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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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A month from today, all the Valentine's Day candy will be on sale. Don't buy it, unless you're getting it for yourself. I know how I feel about this crunch hearts...ALL the heart eyes! Last year Nick and I did a DIY Valentine's Day, because our dating anniversary was so close to it. This year we don't have a dating anniversary anymore (January 24th!), because marriage anniversary trumps that! Also, for Christmas, we didn't give gifts and did this instead. I love giving gifts, so it's a little over due for us ;) I will say that our traditional Valentine's Day includes cooking dinner for each other because it is something we enjoy doing together, with the added bonus of being cheaper than a  restaurant "special", so we have that going for our gift budget as well!

If you read my DIY post,  then you know that I like to focus Valentine's Day on loving everyone, so I'm a huge back of Galentine's Day as well! I usually throw a brunch for my besties in honor of the day - here's a look at one I had 2 years ago!

Sooo here are some of my favorite goodies, to get your girls! I'll feature guys a little bit too, because, hey...they need gifts too! I feel like people think guys are hard to shop for? My guy is super easy to shop for, so I'll just use him as a good example for ya!

Cups - Because you can always use more mugs and water bottles! But really!

Apparel- One of my favorite Valentine gifts from Nick was a red dress and earrings that he picked out! It was so sweet and special to wear that night. You can never go wrong with loungewear though;)

Jewelry- Something sparkly is always a good idea;)

Accessories- These are just fun and work great as "goodies!" 

Purse Goods - How many phone cases is too many?

Decor - It's so fun to decorate the house or the office, with themed goods! These are right on cue.

Fitness - Because it is the new year and it's in to get your sweat on.

Beauty - They may not seem special, but they are some of my favorite lippies and nail polish. Perfect for any occassion!

Paper Goods - From wall prints, to note cards. These are always useful.

Guys - There are really only 3 items over $100 (get the watch for cheaper w/code ELLESPANN), and the ones over are under $150 :)

Some of my other favorite ideas are mani/pedis, massages, and some form of meal! Don't forget that it's no just about gifts...it's the thought that counts! I send all my besties Valentine's in the mail and I feel like that is super special in itself! Mail is so underrated and is truly one of the best v-day gifts you can give! Share the love this season...you just might make someone's day. 

What's your favorite Valentine's Gift that you have ever received? I'd love some new ideas!

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