything work!

Those are my main tips! I’ve visited several times so I have learned the what to pack and what not to pack the hard way. BUT on top of that, I have lived in LA for a year come end of September, so I’ve learned what I love to wear here too. What I would always pack are:

  • denim shorts - These are always a good idea since they can be dressed up or down, worn to the beach or worn to dinner. These are my favorite pair.

  • jacket of some sort - Bring a denim jacket, a blazer, or a moto jacket. Denim might be most versatile, but the right blazer will go with everything. You won’t want a moto jacket unless it is fall or winter.

  • maxi / midi dress - I LOVE flowy dresses are perfect for going out or dinners, plus they look good with sneakers or sandals and layer well with a denim jacket. They are also comfy in case you get a sunburn.

  • sweatshirt - Perfect for getting comfy at night, but works well with your denim shorts in case you want to wear it out with some sneaks too.

  • athletic sneakers - There are so many hikes and fun outdoorsy things to do, don’t forget these!!

  • sandals - I like to bring a pair of easy walking sandals in case I feel like dressing up from sneakers.

  • swimwear - duh!! Don’t forget your sunscreen either. It may not feel like you need sunscreen, but the sun is SUPER deceptive and you can still burn even when it is cloudy. Also know that most CA girls wear v cheeky bikinis. You don’t have to - just expect it. LOL.

Again I wouldn’t feel pressure to change your style when you come here. Whereas you might stick out like a sore thumb in Dallas, you can pretty much wear whatever you want here and no one will think twice. Here are some of my favorite LA looks. Which one is your favorite? Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions!

Here are some outfit ideas to help you out!

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