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Top 8 Trendy Stores for the Budget Minded

Top 8 Trendy Stores for the Budget Minded

Tobi Off the Shoulder Dress (c/o) | Loeffler Randall Saskia Pom Pom Lace Up Sandals | Kendra Scott Lauren Earrings | Kendra Scott Cuff | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish

I don't know about y'all, but keeping up with all the trends is hard, specifically on my bank account! Yes, I do get gifted items, but a lot of the time, I'm buying things with my own money, to share with y'all.There are SO MANY fun trends right now. From pom poms and tassels, to off the shoulder delights, summer wardrobe is coming in hot. 

If I bought up everything I thought you (my readers) liked and what I wanted to share, I'd have $0...and Nick would be like "um, why wasn't this discussed in pre-marital counseling"? (haha). Not to mention, my closet would explode and it just wouldn't be very studious of my money.

So, where do I look when I'm want to find something cute, but budget friendly? It's a hard question at times, because there are so many online stores out there! Most of the super budget friendly (for lack of a better word), are hit or miss. They are often based in China and show photos of items that they have knocked off, then the product comes in and looks very different from what you thought you were ordering. Side note- I'm not against Chinese based factories. There are actually a lot of well-made brands that are constructed there. I've read multiple case studies. Thanks Dr. Divita ;)

Anyway, here are my top 7 favorite stores, located on the corner of trendy and affordable. Enjoy!

1) Tobi. Tobi, is actually where I got the dress from this post! (It;s also where I got this dress, that I posted on Instagram!) They carry brands you know and love, like Dolce Vita and One Teaspoon; however, they also have an in house brand. These are usually steals of a deal!

2) Asos. Yes, they do have higher priced items, but they also a lot of good pieces under $50 and frequently put them on sale! My dress from this post, was a recent purchase from Asos and only $30!

3) Goodnight Macaroon. I first heard of GM from Amanda Miller, of The Miller Affect. They are so cute; I was instantly hooked! They also have more of a boutique type/unique feel, which is great for trying to stand out.

4) Lulu's. You've probably seen their ads, because they are hard to miss. I love that they are wallet friendly, but still take time to make their website look great. Their features pop out at you, in a good way.

5) Sabo Skirt. I've never actually ordered from here, but I am obsessed with Ashy Bines (fitness guru from Australia) and she orders from them. If she had a problem with them, she would say it, so I trust them. They have really pretty, beachy type looks, but also formal wear.

6) Necessary Clothing. Based in New York, this "chain" is off the chain ;) I've actually been to their store and it is great. I say "chain" very loosely, because there's not very many of them. They have what I'd deem "cool" clothing.

7) Forever 21. I can't believe I'm actually suggesting this, but I am. If you know me. then you know that I don't particularly enjoy Forever 21 (putting it lightly); however, their online shop has some great exclusives. They are wonderfully priced and actually pretty well constructed. 

8) Target. Target has been hitting the nail on the head for quite a while. They have great designers to collaborate with, but also have cool in house brands as well. Their swimwear has been on point, as of late!

Do you have a go to store that let's you indulge, but treats your wallet with respect? I'd love to add to my list!

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