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The Cutest Boutique Hotel in San Diego

The Cutest Boutique Hotel in San Diego

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It's cold and gloomy in Dallas right now, but just a short two weeks ago, I was in sunny, San Diego! My boyfriend was born there, so we made a celebratory trip with his family, for his birthday. But if you follow me on Instagram and SnapChat (ElleSpann), then  you already knew that ;)

For the first part of the trip, I had the opportunity to stay at The Pearl Hotel, in downtown San Diego. It was so fun! When I say it's the cutest boutique hotel in San Diego, I really mean it. The best way I can describe it, is a modern mad men vibe!

The first thing you notice is their pool, as the building kind of surrounds it. Adorned with old fashioned Christmas lights, and pearl-like water balls, it's stunning in the day or night...though I will say it attracts a bigger crowd at night;) They have a feature several times a month, which they have deemed their "Dive in Theatre"! There's a projector screen above the pool where they show movies at least once a week! Did I mention that the pool backs up to their bar and dining area? Because it does! Don't have enough room? They have a "Shag Lounge" (last picture in the above set), where you can still view the movie and have bar service. The also keep a stash of board games handy!

The cuteness doesn't stop there, though. My boyfriend, his youngest sister, and I arrived way past midnight, and they still had friendly staff there to greet us. With 24 hour front desk access, you pretty much know it's going to be a good stay! They had the cutest notes for us, letting us know the weather and some other fun facts for the next day. Keeping with "The Pearl" theme, they gave us fishing bobbers, which we were able to exchange for free drinks at the bar! Each room is different, but in addition to the decor and structure, each room also has a pet fish - ours was named Wolfgang! I am a huge fan of themes and details, so I couldn't get enough!

One of the best features is honestly how affordable the hotel is. With everything it has to offer, you would think that it cost you an arm and a leg, but it doesn't! It's as if it know's it is one of So Cal's best kept secrets. It's nestled away, but you are still able to access all the hustle and bustle of downtown. The only downside for me, was that they only serve brunch April-September. Their normal menu was so good, I can only imagine how wonderful the brunch must be. Oh well, I guess that gives me a good reason to go back;)

To learn more about The Pearl Hotel, visit their Website. To keep up with The Pearl, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. I received a media discount in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever been to San Diego? Have you heard of The Pearl Hotel? Where's your favorite place to stay?

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