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The Best Brunch in Dallas

The Best Brunch in Dallas

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I've literally had this draft in Squarespace since November. NOVEMBER. I just couldn't bare to post it out of brunch season. I mean, here in Dallas, we brunch year-round; however, patio season is definitely seasonal...and it is officially upon us!

Honestly, I have my favorite brunch places, but it's not fair to just list my top 5 or something like that, as the Dallas Brunch Scene has SO much to offer. That being said, I decided to make specific categories for you.

I know I typically post fashion, but people ask me all the time where they should eat, so I figured this would not only make sharing information easier, but it would reach a larger base. Enjoy!

For the Donut Diva: Glazed Donut Works. That's where the donuts from this post are from and they are wonderful...essentially like eating dessert! The maple bacon one was so good. I love it when a chef is able to create the perfect combination of savory and sweet! The white frosting one, is actually peppermint. That's a seasonal flavor for them...which goes back to me having this ready to post, since November! The double chocolate one was obviously my favorite - Devil's Food, for the win! What to Order: Anything chocolate!  All of the flavors are fresh and yummy, though.

For your Boozy Babes: Nick and Sam's Grill. Let me start off by saying that if you order a mimosa carafe, they pour an entire bottle of champagne in it, then add OJ to whatever room there may be left. Obviously, that's the right way;) It is the definition of the Uptown Crowd, so be prepared, if that isn't your scene. What to Order: Blueberry-Ricotta Pancakes and a mimosa (or 2, if you dare!)

For Beer Lovers: Braindead Brewing. Another fairly new brunch place on the scene, and man are they doing it right! It's in the fun scene at Deep Ellum, so the vibe is as awesome as the food. Even if you don't drink beer, you will enjoy the experience. What to Order: Their basic breakfast (it has EVERYTHING) and a seasonal beer mimosa (when I went, I had a cranberry one!). They also have fun foods, like a bacon and beer flight and spiked milk and cookies. Oh, and the queso!

For the Carnivore: Smoke Restaurant. Just a hop, skip, and a jump, from the Belmont Hotel, Smoke is one of the restaurants in the backyard of the Bishop Arts District. Let's just say I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're a vegetarian...their food is smoked to perfection! What to Order: Bacon. Even if that's all you get, try it!

For an Italian Feel: Taverna. If you want to know some of my favorites, this place is one of them! The patio is awesome, but the inside of their restaurant, makes me feel like I'm in rustic Italy. What to Order: A mimosa( or 3. It's super cheap, but not bad quality and they do Bellini too!) and the basic brunch, with a side of truffle oil!

For the Frenchie: Boulevardier. Another restaurant, with an incredible feel, Boulevardier is just yummy. They have a table area, but I like the high boy tables, at the bar. What to Order: I don't care what you get, just start with the poached farm egg. You won't be sorry!

For Family Style: The Rustic. There are a lot of good perks about The Rustic- live music, lots of parking, large building, with a outside/patio extension...need I say more? The have local talent, but big names come through too! Pat Green is playing there for Saint Patrick's Day, which will be utter perfection! What to Order: It's done family style, so you get everything! My favorites are the spicy fried chicken and the rosemary french toast. Their mimosas are good, but their Ruby Red Bird is fantastic!

For your Fancy Friends: Hattie's. It's only available on Sundays, so there's less time for people to experience it...make a reservation, friend! A fancy Southern feel, that will make you and your grandparents (or whomever you're with) happy. What to Order: The tomato soup bisque-good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

For your Girls: Saint Anne's. Okay, guys will like it too, but it really is the perfect place for your girlies. They have a world class patio, that is just too cozy, to compete with anyone else's. The inside is good too, you just can't beat a good, sunshiney spot! What to Order: The tacos are my favorite, but I can eat tacos for any meal. Nick LOVES their salmon benedict. Their mimosas are tasty, too!

For the Free Spirits : Ida Claire. Located in Addison, it's kind of away from the brunch hub, but worth the extra 5 minutes. They have a wonderfully themed resaurant, and play it out even in the menu and bill keeper! What to Order: The sweet potato chip duck confit and the brunch burger.

For your Funky Friends: Anvil Pub. You know all those pictures on Instagram of people with food coming out of their drinks? This is where it's from. Go for belly. Do it for the insta! What to Order: The Bloody Mary one.

For your TexMexicans: Rusty Taco. We don't have a lot of Tex-Mex brunch in Dallas, but I wish we did. Rusty Taco is quick, easy, and yummy. What to Order: Nick loves all their breakfast tacos, but my favorite is the actual Rusty Taco.

For your Healthy Honeys: Start Restaurant. Once you've been, it's really no surprise that this originates from Austin (thank you, ATX!). Start's slogan is "real food, fast" and that, it is! It is the perfect place to meet your friends who have dietary restrictions, even if you don't, because they have normal food, too! What to Order: The turkey, bacon, avocado wrap.

For your Gluten Free Friendly Needs: HG Supply. Even if you're not GF, you will still be happy, coming here! They have a pretty wide range of a menu, so everyone is bound to find something they like. What to Order: huevos rancheros and an HG moscow mule.

For your Egg Benedict Junkies: Benedict's Restaurant. As I kind of mentioned above, Nick loves a good benedict, so this is one of his favorite places. It is also in Addison, but worth the trek, if you love a good benny. What to Order: Start with the basic, then work your way up!


Honorable Mentions (Basically I couldn't think of a category for them):

Oddfellow's. Located in the cute, Bishop Arts District, it is the perfect walkable brunch area! If you want to sit on the patio, make a reservation. What to Order: The french toast.

CBD Provisions. If you haven't heard of The Joule, you have now! It is one of the trendiest, boutique hotels in Dallas, if not THE trendiest. CBD Provision is one of their restaurants and is so cute and modern. What to Order: Green chile pork migas

Company Cafe. Near HG Supply, surprisingly, this is another Gluten Free friendly place. What to Order: The basic breakfast, with GF toast.

Rapscallion. A relatively new place, so I feel like a lot of people don't know about it yet. Go check it out before the masses flock, because they will! What to Order: Duck confit hash

The Woolworth. A fabulous view of downtown, with good food. What's not to love? This is near the Joule and the big eyeball, if you know what I'm talking about;) What to Order: The french toast and a seasonal cocktail

Ascension Coffee. This is a place that Nick and I go a lot. They have the best coffee in the city and a wonderful wine bar, at that. Their food is also quite a treat, so you've got nothing to lose in visiting. This is one of the Design District gems. What to Order: The avocado toast

State and Allen. I consider this "Uptown, away from Uptown". It's in the State/Thomas area, so it is kind of secluded from the bar life...in a good way! During patio season, they lift the walls of the restaurant (garage type doors) and play the best tunes! What to Order: The basic brunch, and a bloody mary (it's DIY!)

ADDED in 2019:



Pie Tap

Mudhen Meat and Greens

Taco Deli

The Biscuit Bar


Overrated (avoid, if possible):

Lark on the Park-This is a newer joint and is perfect walking distance from Klyde Warren Park; however, my service has been repeatedly horrible. The food is okay. Honestly, my favorite part is the art the have there-local artists have a space on certain walls. That's really the only reason to go here.

Breadwinner's- Dallasites are probably cursing me for this, but the wait is always SO long. The food is good, but I like others better. They do give really good bread assortments as an appetizer, though!

Jonathan's Oak Cliff -Again, please don't hurt me, but the wait is even longer for this place and I just wasn't that impressed. Maybe because it has a lot of hype about being a phenomenal brunch place? I don't know. Their chicken and waffles is pretty good, though.

If you're new to Southern Elle Style, here are my food guides for Knox/Henderson, Downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum, Bishop Arts, the Design District, and Uptown.

So, did I leave a place out? Are you mad at my "overrated" ones? Let me know! I'd love to try/retry some.

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