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Travel Guide: Waco

Travel Guide: Waco

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I love Waco. I attended Baylor University from 2009-December 2012, so it is so much of who I am today. It may be drastically changing, from the Waco I knew and Ioved; however, I am forever grateful for it. Although, I didn't meet Nick while at Baylor/we don't remember ever meeting, we both graduated from there and love love love Baylor/Waco. We have season football tickets and visit when we can. I have had a "Waco Travel Guide" in my blog cue since last fall, and I thought now was as good  of a time to post it, as ever!

Due to the Silos/Magnolia/Chip and Joanna Gaines, Waco has become kind of a destination. Because it has updated so much and is growing in popularity, I have been asked more and more for recommendations for the city. Waco has always kind of been a pit stop. The gas station in front of campus is one of the most popular places to get gas, for people traveling to Austin and on, as well as truckers. Their candy selection is my favorite, by far;) 

Anyway, I'm not mad about the new-found Waco popularity; however, if you were a Waco hater prior to Fixer Upper, you're the reason I don't particularly like the "tourists". I think I'll forever consider Waco one of my cities and therefore want to protect it from impostors. Not going to lie...most of the people I am referring to are Aggies (obviously not my sister;) ). I can't tell you how much flack I, along with others, received upon deciding to attend Baylor University. Basically on how "Waco was a horrible place to be". I don't mind if you borrow my city, just admit you were wrong and that Waco is a pretty great city;)


What to Do:

Red Caboose Winery. I thought I'd start with this , because Red Caboose is where I snapped these photos. Can you believe that this is in the Waco area?! The pictures that are at the beginning of the post, are outside of the tasting room, in Clifton. The pictures at the end are at their vineyard, in Meridian. So, no, it's not actually in Waco proper, but it's in the area and worth the drive! The tasting room is great, but the actual winery is awesome! Make the "trek" if you can!

BSR Cable Park. A relatively new add to Waco - it came along my last semester there, I believe. It's a fun little add to the city, that's different than the lake or a water park.

Cameron Park Zoo. Not going to lie, the Waco zoo is a pretty good one for being in smaller city.

Waco Wetlands.  I didn't know we had any, until I took world oceans in college. If you're looking for a place kind of off the map, it's a fun place to explore.

Mammoth Site. Whaaat? Yes. Waco was actually a mammoth site. It's cool for kids to see, but also neat to for adults!

Mayborn Museum. I've been to museums that make you yawn, and this one won't! It's very kid friendly, but will keep adults engaged as well.

McLane Stadium. Okay so, some say it looks like a toilet bowl, but you have to tour it! It's really pretty and the Baylor club is a great place to eat and relax.

Bear Trail. Whether you're a runner or not, it's a fun trail that wraps around Baylor's campus. Last time I walked it, I got lost, because the campus has changed so much!

Cameron Park. Another great place to hike and exercise, or just plain relax!

Dr. Pepper Museum. Dr. Pepper is the official drink of Baylor, so it's only fitting. This is a must, for die hard fans.

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. A cool piece of history, that just happens to be in Waco. A must for history buffs.

Carleen Bright Arboretum. Located in Woodway, this is a great place for pictures and picnics.


Where to Eat:

George's. Go here for burgers and beer. I get the cheeseburger, onion rings, and a dosarita. Their chicken fried steak is great too!

Taco Zacatecas. Go here for tacos. They are open super late, but are great any time of day! I get the barbacoa tacos, with rice, beans, and avocado. Their breakfast burritos and nachos are great too.

D's Mediterranean Grill. Go here for Greek food. It's a whole in the wall, but worth it. Nick loves their gyros. I usually get their Greek salad and pita bread.

Hotel Indigo. Go here for classy drinks. This place is kind of off the grid in a good way. You don't see a lot of students here, so it's more intimate. Their food is pretty good too.

Newk's. Go here for sandwiches. They have these in other locations, like Plano, TX; however, the first place I ever had it was in Waco! Their chicken salad sandwich is my favorite!

Manny's. Go here for Tex-Mex. Yes, the Manny's that is in Uptown Dallas, but better. It's located right on the Brazos, and the patio is great. Get the Sic 'Em Queso. It doesn't disappoint!

Cafe Cappuccino. Go here for breakfast. When I went to school at Baylor, I could get a breakfast plate for $3.95. They have since raised their prices a dollar, but it is still awesome. I get the All about Eggs, with one egg, a whole wheat chocolate chip pancake, and sausage.

Homestead Heritage. Go here for authentic, home grown food. It's run by an Amish community, that grows/makes everything that they offer! Get the burger and some ice cream!

Vitek's. Go here for barbecue. Get the gut pack. Trust me ;) 

Common Grounds. Go here for funky coffee drinks + music. My favorite drinks aren't on the menu anymore, so yeah... Cheer up, No bull, and XXX were my faves. The first time I ever saw Ben Rector, it was here. It's an amazing venue, if you ever get the chance!

Dichotomy. Go here for coffee. This place has the best coffee in Waco. Get whatever they think is pulling best. I like their white peach tea. Oh, and they also serve cocktails? I haven't been for one, but I'm sure they are good!

Olive Branch. Go here for healthy-ish food, that is still yummy. Get one of their yummy salads!

Sironia. Go here for tea room style dining. I had my graduation luncheon here. It's all so good!

Diamond Backs. Go here for a "nice" dinner. I don't care what you get for dinner, but get their chocolate bag.

Bari's. Go here for Italian food. Honestly, you can just eat the rolls and be happy ;) Also, you can BYOB!

1424. Go here for "fine dining". My friends threw me a surprise graduation party here. I don't care what you get to eat, but make sure you get their house mojito!

Shmaltz's. Go here for local sammies. They are like a Schlotzsky's, but better! Any of their sandwiches are yummy. The problem is being there when they are open. They have very odd hours and aren't open on the weekend.

Dubl-R Burgers. Go here for an old-fashioned burger. Make sure to get some onion rings, too!

Kitok. Go here for modern asian food. Get their vegetable fries. So yum!

Katie's Custard. Go here for ice cream. They are open late nights and are perfect for right after a game. They have normal business hours and food, if that's what you're looking for, though! I'm obsessed with the cookies and cream concrete!

La Fiesta. Go here for margaritas. They have these things they call "purples" and they are STRONG. You just need one. Trust me.

Scruffy Murphy's. Go here for a bar scene. It's a lot better than it used to be! Scruff's is a Waco staple, for sure. Go write your name in sharpie, on the bathroom wall. If you want a real treat, go when Piano Man is there. (If you're old and reading this, Treff's closed, and Piano Man plays here now ;) )

Health Camp. Go here for old fashioned ice cream. Located on the "circle", I came here as a child! We would always stop and get a shake, before getting back on the road.


Where to Shop:

Roots 201. Go here for trendy, chic items. This is my favorite boutique in Waco. It has an Anthropolgie feel, but a little bit lower prices.

Spice Village. Go here for anything you could want, from home goods, to apparel. 

Barefoot Outfitters. Go here for Baylor gear. They have super cute stuff, that is more trendy than the book store.

Junque in the Trunk. Go here for shabby chic items. They have antiques that you can buy, that have been "done up".

Magnolia Market. Go here for...oh wait, you probably already know. I feel like I had to include this on here. What can I say...it's an attraction. Go here to make your Fixer Upper Dreams come true.

Have you been to Waco? What's your favorite "destination"? Did I cover your favorite restaurant?

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