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The Perfect Brand to Travel In

The Perfect Brand to Travel In

Lou and Grey Dress (c/o) | Shashi Necklace | Rebels Calista Bootie** (c/o Riffraff) | Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses | Essie Master Plan Nail Polish | Diamond Studs | Loren Hope Cuff

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I've got a bad case of wanderlust. I mean, in an age where live time pictures in other states and even countries exist, it's hard not to. Right now the only other major trip we have planned for this year, is our honeymoon! We are heading to Saint Lucia and will stay at here for the first half of the trip and here for the latter half. All that's left is to plan our meals and excursions...oh and time for relaxation too;) I have a hard time relaxing, but y'all already know that! If you have been there and have suggestions, send them my way!

Anyway, we may only have one big trip left for the year, but we have several small trips coming up. One of our small trips, was the wedding I was in, last weekend. It was in Magnolia (near Houston, TX) - it wasn't a bad drive, just longer than I'd like. I knew that it would just be a long, boring drive, so I wanted to be comfortable; so, I looked no further than my new Lou and Grey dress!

I first heard about the apparel brand Lou and Grey, last year, when Lauren Kennedy (Scruggs), posted about it on her blog, Lolo Mag. A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a Darling Dinner, with Darling Magazine and Lou and Grey and it was simply fantastic. (picture of the table setting, here!) All around, it was a great event, with great people, but it was then that  really learned to love the brand!

I had previously browsed the website and briefly visited the store at NorthParK Mall, in Dallas; however, I had never purchased anything from there. This was what I wore to the event and the pop-on tunic, was the first thing I ever bought. Needless to say, after the event, I went and got this dress, from their signaturesoft collection. I wish you could feel it through the computer, because it is so soft, I could cry.

Lou and Grey is a brand, owned by Loft. It's essentially a Loft store, but with more of a casual chic vibe, instead of business professional-wear. They specialize in tees and comfy wear, that will still turn heads. 

When traveling, you want to wear something that is bearable, but doesn't leave you looking like a slob, and Lou and Grey does just that. I actually wore this dress on the way down to Houston, wadded it up in my weekender bag, then pulled it out of my suitcase on Sunday, wore it to brunch, then took these pictures. No ironing?! Nope. Now, that is my type of travel wear! Not to mention, that after we took these photos, I conked out in the car and slept for the four hours back. 100% chic. 100% travel proof. 100% Nap-able.

In case you're not familiar with the brand, I linked several different looks below, that you can really wear to anything, whether it is work or brunch.


So, have you ever heard of Lou and Grey? Do you shop there? If not, I hope you'll think of it, before your next trip! You can thank me later;)

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