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September Favorites

September Favorites

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Happy September!! I am happy it is here (I didn’t get much sleep in August,) but also I know the remainder of the year with skate by. The twins’ second birthday is in exactly a month and I can hardly believe it. We leave for London and Paris this weekend and I can’t believe that either! It has been one of those things that doesn’t feel real / probably won’t feel real until we arrive. That being said, I still have quite a few things to check off my list before we depart, so I have to quickly get through my current favorites. August was wonderful, so without further adieu, here’s what I have been loving.

Everything is linked in the collage except for the sweater vest, though it (along with everything else) is hyperlinked below the image, in paragraph form.

  1. Sarah Flint Alexandra Boots. I know it is hard to think about fall right now (even though it officially begins next week,) but I just had to snag them. I haven’t had a true riding boot height in a while, nor have I had a boot this comfortable! They kind of fit like a sock boot, but give a more elevated look. Did I mention that they are super comfortable?! Use my code SARAHFLINT-CCLAUREN3 for 15% off. I wrote a review of the brand here.

  2. Quince Linen Shirt Dress. (c/o) This is such a versatile and transitional weather piece! Sure, belt it and wear it as a dress with sandals, but it also works as a layering item, with jeans or shorts, and of course as a swimsuit coverup.

  3. Primally Pure Bian Gua Sha. I still love my regular gua sha stone, but this one is so luxurious! The only way I really know how to describe it is a heavier weight? There are also some stone property differences. It’s a little pricier, but you’ll be able to feel the difference! Use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off of every Primally Pure order you place.

  4. Lunya Long Sleeve Pant Pajama Set. I’m not really a long sleeve / pant pajama girl, but these are so wonderful! I love how the silk pant feels against my legs. Plus, I have worn the top with jeans and received so many compliments. I shared it here. Use coupon code ELLEMULENOS for for a discount on your first Lunya order.

  5. Beard King Beard Bib. I bought this as kind of a joke, kind of not, for Nick. It helps so much! It catches all of his beard trimmings and makes his (and my) life easier. Would make for a funny stocking stuffer or goody for a beard friend.

  6. Darling Society Keen Sweater Vest. (c/o) I have admired Darling magazine for a while and have even been so lucky as to have attended a Darling dinner. Earlier this year they launched a clothing line and it is…well, darling! This sweater vest is probably my favorite piece, as it is classic, yet on trend, and versatile. I packed it with me to bring to London and Paris!

  7. Thisworx Car Vacuum. (c/o) Seems silly to share, but it is great for keeping in a car full of toddlers, well humans in general I guess. We use it to suck up snacks, sand, etc. It has a cute little carrying bag and a carport charger. Today it is on sale for $19!

  8. MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote. Their metro sling is what first turned me onto this brand, but my love for it didn’t stop there. A month or so ago, they had an online sample sale and I was able to buy this bag for under $100, normally almost $300! I love that it has a strap and a zipper closure. I don’t have a tote bag this size that isn’t open, so it was a great buy for me. Not to mention, it is light weight and folds up rather small if you needed to pack it rather than carry it somewhere.

  9. Mushie Silicone Mold Free Toys. I pretty much love everything Mushie does and these toys are no exception. They are pretty nice to travel with because they are only come apart into two pieces, but also obviously good in maths. You can clean them in the dishwasher and then let them fully before placing them back together.

  10. Lunya Washable Silk Robe. I have gone through a lot of robes, but never one like this. It is so comfortable, yet doesn’t make me feel frumpy. Much like everything Lunya does, their robe is chic and practical. I have an XS/S and a M and am honestly not sure which is my favorite. A cool part about the robe is that there is elastic in the cuffs, so if you are pushing your sleeves back, they will stay back. I think I like the M better, because the XS/S cuffs are a little too tight for me? But if you’re in-between sizes, you can’t really go wrong with either one. Use coupon code ELLEMULENOS for for a discount on your first Lunya order. Would be a great gift for a postpartum mom - easy for nursing and will help her feel a bit more like herself.

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I’d say that I’m hoping to post more this month, but since I’m about to go out of town for the remainder of September, see you come October?! Hoping to prep one other post to welcome Fall, so keep an eye out for that!

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