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Confessions of a Snack Queen

Confessions of a Snack Queen

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Thank you Sam's Club, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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I recently wrote about eating healthy on the go, which is definitely doable in Dallas, but what about the time in-between meals? I'm a snackaholic. I eat all day long. My mom says that I'm a professional grazer. Now, if it is hard to find healthy meals, it's even harder to find healthy snacks. We live in a world of "we want it now" culture, so no wonder, things like pre-packaged chips and brownies are considered snacks.

So much of your body weight is determined by what you eat. (For most people. I'm not a nutritionist) My mom helped instill this early on, in my life. While she let me indulge in "childhood delicacies", it with within serving sizes. Did you know that toaster pastries come 2 to a pack? I didn't until I saw my friends with them at school...they may come 2 to a package, but a serving size is only 1. And even with that knowledge, eating 1 isn't that great for you...it's basically a dessert, with the amount of sugar it has. Next time you're shopping, turn the package around see how much sugar is in the "healthy snack". No bueno. You're going to be surprised.

I've said it before, but I don't consider myself an athlete; however , I do enjoy running, yoga, and staying fit in general. With daily workout sessions, comes an increased appetite; however, I can't just feed my body anything. I need good snacks that will keep me full, fuel my body and not make my work out harder than it should be.

There are quite a few awesome snacks out there, but they just don't do anything for my taste-buds. I want a "crunch" and I want flavor. What's a girl to do? Enter Multi Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains. They are the same cheerios you know and love, but with MORE to love. This special box of Cheerios has 17 grams of whole grain, 12 vitamins + minerals, only 5 grams of sugar and low in fat, which is known (in most cases) to help lower cholesterol. (per serving size) Not to mention the fun, nutritional flavors of KAMUT Wheat, sorghum, spelt, and millet that are incorporated.

You might be like "Lauren...how is this helpful? It's a cereal." Well, my friends. cereal makes for a great snack! Unlike most people, I eat cereal dry.  From a kid, using my pincers to pick up Cheerios off of my tray, to now, I still eat my cereal dry. My mom uses milk, but my sister and I are like my dad. We eat cereal dry, out of a cup. Why? Well, you pour it into your mouth! It works like a charm if you are on the go, and super helpful if you are at work and don't want to get your computer keyboard dirty. Not to mention that it is easy to bag up or put in a packable container and throw in your purse.

So, that's how I Cheerio. How do you Cheerio? Do you ever eat cereal as a snack? Make sure you check out Multi Grain Cheerios with Ancient Grains, at your local Sam's Club! they are great for breakfast, dinner, and everything in between.

confessions of a snackaholic, bcbg hat, one teaspoon bandits, louis vuitton neverfull gm, cheerios multi grain with ancient grains

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Thank you Sam's Club for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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