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Spring Skincare Routine

Spring Skincare Routine

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Happy first day of spring! Though it is pretty much always spring in LA with an average temperature of 70(ish) degrees, spring is an extra special time. We have blue skies and palm trees year-round, but the smell of flowers is heightened during this time of year. Wafts of jasmine are my particular favorite! Exiting winter and entering spring though joyous comes with its own set of issues like pollen and sneezes. Along those same lines, my skincare routine changes as I prep for a drier, fire season and update my regimen accordingly.

Keep reading to see what is new with my skincare routine, products I’m testing, and what my morning and evening look like!

Madewell Quilted Hoodie (old, similar here and here)

Yesterday we visited our local farmer’s market. It is always a good idea, but in spring, the pickings are even better, particularly with the floral choices. I picked up the ranunculus you see here and just had to include them in this shoot, as they represent everything I want spring to be… budding, big, and beautiful.

The biggest change for me this season is that I stopped breastfeeding and pumping. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this, but one thing I’m excited for is introducing salicylic acid back into my routine. While pregnant and breastfeeding, my OB said less than 1% salicylic acid was okay; however, none of my products were that small, so I stopped altogether. I love using the acid, as it helps get rid of old scarring and prevents current breakouts from getting worse.

Onto other newness…

I recently purchased a Canopy Humidifier and am liking using it so far, but will share my opinion later. Let’s get me through the dry months before I make a real decision!

I’ve been experiencing the ever so common postpartum hair loss. My OB recommended Nutrafol, so I started that about a week ago.

I mentioned it in my last post, but I bought a NuFace and have been testing it for a little over a month. I bought it Black Friday, but didn’t actually receive it until mid-January, so testing is taking longer than I initially thought. I’m excited to share a review on that soon!

Summer is quickly approaching, but don’t forget that sunscreen is needed other times too. I bought Pipette sunscreen for my babies to try and Nick and I ended up loving it as well. Put it on your β€œneed to try list” if you’re in the market for a new sunblock.


  1. Primally Pure Clarifying Bar. I wash my face with this bar! I wet my face and wet the bar and go from there. Makes sense, but it’s been a very long time since I’ve used an actual bar of soap, so thought I’d mention it. I have this soap dish and really like it. For the longest time, I have used this foaming cleanser. I still really like it, but reserve it for trips and vacation purposes, as a bar of soap does not travel well.

  2. Facial Dry Brush. It is so easy and I love how it makes me feel. I wrote all about it here. But seriously, it takes 2 minutes and is a good investment in your skin. Grab one for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  3. Vitamin C Serum. I have used this for most of this year and I really like it. I wrote a review of it here, but what that doesn’t include is my comparison to this one. I tried a full bottle of the latter and it worked well, but not any better than the one that is half its price!! When I first tested this one, I used it every other night because of the acid, but now I use it every morning.

  4. Primally Pure Baby Balm. I use this as a daily moisturizer. This is such a moisturizing and gentle formula! It’s made for babies, but I use this for my face! Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  5. Sunscreen. I don’t use this if I’m just sitting in my house; however, if I have plans to go outside, it goes on! Hats help too but should not be supplemented instead of sunscreen. I mentioned Pipette above. I have not tested it on my face yet, but it worked well on the twins’ faces.

PM Routine

  1. One Love Organics Vitamin B Oil Cleanser. I only do this if I wore makeup or sunscreen that day, otherwise, I just use the bar alone vs double cleansing. I also really like the Primally Pure cleansing oil as an option too. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.

  2. Primally Pure Clarifying Bar. Same as AM!

    *I switch daily for what follows… typically next I use Benzoyl Peroxide every other night (3) and spot with Baby Balm (4) OR just use Baby Balm (4) all over my face. Since I’m no longer pumping / breastfeeding, I introduced salicylic acid back into my routine and use these peel pads from Corrective Skincare once a week. The other evenings alternate between the below.

  3. Corrective Skincare LA 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. It is an acne medication that helps with resurfacing. I use this every other night because I don’t want to dry my skin out too much.

    ***AND / OR***

  4. Primally Pure Baby Balm. On evenings where I use the benzyl peroxide, I just put this under my eyes and on my nose. On off nights, I use this all over my face as a nightly moisturizer. I did a whole review of it here.

  5. Gua Sha. On the nights where I don’t use the benzoyl peroxide and do use my moisturizer all over my face, I do some soothing gua sha. I’ve used several stones and this one is my favorite. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.


  • Face masks. I am using up what I have left of the Pregnancy Safe Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, then I will buy the full strength again, as I’m using salicylic acid again. I used to use it once a week, but since my peel pads are back, I will space it out a bit more. After I wash it off, I cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I also try to use Primally Pure face masks once a week, usually around Thursday or Friday. I have all 3 and mix and match what I use. Lately I’ve been using the soothing everywhere but places I’m breaking out. I put the clarifying one on those troublesome patches, then leave on for an hour! Sometimes I’ll use product after them, but typically I will just wash them off, cleanse my face, then apply Baby Balm and go to bed. I reviewed all the masks here. Get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS. For a more of a budget friendly mask option, use this one. I am also still loving 100% Pure’s Bright Eyes mask. I found them on sale here, but would probably just buy them here due to the free and fast shipping.

  • Facial Tools. My current favorite thing is my new facial dry brush. I use a gua sha stone and a jade roller. As mentioned, I am also testing out the NuFace.

  • Facials. I’m trying to get facials every 6-8 weeks to maintain and prevent angry, clogged pores. I’m also doing light chemical peels again!

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And with that, I’ll see you in summertime! I’m looking to change up my makeup a bit, so hopefully I’ll have an update for you on that front soon. I had such great success with silicone patches on my stomach, I’m looking into trying some on my forehead too! Considering Dermaclara or Frownies currently. Will test and get back to ya! The Sephora Spring Sale is coming up, so hopefully I can grab some newness there to try out for you as well. Enjoy this gorgeous season!!

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