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Top 10 Spring 2016 Trends

Top 10 Spring 2016 Trends

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Happy first day of spring, y'all! (It's also Palm Sunday and the print of my kimono is called Palm Funday. Isn't that the cutest?!) It's felt like it, for a little while in Dallas, but it's good to know that the spring weather is here to stay! Well, at least for a little bit. Side note, last month was the warmest February in over 130 years. Today the low is 39 and the high is 57. Happy spring?

A change in seasons, means a change in trends and colors. Is your closet ready for spring? I re-glanced at fashion week from last September and paraphrased the top trends. Surprisingly, there isn't a lot that is super new looks and quite a few began their popularity streak last season. This isn't ground breaking information by any means, but more like an overview...cliffsnotes for fashion, if you will ;)

1) Cold Shoulders. This really started trending last spring, but it is here to stay, at least for another year. While I think it's an adorable trend, I don't really like to wear off the shoulder tops and dresses, because I feel like I can't move my arms - often times if I do raise them up, the dress, wouldn't cover my rear!

2) Crisp Whites. Again, white really started running neck and neck with the popularity of black, spring 2015, so it's not unusual that we see it here again. This season, it is focused more on nice white shirts, but really anything white is trending. I wasn't really a fan of white, until now. If you missed it, I told you why, in my Little White Dress Obsession post ;)

3) PJs in Public. A new one! But not really...Anyone else remember when this was trendy, circa early 2000s? Those silky tops were "in" and I wanted one so bad, but my mom said no, because it looked like a slip. (Thanks, Mom!). Yes, the day-time lingerie is in, but so is the pajama shirt. I think it is SO cute if styled right. I haven't bought one yet, but my fellow Baylor Bear and Dallas Blogger, Cameron Proffitt, styled this top adorably. 

4) Loud Prints. Last year, it was parade of the fruits and veggies, am I right? (I blogged about it here), but this year, it's more normal. Gingham and stripes have always been in, but this season, they are oversize and more dramatic. Personally, I love it. (kind of like the dress I wore here) If you're looking for a trend that isn't too out there, and will stay/come back in style, this is the one to participate in!

5) Over the Top and Excessive Decor. This trend kind of ties into number 4, but is different. Think multi-color garments and accessories, with fringe, pom poms, and those little fur balls people hang on their purse. (LOVE these trend driven sandals) Not just notions or an addition to a garment, this trend is also played out in a garment's silhouette. Anything like pleats, ruffles, flounces, and wrap-arounds are all cute, but require more fabric than your average sheath dress. This spring, more is more;)  

6) 70's Strong. We saw this trend come rolling in last fall. I love it. I am not too much into bell sleeves, but I a huge fan of wide legged pants. My sister has a super 70's vibe - I featured her last December looking very retro. I know we just pass through decades in fashion all the time, but I like that it happens. Another decade that is trending is the 90's, which is very nostalgic for me. It's kind of like all of the best trends found a way to make it back;)

7) Lace-Ups. Another fall trend that translates well into spring. While I'm not a partaker of this trend, I love that it spread into all aspects of fashion. It started with the lace up, pointed flat (You know, something like this pair of shoes) and then transitioned to tops, bodysuits, and even sweatshirts. We actually sold a women's Cowboys jersey with the lace-up detail, last fall. (For those of you who don't know, my full-time job is with the Dallas Cowboys)

8) Block Heels. Another shoe trend, this one is cute and actually good for your feet! Those crazy spikes just don't give you enough support, am I right? I'm like "Nick, please let me use your arm, to make sure I don't bust it, going down these stairs," haha. I shot a look this weekend, wearing these, and I can't wait to share it with you! Side note on this trend- I think my favorite "double trend", would be a block heeled slide. Slides are super in - whether they are a sandal or just a slip on like the pair I'm wearing. They are so easy, comfortable, and chic!

9) Rose Quartz and Serenity. Pantone gave us 2 colors of the year, for 2016 and they happen to look like a birth announcement. (You can read my true feelings here) Personally, I believe these are Spring 2016's  colors of the year, but whatever. Look for lots of pinks and blues. I know for me, the trend has me wanting a pair of these earrings!

10) Romance. There are a lot of ethereal garments and strong pulls from The Victorian age, this spring. I put this trend last, because I feel like it fits best with what I'm wearing. The flowiness of the kimono, along with the hues and floral crown, really makes me think there should be rose petals blowing in the wind, or something romantic. Right? Or am I crazy? (hah). This trend also plays a lot into fabric type, not just silhouette. Think light, and airy.

So, what's your favorite trend? Did I miss any? Do you hate any? (hah).

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