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Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Attitudes and Attire

Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Attitudes and Attire

PIKO Tunic | Riffraff Shearling Vest** (s/o, similar here) | Nine West Riding Boots | Kendra Scott Earrings

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I love the shearling vest trend this season, don’t y’all?! This classic version is my favorite, but I think the full shearling ones (like this) are stunning as well. 

On a different, but similar note, remember 2 winters ago when J. Crew came out with a herringbone vest that sold out almost instantly? Last season every retailer had something along the lines of the β€œit vest” and this season, people are STILL buying it. What was it about the vest? It was a fairly simple idea – nothing earth shattering, yet it still managed to disrupt fashion and demand attention. I know I studied fashion, but I honestly think that studying trends and their life span is so fun!

If you’re reading this, it means that you are at least somewhat interested in fashion, because that is the root of all my topics; but, what if you didn’t even have the means to know what the trends were this season, let alone buy them? This week on Southern Elle Style Shop Share, I am featuring Attitudes and Attire, a Dallas non-profit.

Did you ever see the Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith? It's the story of a homeless man, who is trying to get back on his feet. He goes to a job interview and is basically penalized because he isn't in a suit. If I had to compare Attitudes and Attire to a pop culture reference, that is what I'd choose. It is situations like these, that A and A tries to prevent.

Founded in 1996, Attitudes and Attire has helped over 16,000 women through the years. They hold professional character and self esteem building seminars, health care services like dental cleaning/work, and of course a trip to their boutique for a lesson on professional dress and an outfit!  And let me just say that these are just a few of the ways that A and A causes change for the good in others' lives.

To qualify, women must desire to succeed and be referred to the program from one of the 160 agencies in the North Texas area. Most are single mothers who are trying to support their family and create a better life. Unfortunately, just because they want to get jobs, doesn't mean it happens. Attitudes and Attire is there to make sure that unmet needs are not the reason for lack of success.

Can you think of a more noble cause?! I can't. Want to know how can you help break the cycle? Donate money and/or time, shop at participating reward stores, and my personal favorite, donate new or gently used professional attire! It can be from your closet or  possible a donation from a retailer - it doesn't matter. Any help is appreciated! If you're unsure of who to contact to give your donation, just let me know and I can find out for you.

Do you do any volunteer work? Is there a similar A and A concept where you live? It's so important to be thankful for what you have, as well as to help others during these especially needy next few months.. (p.s. did you catch my post on being thankful, this past Monday?)

To learn more about Attitudes and Attire, click here.  For updates, follow their Website, Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

As always, if you know a brand that fits my style or are a company that would like to work with me, contact me here! If you want to catch up on the previous weeks' features, check out my Southern Elle Style Shop Share Pinterest Board here, with direct links to the posts.

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