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What to get your Husband as a Wedding Gift

What to get your Husband as a Wedding Gift

Photography by Heidi Lockhart Somes

Daniel Wellington Classy Black Sheffield Watch**| THAT GUY card by Bell'invito | Baylor Polo | Daniel Wellington Classy St. Mawes Watch**(the watch in the first photos, before he changed them | Blue Willow by Anne Barge Wedding Dress | Hair and Makeup by Grand Slam Glam l Vow Books (similar ones  I like too!)

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I wanted to write something regarding this, because I feel like gifts can be tricky and you don't want to mess up your wedding gift! Now, I mean at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter about the gift. I included pictures of me, because I wanted to also discuss what if someone doesn't like their gift? Nick and I actually got each other watches, without knowing what the other was giving! Nick's card said something along the lines of time and how he loves every moment with me. (cue the AWWWWs) I think he asked me 3 times if I liked it later on and I said yes the first 2 and the 3rd time I burst into tears and said no and that I didn't really like it, but he gave it to me, so I'd of course wear it. (this was of course, after the wedding, not the day of). He was so sweet about it - he was like "no, no don't worry. I don't even like that watch brand! I just knew I wanted to get you a nice watch and that one looked all bridal because of the cream and diamonds! I went to 4 stores to find the perfect one." So sweet. It really was the thought that counted. We ended up trading it in for a diamond and sapphire ring, which I felt still tied into the bridal them of "new" and "blue" :)

I bought Nick a Daniel Wellington watch, from the new black collection! I knew he liked the watches, because I bought him one for his birthday, the year before! (the brown one his was initially wearing in these photos). The black ones had just come out and I thought it would be perfect with his tux!! So now you know what I got him, but here's the thought process I had, which can help you decide what to get!

Things to discuss before deciding on a gift:

1) Are you doing gifts? Not everyone does them, especially if they are paying for their own wedding! They are not necessary, but often special and fun. If you don't want to do gifts, a sweet note works just as good! Just make sure you discuss it with your significant other, so you are on the same page.

2) What is your budget? I told Nick that we'd stay in the $200 range, which of course, he didn't follow, but at least I thought we both knew what we were doing, hah! You need to know what level of gift you are giving each - that doesn't always mean monetary value, but a lot of times it does. 

3) when are you exchanging them? We did ours traditionally, during the day. We had people bring the gifts to each other and opened them in private. Some people do theirs the night before, during a first look, or even after the wedding is over!


Tips to think about when finalizing a gift:

1) What is their style? Stay within their comfort zone - don't try and give them something that's not them. Seems obvious, but it must be stated! I actually showed Nick the Black Collection to get his reaction. At the time, it wasn't available yet, and he doesn't buy things like that without showing me, so I knew I was safe to get it for him! Nick likes to dress up, so I thought it would be the perfect dressy watch, which he didn't have yet.

2) What do they like to do? This can help you decide on something if you are stuck. Do they like to hunt? Get them a new accessory, etc. Do they like to cook? Get them a set of cooking classes you can do together or something they really wanted off the registry that they didn't think anyone would buy them. Listen to things they say they would like someday and take mental notes. Think about them and you can't go wrong!

3) How long will they use it/last? Y'all know I love investment pieces! I knew this watch would remain timeless (LOL) and he' be able to use it for as long as it lasted. The wristbands can easily be replaced if needed, so there was no con for me to buy this gift for him. If you can try an remain classic, as your money will be spent wisely.

I love buying gifts for Nick - it comes pretty easily to me. I just love seeing him smile! I hope these tips help you! If you need more assistance with the wedding party, I have a post on what to get your groomsmen and what to get your bridesmaids!

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