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Travel Guide: San Diego

Travel Guide: San Diego

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By now you have probably forgotten that less than two months ago, I was in sun-shiney San Diego! (If you missed my series, you can catch up on my favorite boutique hotel here, my favorite resort here, the perfect beach kimono here, and my favorite winter accessory here). Today, you are reading my fifth and final San Diego posting...well, for now!;) I'm currently planning a trip to Seattle, maybe one to San Fran, and of course, my honeymoon. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Back to the main point...San Deigo. San Diego is a rather large place, with a lot of sites to see. Instead of giving you only specific places, let me give you general topics, with my favorites within those! Enjoy :) 

Juice. Um, hello. San Diego is known for being V, and GF, etc friendly, so it's no wonder that they have a plethora of juiceries. I kind of have a thing for cold pressed juice, so I probably had one a day. My favorite places were Juice Crafters and Choice Juicery. Choice also had really good acai bowls!

Coffee. Again, another liquid that Cali is known for doing well. My favorite coffee shop was Ironsmith - it had the best coffee by far; however, I also liked Better Buzz. It's a well known coffee shop chain in SD. Their coffee was good, but what impressed me was their gingerbread tea! Plus, Nick bought me one of my all time favorite mugs from BB! Don't remember it? I posted it here.

Beaches. Kind of a duh, but nonetheless, something that must be mentioned! Coronado is obviously number one.  For this specific trip, we really liked Mission Bay, as it was literally our backyard at our resort.  Our beach was private, but they also have public access! If you're looking for more of a place to look at and stay out of the sand, but still get good pictures, there is La Jolla Cove. It's fun to stroll with friends, see ships come sailing by, and visit Seal Beach! There is also a cute, little shopping area nearby.

Food. My mom jokes that I eat my way through cities. It's absolutely true. I live in Dallas and still feel like there is undiscovered treasure on the food scene. San Diego definitely had some good eats. My top three places were Jake's Del Mar (I actually shot this blog post there) - it has the best sunset view, so go there for dinner. Snooze AM Eatery was a bruncher's dream! Their pancakes were to die for, but so were their savory goods. I had a Southern Hash + a creme brulee pancake. My favorite hole in the wall place was The Olive Cafe. It has good food and a homey vibe to it, that will keep you coming back for more.

Surrounding Cities. If you ever get bored in San Diego proper, there are a lot of good areas around it...Encinitas, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Oceanside, Torrey Pines, Del Mar, to name a few :)

Activities. One of the great things about California, is there is so much to do outside. You really have no excuse to not be active in San Diego. There are Caves (We went to the caves in La Jolla, but there are bigger ones in Carlsbad), Biking (we rented our bikes from the hotel, but there are a lot of bike rental places out there), Water Toys (being so near the ocean, most places offer boats and equipment, for you to enjoy at your leisure), and last but not least, shopping! I didn't get to shop that much, but when I did, I found great stuff. Cali clothes prices are usually a little bit better than others, as a lot of apparel comes from LA and the shipping is significantly less. (remember this poncho? I snagged it off the streets in Encinitas for under $30!)

I love traveling! I tried super hard to dress "Californian" while I was in San Diego, but obviously with this outfit, I failed. I looks so "Dallas" here, but who cares. Part of enjoying other places, is knowing where you are from. It is always good to come home and snuggle in your own bed. 

When I pack, I get super detailed with outfits - sometimes I even use Excel! Like I said at the beginning of this post, my next trip will be in Seattle in a MONTH! We are going to see Nick's family, who live there, and take our engagement photos with our amazing photographer Heidi Somes. Anyone have any tips for what we should wear in the pics? We are doing one casual, one classic, and one glam.  I'd love suggestions!

Anyway, have you ever been to San Diego? Where do you like to go? Did I leave any place off?

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