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Vejo Blender Review

Vejo Blender Review

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I’m so excited to share Vejo with you today, as I think you are really going to enjoy it! I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical on what the product would taste like, but let me tell you it is not only yummy, but super practical!! In short, Vejo is a wellness brand that sells rechargeable, on-the-go blenders that can be used anywhere, anytime. Alongside the blenders, they also sell pods (made specifically for the blenders!) of nutritional smoothies that are mostly combined with water, but can be blended with any liquid of your choosing.

Keep reading to learn more! In the meantime you can use discount code LAUREN-20 for $20 off your starter pack. If you’d rather get free blend pods, use discount code LAUREN8PACK for a free 8 pod pack in the flavor of your choosing, with any starter pack purchase!


So what makes Vejo different than other on-the-go smoothie type products? When Vejo first reached out to me, I read up on their process and ingredients. I was instantly impressed! Other smoothie brands that I’ve seen have some organic ingredients, but not all. I didn’t really like this because what’s the point if they aren’t all organic?? They are all mixing together anyway, so the unwanted conventional chemicals are still there. Vejo ingredients are ALL organic. Another difference is that Vejo blends are freeze-dried at peak ripeness. This gets you all the flavor AND all of the nutrients - including the benefits of the peel!! Other brands I’ve seen are the produce in its frozen form. Nothing wrong with that! They just take up more space. Vejo pods are small and compact.

The biggest defining factor of what makes Vejo different is that it has its own blender!! You re-charge it and it is good to go for around 30 blends! On top of that, it only weighs a little over a pound. This makes it not only great for travel, but also every day life for people with on-the-go lifestyles. Bring it on hikes, car-rides, and whenever we get back into actual offices. Hah! I took mine with me during our latest trip to Texas. I kept everything in my checked bag; however, it is carry-on friendly safe. I’ve also taken it in the car on some of our recent day trips to Laguna Beach, San Pedro, and Malibu. It’s a great beach snack too. I haven’t taken it on a hike yet, but I plan to!

Vejo also has a TON of flavors. They literally have something for everyone!! They initially created these in coordination with athletes and their needs; however, they quickly realized that they were great for the everyday consumers too. This is why in addition to green smoothie blends + pre / post workout and protein blends, they have things like matcha, coffee, and even “sleep” blends. I haven’t tried them all yet, but my current favorite is Piña Greens. It has mango, pineapple, banana, and spinach. I like to sneak veggies into my diet, so this on has been perfect for that reason. I also like the Clean Greens blend which contains spinach, cucumber, apple, and sea buckthorn. I wasn’t sure if I would like the “powder + water “ blended drinks, but I’ve honestly impressed with not only their flavor, but their texture! I would never have guessed that they were just blended with cold water. Note some are suggested to be blended with your preferred kind of milk, but you can blend with whatever you’d like!

Okay you’re sold, so how do you get started? Grab a starter kit! There is a bestsellers starter kit, a performance stater kit, and a wellness starter kit. The one Vejo sent to me and the one I’d recommend is the bestsellers kit. The flavors it comes with are Piña Greens, Clean Greens, Tart Berry, and Banana Almond. There are several color options to choose from too. The one I have is called “island blue”. It costs $130 and includes the blender, a charger, and an 8-pack of 4 different flavors to try! You can also use code LAUREN8PACK and get an 8 pack flavor of your choosing for free! Just add the starter kit to your cart and add an 8 pack of your choosing to your cart. Next put in my code and checkout! Note that a pop up will likely appear when you go to their site that mentions a 10% off code. You can’t use both that code and my code…but just know my code will save you around $30, while the 10% off code will only save you about $13. If you’d rather save money upfront instead of get free pods, use discount code LAUREN-20 for $20 off your starter kit!

Besides being a cool product, Vejo is smart too. Yes, they have an app and are obviously a “smart technology”, but I mean smart for the earth too! Their pods are biodegradable and their product makes less waste, as the blender doubles as a cup. Side note - they are working on a water-soluble pod right now!! Additionally, their produce is picked for taste, not for looks. This helps farmers and the earth but using produce that would likely just rot away. Most grocery stores pick for “beauty” of the fruit and treat their produce to make it more shelf-stable. Vejo blends are naturally shelf-stable and last a while!! Learn more about “ugly produce” here.

Vejo is also “smart” because it is versatile. Use it for your pods, but you can also use it to blend things like cocktails or salad dressings! You have “trick” the blender and have a pod inside so the camera in the lid can see it, but it works! Just keep an empty pod after you make a blend, clean it, and you’re good to go! Given the fact that it blends in 30 seconds, you’ll have extra time on your hands too, as prep and clean-up for making a smoothie diminishes!

Anything I don’t like? Not enough to not recommend it! The price is $130 for the starter kit, which I get is kind of pricey… Just keep in mind that it gives you back time and grants you nutrients, especially on the go! I LOVE that it is an easy (and yummy) way to get some veggies in, even on vacation. With a one time purchase, the pods come out to around $4 a piece, which is a lot cheaper than the $9+ smoothies I’ve been buying!! Side note - if you subscribe and buy the 30 pack, you can get it down to around $3.42 a pod. I also love that I can use the blender for other things. Additionally, I have had some issues with the pods. Sometimes the powder solidifies and doesn’t blend. This occurs because of the nature of the biodegradable pods. Vejo is aware of this though and will replace pods of this nature. They are working with the new water soluble pods will fix this issue too! It has only happened to me once when using the blender. If it occurs, just remove the pod and grab a new one. It won’t blend in the solid state. There have been 2-3 times when it has blended, but there is a little powder left on top. When this has happened, I just shook it a little and re-blended if necessary. It has happened so few times, that it isn’t an issue for me. Additionally, it occurred when I was first trying the blender, so there’s a chance it was user error and I didn’t screw the lid on well. For best results try to use your pods within 3-5 days of opening the foil pack. You can also put the unused pods in a sealed container / bag to preserve it as well.

Overall, these things aren’t deal breakers! I just wanted to share, so I could give a completely honest review. The Vejo blender is worth the money and I recommend it.

UPDATE // NEW DEAL 08/04/20: Vejo launched collagen and now they have a Collagen starter pack for only $99! Plus you can use discount code LAUREN4MATCHA and get 4 free matcha latte pods with your purchase! Grab it here!

UPDATE // NEW DEAL 02/22/21: You can now save $20 on your starter kit purchase with discount code LAUREN-20. This gets you money off the kit versus just getting free blend pods which is what my other code does.

I love Vejo and am thankful for this easy way to get greens (and other nutrients) into my life! If you accidentally forgot Father’s Day last weekend, it would make for a great gift!! My dad loves to hike and camp and I know this would be something he’d bring along on the trail. Dont forget to use discount code LAUREN8PACK for a free 8 pack of your choosing!!

See the Vejo blender in action via my YouTube channel below. Enjoy!!

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