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Top 10 Spring Summer 2018 Trends from NYFW

Top 10 Spring Summer 2018 Trends from NYFW

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Cupcakes and Cashmere Katlyn Top in Safron Yellow | J. Brand Jeans | Halogen Scarf | Sam Edelman Sandals

Fashion month is over y'all. All the spring summer 2018 trends are in! Did you catch any of them? I have the top 10 trends I noticed-from the shows I went to and looking at all the photos from the shows afterwards. I have always loved heading to WWD and see all of the intricate designs and looks. It's like Christmas morning for me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1) yellow/chartreuse. Starting with this one, since y'all know I love the color andddd that's what I'm wearing in these pics! It's such a happy hue and makes me feel vibrant. I'm so glad it's trending, though I have to be careful to not buy everything in it...talk about a closet color takeover!

2) lavender/periwinkle. This hue is coming in hot! I wanted to mention it next, since I already said yellow. This is a color that isn't super popular in the sense that when you see it, it feels eye-catching and unique. I feel very pretty and feminine when wearing it. I actually did a color crush post on lavender, earlier this year!

3) sheer-ness. Wasn't sure what to call this, but mesh/sheer top layers are verrrrry in. Whether the pieces are plain or are decorated with lace or embroidery, it's IN. There were looks that went as far as a to be completely see-through, but also some that are more conservative and included layers. I'm not sure I can pull this off, but I think it's really pretty!

4) luxe look. Sequins, shiny things, and iridescent fabrics aren't just for parties and special occasions anymore. I still think they are great for those types of events, but I love how designers made them more everyday. It's definitely a fun trend!

5) fringe-tastic. Tassels were in last year for shoes and accessories like earrings and purses, but they have made their way into the rest of your wardrobe. This trend is perfect for flirty beach looks and dreamy music festival outfits. I have to be careful with these, because my cat loves to play with them (lol)

6) trail-BLAZERS. The blazer and pantsuit look is back. Did it ever really go away though? It's kind of a classic piece that can be made trendy. It honestly reminds me of Clueless though, because most that were shown, were checks and plaids.   

7) romance. Grab your wine and chocolate, because the billowy, ruffly and soft silhouettes are in. It's kind of like Little House on the Prairie chic, if you will. I'm still all about the loose silhouettes, so I love this! Just be sure to balance out the oversized pieces with a tighter fitting top or bottom.

8) getting high. Waisted that is! High waist jeans and pants have been back for a couple of years, but dresses and skirts are taking a queue now! I love silhouettes like this, because it usually means that the clothing isn't tight around your tummy;)

9) it's a cinch. Similar to the high waisted trend, belts are coming back and in a big way. They either go wide, skinny or away all together. I feel like the Gucci belt buckles have helped bring them back and now we are getting back into the wider belts! This also includes trench coats and their belting style! 

10) denim daze. It's not really even fair to include this, because I feel like it's always trending, BUT there are new things that come in style every season. Kick flares are "in" and are effortlessly chic.

Here are some of the pictures I took at the shows I attended. The first show I went to was Yuna Yang. She held her show at the Mount Vernon Museum outside of NYC and it was breathaking. Her whole line was inspired by sustainability and saving the earth. Her lines are sustainably made and give off the peace and love vibe...but high end. I'll go through and note the trends I mentioned above that I happened to see in her collection.


The next four photos exhibit the sheer trend I mentioned number 3!  There are sheer skirts, tunics, and tops in her line - I love the pleating! It's more on the conservative side of this trend, but is played off so well!

The below photo falls into the "luxe look" trend I mentioned in number 4. Yuna Yang put sequins on the knees of her jeans and I love how they are simple yet chic!

The next two fall into a couple of categories. I think they are both romantic, with their sleeves and ruffles, but are also more on the sheer side!

The next photos are from Francesa Liberatore's Spring Summer 18 collection. She held her show at one of the galleries in Skylight Clarkson.  I loved all of her different sections and the music she paired with each. She had a little something for everyone, in her line.


This dress falls under two categories- obviously number 1, with the color! But it is also high waisted in regard to the silhouette of the dress.

The next two both fall under number 3 because of their sheerness w/lace detailing! The first one also has the yellow hues, so is double trendy.

You probably already guess this one....blazers/pant suits! The next two fall under that trend. I love how the first one is more manly and traditional, but the second is more feminine! 

This last one is the modern Laura Ingalls Wilder garb;) It is that romantic silhouette with the draping of the skirt, but is also higher waisted, AND belted. Yep, so that falls  under numbers 7-9!

Do you have a favorite look from the shows I pictured above? What about a favorite trend from SS18 for next year? If I missed your favorite, let me know so I can be on the watch for it!

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