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Solo Stove Review

Solo Stove Review

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What’s your favorite part about the fall season? I’m a summer girl and I love the warmth, but I always welcome the cooler months with open arms as it represents a change of pace. Sure things tend to move a lot faster in the latter half of the year, but there’s so much goodness surrounding it. So what’s my favorite part you ask? One of them is a good bonfire. Living in LA there are big fire hazards, so a campfire isn’t something I get to experience as much as I’d like. We do have a couple beaches where you can have a fire, but other than that, nada!


That’s why I’m so excited to share Solo Stove with you today - and at the perfect time at that! It would make for a fantastic holiday gift. In fact, I included it on my gift guides this year! They are perfect whether you have a backyard or just a small patio and great whether for an outdoorsman or just someone who likes a glass of red by the fire. They have great safety measures / precautions that not only keep the ground underneath it safe, but the flame above contained too. Before I dive into their 3 different models, let’s look at what make Solo Stove different.


What makes Solo Stove different?

I’ve had fire pits before and honestly none compare to Solo Stove models!

  • Quality. It is made of 304 Stainless Steel. So durable!

  • Low Smoke. The Solo Stove was designed to basically be a combustion chamber. It uses a a burst of air to quickly create a fire and burn wood more efficiently. My engineer husband immediately saw the purposely placed holes around the stove and knew what they were for. I honestly thought they were just part of aesthetics, but that’s how the air gets in and feeds the flame. This in turn creates less smoke without a fan or anything like that, so you can enjoy the fire and not be left with any smokey smelling clothes or hair.

  • Easy Clean Up. You literally just dump the ash and you’re done!

  • Weight. All of my previous fire pits were super big and clunky. Though you don’t want to move the Yukon model around a ton (the rest transport easier), all of these are under 50 pounds and on the easier side to move. You’ll find that these pack a lot of punch, especially for their size!

Here’s how the 3 fire pits compare:

Personally, I have the middle size option which is called The Bonfire.

  • Ranger

    Price: $269.99, currently on sale for $194.99

    Size: 15” x 12.5” x 13” // 15lbs

    Works with chunk wood

    Benefit: small and easily transportable thanks to durable carrying case with handles

  • Bonfire

    Price: $349.99, currently on sale for $284.99

    Size: 19.5” x 14” x 17.5” // 20 lbs

    Works with fire logs

    Benefit: perfect for small patios or balconies; it is also portable, just not as easily done as the Ranger

  • Yukon

    Price: $599.99, currently on sale for $474.99

    Size: 27” x 16” x 23” // 38 lbs

    Works with fire logs

    Benefit: great for the backyard that desires a fire pit without the hassle

Overall we love our Solo Stove! It is great for these cooler Los Angeles Nights. I would have loved to shoot this for you at my previous, oversized and super cute patio, but we moved right before I received the fire pit. I will say that the pictures on my new balcony are way more realistic though, as they showcase what most balcony spaces have and how well it fits. Regarding the product, it is small but mighty and makes a killer flame! The most impressive thing is that my clothes and hair didn’t smell like smoke, nor did my bedroom, which is adjacent to our patio. WIN-WIN on all accounts. Here’s to s’mores (and calming fires) whenever I want!!

Note that Solo Stove doesn’t just have bonfires! They actually have camp stoves if you’re looking for something that is even more portable and more built for cooking. They have all the same benefits of the fire pits, but made for camping and such. Another great thing is that Solo Stove has tons of accessories! We actually have the stand, the shield, the shelter for our Bonfire and they are great! Their tools don’t stop there though. Be sure to check out all they have to offer, like their cookware and dinnerware. Everyone is going to want to go camping with you / huddle around your bonfire, let me tell ya!

Next on my list? I want to roast some hot dogs on the open flame of my Bonfire! The high in LA today is low 50’s and the low is high 30’s, so I may just get my wish! Stay warm, friend! XOXO

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