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Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Kit and Ace

Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Kit and Ace

Kit and Ace Tee (c/o, In Store Only, Similar online here) | One Teaspoon Shorts ** | Kendra Scott Earrings | Sandals | Tiffany and Co. Diamonds by the Yard Necklace and Bracelet | CND Vinylux Nail Polish | Emi Jay Hair Tie | Rayban Rounded Wayfarers

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There are lots of good brands, but only a handful of great ones. And, every once in a while, you are introduced to one of those great brands...a company that is hitting it out of the ballpark in every area. Kit and Ace is one of these brands.

I learned of Kit and Ace a couple of months ago, when they opened their first Dallas store. (Pics from their grand opening here and here!) This Canadian brand was  just founded in 2014,  but it already has a rich history. Created by the former lead designer of Lulu Lemon and her step son (whose father just happens to be the founder of Lulu Lemon), they know their way around clothing and the comfort-chic style that is still a driving force in the trend world.

They decided to take the t-shirt, something you already know and love, and make it better. Why do luxury items have to uncomfortable or impractical? Well, they don't. If you walk into a Kit and Ace store or shop them online, you'll see that everything is made of a soft and stretchy fabric, that not only looks great, but feels great. What is their secret ingredient? Cashmere. 

Did that get you excited? Well it should! The way you view tees (and other items for that matter) is about to change. Here's the kind of company you are  buying into when you purchase a K&A tee, top, or dress. A brand  that is:

Technical. Two words for ya: technical cashmere. Sounds beautiful, doesn't? Well it FEELS even better than it sounds. These shirts are made for you to live comfortably in.

Tailored. Just because it's comfy, that doesn't mean that it has to look like a potato sack. Kit and Ace's tops have darts in the back that make it less boxy and more fitted. Who would have thought to put darts in a tee? I for sure wouldn't have!

Trustworthy. "Integrity is everything" is plastered all over K&A branding. They are all about making a quality product, while maintaining the clothing's virtue. They are so confident, that they even walk you through the process of their product development  on their website!

Timely. This should come as no surprise, because another one of their mantra's in "Time is Precious." One great aspect of their clothing, is that even though they have cashmere in them, they are machine washable! I literally just toss my tees in the washer, and hang to dry, and I'm done! For items made with cashmere, you usually have to painstakingly spend your time cleaning them or have them professionally cleaned, but Kit and Ace had something better in mind for your time! Live life with that extra time.

Tenderhearted. Well, "philanthropic" was the word that I wanted to use, but that wouldn't have fit with my "T" trend. I love how Kit and Ace involves their surroundings. They not only give back to local charities, but work with town artists as well! 

Kit and Ace refer to their tees as a blank canvas. So, what will you do with yours?

Learn more about Kit and Ace here. To keep up with them, view their Website and follow them oon their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

As always, if you know a brand that fits my style or are a company that would like to work with me, contact me here! If you want to catch up on the previous weeks' features, check out my Southern Elle Style Shop Share Pinterest Board here, with direct links to the posts.

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