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Southern Elle Style Shop Share: R. Riveter

Southern Elle Style Shop Share: R. Riveter

R. Riveter Cross-body (c/o) | Ellison Top (c/o Riffraff, s/o, same shirt in pink, here) | Rag & Bone Jeans | Seychelles Booties** (c/o Riffraff, black version here) | OPI Dutch Tulips Nail Polish | Garnet Studs | Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Alright you Shark Tank Fans, here's another great find from the show! I'm an avid Shark Tank fan, so I try to work with the brands, when I can; however, this collaboration has probably been the most meaningful. I am a sucker for niche brands, and an even bigger lover of companies with a purpose.

Today I am sharing R. Riveter with y'all. It was founded by two military spouses and is quite literally American Made. People talk about Made in the USA product all of the time and I love that; however, these bags are made by the hands of Americans. As a sewer, I love the lost art of creating things yourself, but the the reason behind the company is even more special.

I don't personally know how hard it is to move from location to location, due to the military; however, one of my besties is an Airforce wife and she doesn't always know what is going to happen - it's just part of the lifestyle. Even with the excitement of going somewhere new, the thought of everything changing can be daunting. The makers of R. Riveter knew that, because they lived it, which was a lot of the push for such a company as R. Riveter.

R. Riveter's bags have different "parts" to them, that are each created by military spouses. Depending on which bag you buy, it could have had up to five different people working on it! Once you receive your bag, you can look up who helped make your bag, via this list. The best part? No matter where you move, your job is always yours! Amidst the turmoil and change that a move can cause, the riveters at least have one constant - their job, which also doubles as a support group.

As if that wasn't enough to make your heart warm and fuzzy, they also are economical and have a partnership with Simms Fishing Products, which just happens to support the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation. Simms donates scrap fabric and such, to help them make their bags

Yes, they are the epitome of a "do-good" company, but are the bags any good? Yes!! I was so impressed with the quality and detailing that went into them. I love my cross-body, but if that's not your thing, they have several different sizes, shapes, and collections. Shop them here.

I love to shop, but I love to buy even more, when I know it is for a good cause. I know there are a lot of major online sales right now, but sometimes the most important purchases, don't have to do with what a deal you got on it, but how it affects someone's life. 

To learn more about R. Riveter, visit their Website. To become a Riveter, click here. To keep up with them, follow their Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

As always, if you know a brand that fits my style or are a company that would like to work with me, contact me here! If you want to catch up on the previous weeks' features, check out my Southern Elle Style Shop Share Pinterest Board here, with direct links to the posts.

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