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Top 10 Favorite Fashion Books

Top 10 Favorite Fashion Books

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I have always loved to read, but it's hard for me to find a lot of time to devote to it. With my spare time, I often choose sleep...and I don't even get enough of that. I will say that I always carry a book in my purse, just in case; however, "just in case" rarely comes along. Usually, I get the most reading done, on vacation! Whether it's on a beach or a plane, I love to read.

I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, so this foggy, Fall City shoot, only seemed fitting for this topic! I could have sat for hours, on the patio, with cups of hot tea and a couple good books, as my only companions. Since I majored in apparel merchandising, I always  love to keep up with designers and businesses. I often get asked what are my favorite books + what fashion books I recommend. Below are my all time favorite apparel books and ones that are next on my list.

1) Overdressed. I think this is my favorite book, because it seriously defines today's shopper.  If you are currently a fan of cheap chic, this may or my not change your mind...!

2) Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster. Since this book was published, we have taken the special-ness out of luxury even more. It is simply fascinating and examines all aspects of the apparel industry.

3) Genuine Authentic. I have a thing for learning about designers I obsess over and Ralph Lauren is one of those. Though he isn't necessarily an American designer (in the sense of designing), he has still had a huge impact on the American apparel industry. 

4) Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life. Another designer I L O V E. I can't help but love this biography. Coco brought much more to the fashion scene than cigarettes and a suntan. I wish more people knew that.

5) Bringing Home The Birkin. If you don't like biographies or text books, this is your fashion book. It's a true story, that reads like a novel! 

6) How to be Lovely. It may not be directly about fashion, but I am obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. She is still such a major fashion icon and influenced many. Just like a smile is your best accessory, being lovely can be as well. 

7) The Anatomy of a Trend. Trends are such a big deal today, why wouldn't you want to learn more? I love diving deeper than society recognizes.

8) The End of Fashion. Like I have said, I love learning more about fashion than meets the eye. This book spills it all!

9) Girlboss. Until Kirsten Blowers of Riffraff writes a book, then this will be my favorite girl boss book. (ps you can always get 15% off + Free Shipping w/code "RiffraffRepLauren" at checkout on ShopRiffraff.com) I enjoy reading how people got to where they are  and Sophia Amoruso really pusher herself, to get where she got..

10) If you have to cry, go outside. I will always heed others' advice. Honestly, I have cried inside, so I obviously still need help!


My To-Read List:

-The Beautiful Fall. I own this book and it's my next one to read!

-Behind The Label. I have never been to LA, but I plan on reading this,  then making several appointments. I love the Made in the U.S.A. industry and am itching to learn more.

Louis Vuitton: The birth of modern Luxury. I love LV and can only respect LVMH. Because I loved Deluxe so much, I think I will enjoy this book.

-I'll Drink to That. I always love learning and seeing fashion from others' point of view, so it's no surprise I want to read this.

-Blogging Your Way to the Front Row. Because I only see blogging as a growing hobby/job for me, I would love to read what Yuli Ziv has to say, no matter how dated. (It was published in 2011)

-The Glitter Plan. Juicy Tracksuits may not be in style anymore, but they used to be, back with P and G ran the brand. Any brand advice I can get, I'll take. Establishing a branded name is super important!

- In My Shoes. I own and have read the Jimmy Choo memoir, so it only makes sense that I continue that series and read more about Tamara Mellon. She's doing something right, that' for sure!

-The Vogue Factor. Vogue is such a big name, I could read anything and everything about them.

Do you love learning more about fashion? What's your favorite book? Did I leave any off?

P.S. If you want to learn more about the fashion industry, check out my post on tips for the apparel industry.  View my other recent Seattle shoots here and here.

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