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How many times you can wear your bra before you wash it and other things I learned from my first bra fitting

How many times you can wear your bra before you wash it and other things I learned from my first bra fitting

Fluer du Mal Sheer Bra and Thong purchased from Zsofia's Fine Lingerie Dallas

I think I remember when I got my first bra? You know the ones that are the "nearly" sizes (aka not a real size) ? But, I can't honestly tell you that it was a profound moment, you know. It was just like this thing I had to do. It didn't really make me feel pretty, just a little weird. I think my mom measured my bust with a tape measure and we went from there. Not a bad system, but maybe not the best? According to experts (you know, people who spoke on Oprah), over 80% of people are wearing the wrong bra size. What?! Yes. And let me tell you, I believe it. I've been buying my bras from Aerie, and I liked them, but when they did a recent product remodel, my bra just felt weird and even more uncomfortable than usual. With my wedding coming up (lingerie shower, hello! See how my shower went here), I wanted to actually get fitted to know what my real size was, because I definitely wasn't what I was supposed to be in.

About the time I came to this realization, I was invited to an event (hosted by So Then They Say and Fashion Veggieat Zsofia's Fine Lingerie, a local Dallas boutique. I decided to attend and get fitted. If you're in Dallas, please do yourself a favor and go here for your fitting, not Victoria's Secret. Zsofia not only has awesome product lines, with sizes for everyone (all sizes from A-G Cup), but is SO nice. She makes you feel pretty and special, even if you're just trying on a t-shirt bra. She has an awesome eye for detail and truly cares about her clients and what product she shows. I left the event knowing my true bra size (went down from a 34 to a 32!), owning THE BEST STRAPLESS BRA EVER (seriously though. I want to wear it more than my normal bras) and a pretty set of lingerie (top and bottom). I took my goodies to my car, then proceeded to text all my friends, telling them that they HAD to go there.

Last week, I went back into Zsofia's store, to see how she was doing, chat, and pick up some other goodies. She had just gotten back from New York, from her annual buying trip, so I got to see all of her new stuff! She does get awesome items there, but is originally from Europe, which is light years ahead of the U.S. in regard to lingerie trends, so she really has the in. I love being able to come to her for up and coming brands, with the highest quality; but, I didn't just see her, to shop...I went to interview her about bras and such. She is SO knowledgeable about intimates, I just had to spread her insight to the world wide web, I figured y'all would want to know. I hope you find it helpful, because some of what she said, I didn't even know to ask! Here ya go:

1) How tight am I supposed to wear my bra? When you first get your bra, wear it on the loosest clasp (the one closest to the center of your back). Over time, the bra will stretch and you can move it inward  (away from the center of your back) to keep the same snugness on your body. Never start on the tightest clasp.

2) Once I'm fitted, I'm that size in every brand, right? No. Men have it easy with their normal sizing across the board, women don't. With every brand, comes a different size spec. It is normal to move +/- cup sizes in different bra brands. 

3) How many times can I wear my bra before I wash it? Generally speaking, a bra can be worn 4-5 times before washing it, but this time frame is subject to climate, sweating, and odor, etc. If it's a sports bra that you sweat in, that should be washed daily, but for everything else, "if it smells good, it's all good". At the end of the day, you do not want to over-wash it. This can lead to faster wear and tear.

4) How should I care for my bras? Soak them overnight in lukewarm water, with a chemical-free/eco-friendly detergent such as Forever New or Soak. If you don't have any of that, just use baby shampoo! The reason you don't want chemicals in your detergent, is because it breaks down the fibers in your bras, causing them to lose their elasticity (stretchiness) faster. A good bra and/or lingerie is pricey, so you want to do this to get your moneys-worth! If you don't have time to do hand wash/soak, put your intimates in a mesh lingerie bag and cold wash-delicate, on a gentle cycle. Regardless of the method, hang do dry. NEVER machine dry.

5) What should I wear to a bra fitting? Don something you're comfortable in, that is easy to take off. Pants and skirts are better than dresses if you're doing a bra fitting only. If you are doing a full lingerie fitting, it doesn't matter, because it's going to come off anyway!

6) How do I know if my bra is too big or too small? Your breast size fluctuates a lot...before, during, and after pregnancy, breast surgeries, holiday seasons (when we eat a lot). Apart from those factors, if your band feels loose, your breast tissue is bulging out on the top, or your shoulder straps are falling down, this means your bra isn't doing its job and it needs to adjusted and/or thrown out, because you need a new size. Any type of uncomfortable situation such as pulling and adjusting, that is caused by your bra, means you need to get refitted. 

Have you ever had a real bra fitting? Do you have any other questions? I'm happy to ask Zsofia for you; however, if you live in Dallas (or are visiting), set up an appointment with her yourself, at her storefront Zsofia's Fine Lingerie! She will quite literally make you feel like a princess. You can go to her for any type of undergarment (basic bras, nursing bras, lingerie, custom wedding undergarments, corsets, teddies, sleepwear, and even robes) and any sizes (like I said earlier, she fits all sizes from A-G Cup!). If you go, be sure to snap a pick of your shoes on her leopard carpet, because it's the cutest!

Life's too short to wear a bra that's the wrong size - hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. As always, thanks for reading, y'all.

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