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Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Spectrum Picks

Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Spectrum Picks

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Happy Friday! I hope your week has gone well. I don’t know about you, but these quarantine days are not only melting together, but they are FLYING BY too! Today marks the first day of the Sephora Spring Beauty Bonus Sale. I wasn’t originally going to make a blog post for it, but seeing as no one can shop in stores, why not? I polled you on my Instagram stories and about 80% of you said you wanted it on the blog versus just the Like to Know it app, so here we are! I’ll still share it on the app too though. You can follow me there on @ellemulenos.

One thing that led me to share my picks for the Sephora Spring Beauty Sale is that not that many people focus on cruelty-free and nontoxic spectrum options. Yes, Sephora has their β€œclean at sephora” label; however, I personally don’t live and die by that stamp. I prefer to follow the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) ratings, which are more strict that Sephora’s.

So how does the sale work? The sale is broken down into 3 different groups based on how much you spend at Sephora. Rouge (highest level starts today) and has the highest percentage off, followed by VIB and finally the base level of Insider. Personally I love Sephora; however, I purchase the bulk of my skincare from other brands not sold there, so I am in the lowly insider group. Hah! Anyone can sign up to be apart of this level, so sign up here if you haven’t already. Here’s a quick look at the details:

  • ROUGE:

    Sale dates: 04/17 - 05/01

    Spends: $1000+

    Discount: 20% off

    Discount code: SPRINGSAVE

  • VIB:

    Sale dates: 04/21 - 04/29

    Spends: $350+

    Discount: 15% off

    Discount code: SPRINGSAVE


    Sale dates: 04/23 - 04/27

    Spends: Under $350 (anyone can sign up - do so here if you haven’t!)

    Discount: 10% off

    Discount code: SPRINGSAVE

All that to say, get to shopping! Sephora only offers this twice a year, so it is a great time to stock up and try new things, especially during quarantine. I know a lot of us are using this time to wear less makeup and really focus on our skin. I broke everything down into sections, ending with what I would want to buy / try and what I would re-buy that I have purchased before. Enjoy! Oh and let me know if you have a favorite nontoxic spectrum product that I left off. I’d love to try it!

Click on the product within the collages to be taken directly to the product link.


I personally forget how many great supplements Sephora has, so don’t sleep on this one. I’d love to try the Goop Glow Super Powder and the Moon Juice Magnesium. If you aren’t getting outdoors, HUM has a vitamin d supplement that is supposed to be great. If you’re looking to drink less coffee, I’ve tried the mushroom β€œcoffee” and it is actually pretty good. Anddd I think we can all add a little more greens to our life thanks to 8 Greens! They also have a new gummy version and a skin specific version too!


Even though these are miscellaneous things, it is one of my favorite sections. The biggest new thing Sephora has now are Heretic perfumes! You may recognize them, as Gwyneth Paltrow worked with him to create clean perfumes for Goop. They do a fascinating interview that I recommend! I know I’ve smelled them before, but I can’t remember what they smelled like /what my favorite was and I’m kicking myself now, as I’d love to try one on sale! My other kind of splurge buy would be the facial steamer. Open pores, at home spa… sounds divine!


To be honest, my favorite face masks aren’t sold at Sephora, but they do have some great ones! Personally I am dying to try the Goop exfoliator, with the Biossance rose and squalane one as a close second. Of these that I have tried, I really like the Biossance Tea Tree and squalane mask.


Sunscreen is so important! I am sharing both makeup products and straight SPF, but know you shouldn’t just rely on spf in makeup alone. My favorite straight sunscreen here is the Biossance one, but I’d really like to try the new Ilia SPF product.


Don’t let people tell you there isn’t any good nontoxic lip color! I LOVE Ilia and wear it all the time. I also included their multi-stick, which you can use on your lips and as blush.


Sephora doesn’t carry the concealer I wear, but I’ve seen mine compared to RMS un-coverup concealer. I’d also really like to try the Ilia wand, as I love the brand in general. I’ve heard tons of people rave over the Kosas product, but I haven’t tried it. Looks great though!


Ilia mascara is my favorite least toxic mascara! I’m more of a blush girl than an eye shadow girl, but lots of good options here.


No surprise, but I’d love to try the Goop Glow pads. People swear by them! They also have a light version if you have sensitive skin. The Ordinary is brand that has been on and off at Sephora for several years and a lot of their products have rave revues. They are on the cleaner side and are VERY budget friendly, which is hard to come by.


I’ve kind of shared everything that caught my eye already, but here they are all grouped together. To be honest, I’m not going to be buying anything this sale, as we try to watch our budget during this time, but if I had unlimited spend, these are the products I would try! Hopefully I’ll get around to trying some of these in the near future and let you know how I like them.


Things I have bought, tried, and would use again! Great picks ( IMO ;) ), that cover all aspects of beauty an wellness.

Thanks for shopping my cruelty-free and nontoxic beauty picks. I appreciate it and feel lucky that I can still share during this Coronavirus / COVID-19 times. Stay safe!

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