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The Secret to Dressing for Work and Working Out, at the Same Time

The Secret to Dressing for Work and Working Out, at the Same Time

L'urv Men are from Mars Leggings (c/o Style Squared Clothing ) | L'urv Garden of Eden Tank (c/o Style Squared Clothing) | Nike Tennis Shoes | Emi Jay Hair Ties | Kendra Scott Studs | OPI Cajun Shrimp Nail Polish | Black Tunic Tee | Leopard Scarf | BC Footwear Ankle Boot

Let me preface this by saying that it totally depends on your place of work, whether or not this type of outfit will fly; however, if you work in any modern dress type of place, it should be more than perfect. 

So, I'm definitely a morning workout person, but on Mondays I practice yoga at CorePower, after workAs if Mondays weren't rough already, remembering to pack a change of clothes and then having to hurriedly change into them just isn't fun. 

What do I do? Work smarter, not harder. My secret? Invest in leggings that will actually pass as pants! 

That's right. I don my athletic pants to work and no one even notices. In fact, I receive many a compliment. I sported the 1st look of this post to work this past Monday and promptly made my change for yoga, by removing my tunic and putting on this tank. Just had to slip off my shoes and tie up my hair, and I was set!

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you know I do this on the regular. I've worn everything from moto leggings, to Lulu joggers and passed the work appropriate test with flying colors. In the winter, I like to wear my fitness tank under a flannel, then just remove my button down and shoes, when it is time to stretch. 

So, obviously this isn't a recent change to my way of life, but did you know that it's very much in my personality to do something like this? In high school, I'd sleep in my dance clothes, so I could just get up and get there by 6:15am. Even before that, I would set out my toothbrush, with a pre-squeezed dollop of toothpaste at night, for the morning. It may seem type A, but really I'm a type AB- both a planner and a creative. If that's even a thing ;)

Another thing, if you will, that is type AB, is Style Squared Clothing. They are a online store that sells high quality fitness clothing, made to fit your lifestyle. They are creative in the brands and patterns they carry, but very intentional about their assortments and functionality. Their clothes may be aesthetically pleasing, but they definitely have a purpose! Whether you're going from barre to brunch, working out to going out, or like me - stressing out at work, to stretching it out at yoga, they have you covered.

My L'urv leggings from their boutique are to die for. They look and feel like leather, but you can totally do hot yoga in them. Trust me - I tried it!  Not only are the comfortable, but they are very chic and on trend. People at work were very surprised, when I told them  that they were actually my yoga pants. Couldn't you see yourself wearing these out?! While I didn't wear this L'urv tank on its own to work, I certainly could wear it to the grocery store and even a casual dinner. The garden of eden print is just too pretty to pass up! They come in a legging option too.

So, wanting to try this out, but not sure what to buy? Here are a few attributes the leggings should exhibit:

-High end intricacies. Like pleating or quilting. This makes it look nicer, in turn, making it more wearable as a pant.

-Pleather detailing. This automatically makes it look "nicer", as well. It doesn't look bad without it, but in  a way, dresses it up.

-Darker hues. I'm all about the neons, but if you wear a stretchy pant like this to work, they will look like fitness wear, no matter what you do. Darker neutrals are really great for getting away with. My favorites are black, navy, marsala, and olive.

-Loose fitting tees. Okay, not a characteristic of leggings, but still important! The main issue people have with leggings is that your behind is very visible. To make it not seem so athlesure, pair your leggings with a looser top. This will also make it easier to already have your sports bra on!

I love my L'urv leggings, but if you are still trying to find some versatile options, I linked great options for you below:

So, do you get away with wearing workout pants to work? So far, so good, for me! 

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