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6 Things to Research before you Start Taking A Supplement Ft. SugarBearHair

6 Things to Research before you Start Taking A Supplement Ft. SugarBearHair

Special thanks to SugarBearHair for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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SugarBearHair Vitamins

Before I ever start taking a new supplement, I research it. For example, whenever I developed runner's knee, I started taking Glucosamine Supplements; however, I read up on it first. Same thing when I stared taking probiotics.

I don't know if you have heard of SugarBearHair, but they are all over social media. I mean, how could you not notice their cute little bear shape and adorable shade of blue?! Personally, I found out about them on Instagram. Their social media platforms are both aesthetically pleasing and engaging...I mean, that is necessary to attract us, this day and age ;) Their vitamins are made to help thicken, grow and "healthify" your hair. What every girl wants, right?

Anyway, so they are cute, but are they worth it? Here's what I found, based on my 6 questions to consider before beginning to take a supplement:

1) How much sugar is in the product? There are 3 grams per serving. It doesn't seem like much, but keep in mind, that you should be having around (or less than, as a woman) 25 grams of sugar a day. It does add up! However, in the grand scheme of things, it's a lot lower in sugar than other supplements. 

2) Is it FDA approved? SugarBearHair is made via FDA approved guidelines, so they do have that in mind. You don't want to take supplements that don't follow or abide by that, as it is there to keep you safe.

3) Where is it produced? SugarBearHair is made in the USA! Not only does it support American jobs, but it also has to follow USA guidelines. I'm not saying that being made elsewhere is a problem, but it can pose a problem. Your safety is important!

4) What are the ingredients and are they natural? SugarBearHair lists out all of its ingredients and how they help you. You don't want to put harsh chemicals in your body, so this is again, super important. Some supplements don't consider this and actually have more adverse affects than good ones. To read more about SugarBearHair ingredients, check out this page.

5) Are there reviews? SugarBearHair has tons of real reviews, both on their website and Amazon.com. Just like I read clothing sizes reviews, I also look at reviews for products and food. Obviously we know that celebs are paid to endorse items, but then normal people try them and give their reviews. As a blogger, I understand the payment, but I also can be leary. I trust myself for my reviews, but others don't automatically gain that trust from me. For an honest look, find real customer reviews and see what they think. 

6) What does your doctor say? Last but not least, before you change your meds or add anything. It's important to see what a physician says. They have a different outlook than you do and can often consider things you don't. Also, it's also good to make sure they know you are taking something, so they can be already informed, if something were to go wrong.

Notice that I didn't say they had to be pretty and taste good, BUT SugarBearHair has both of those attributes. Ultimately, your body will react different than the next person's, but I'm interested in trying. Aren't you?! 

This post is sponsored by SugarBearHair. All opinions are my own.

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