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Senreve Doctor Bag Review

Senreve Doctor Bag Review

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Let me introduce you to my current favorite handbag - the Senreve Doctor Bag! While I own (and adore) several Senreve styles, this is the bag that I keep reaching for. Keep reading to learn why, plus a full review of the bag. For reference, I have the Doctor Bag in butterscotch, with dolce style leather.

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Shortly after I wrote this post, Senreve released a Mini Doctor Bag which is so cute. It weighs about a 1lb less, is about $100 less, and is about 3” shorter in the base and 2” smaller in height and depth.

Everlane Japanese Go-Weave Dress (non-maternity, wearing a size 6 which is my normal size, I can’t wear a 4 in this dress, as it is too tight on my hips, even pre-pregnancy) | Senreve Doctor Bag (get $50 off with code ELLEMULENOS) | Vince Heeled Sandals (old, similar here) | Aerie Sunglasses | Leather Moto Jacket | Custom By Kathleen Necklaces | Electric Picks Faith Cross Necklace (c/o)

Before I get into the Doctor Bag specifically, let me set the scene for you. The first bag I ever bought from Senreve was the Maestra in pebbled sand. It was perfect for work, as I could bring my personal laptop (I would work on the blog during my lunch hour), but also held everything else I needed. It is structured and very professional. I remember reading that it sold better in places like Dallas, but the Doctor Bag was more popular in LA. Flash forward two years later and I can say this is true for me. I reach for my Doctor Bag a lot more than my Maestra. I’m not sure that it is 100% LA related though... Between the pandemic and working from home / not having an office to go to, I just don’t need everything that the Maestra offers. The Doctor Bag is happy medium, since it still holds a lot, but isn’t structured and can squish down. If I’m not using my Doctor Bag, I’m probably using my Aria Belt Bag which is my MVP as it is so versatile. When I go on trips, I’ll actually stow away the Arai inside the Doctor bag - it is great as a compartment, plus I can pull it out and wear it to dinner too. Anyway, you came to hear about the doctor bag, so let me get to talking about that!


  • Made in Italy

  • Starts at $895 which is the same pricing structure as the Maestra

  • Genuine Italian leather that is scratch, stain- and water-resistant

  • Traditional Senreve stain-resistant micro-suede interior

  • Leather strips to protect the base

  • Flap closure with collar stud belt

  • Two-way full zipper closure for extra security

  • 2 exterior compartments

  • 7 interior compartments

  • Central compartment zips closed with up to a 10" tablet

  • Handles in addition to longer strap


  • Width (base): 12.5”

  • Width (top): 12.375”

  • Height: 8.5”

  • Depth: 7.25”

  • Drop Handles: 9”

  • Removable Strap: 20” - 23.625”

  • Weight: 2.8 lbs


My favorite things

  1. Outer Pockets. This is honestly why I I LOVE the Doctor Bag. I try to be better with closing my purse for safety reasons, but sometimes (especially while traveling), I want to just shove a ticket or something really quick into my purse - think standing in line with TSA at the airport - and don’t want to have to open may bag. The large outer pockets are deep and easy to use. So convenient!!

  2. Closure. I love a good zipper. While I like the look of the Maestra closure, the Doctor Bag has a zipper that mis much easier to maneuver. It also has a similar look by the button-like closure that can be used in addition to the zipper.

  3. Stability. I really like that I can use the purse on my shoulder, on my arms, or across my body. Again I love my Maestra, but unless it is across my body, the purse isn’t as stable if I’m trying to get something out of it quickly and with one hand.

  4. Size. It fits a lot more than you think! I’m very pro being able shove things in my bag without having to meticulously fit everything in. Also it does fit my 13” laptop, I just can zip it, which is fine by me. I never travel with it this way, but sometimes just need a place to put it / give myself some extra hands to carry other things. I always use my Envelope Clutch as a laptop sleeve, especially when I do this.

  5. Color. I know it comes in several different options, but I’m obsessed with the butterscotch hue. It goes with everything and can be dressed up or down. So chic!


These aren’t deal breakers, just wanted to mention

  1. Lack of Bottom Studs. I guess I am used to the metal studs on the bottom of my Maestra? I get that they put the leather strips on the bottom for the same reason, but it just doesn’t feel as help and could still look bad, due to the leather rubbing. I have the dolce leather which is the softest kind, most likely to show wear more in comparison to the pebbled leather. I suppose they did this because it is an unstructured bag and the metal studs don’t make as much sense on that in comparison to the structured bag vibe of the Maestra.

  2. Removable Strap. I like the idea of it, especially to achieve the β€œsmoosh” style, but it is actually kind of hard to remove. Not impossible, just more on the difficult side. Additionally, I’ve noticed some peeling along the edges of the strap. I noticed this on my first trip with it and thought it was most likely because I had loaded it up pretty heavy and it was rubbing against my clothes. I was wearing it in the crossbody way. You can’t tell that it peeled / the strap doesn’t show it, just wanted to mention, as I thought it was slightly weird.


My answer is yes.

Much like the other Senreve bags I love, the quality is impeccable and the same bag under a β€œdesigner” label would be cost much more and maybe not have the same level of quality. I think it is a forever bag that can look chic, yet also be very versatile. It also doesn’t scream WORK BAG, which I think the largest Maestra bag does. It’s so good and I love wearing it with jeans or a dress. It travels amazingly well too! Honestly not sure what else I could want in a bag!

ALSO around summer of 2022, my strap broke. The leather didn’t tear, but I couldn’t get it to connect. I inquired about the lifetime warranty that Senreve has thinking they might give me a new strap. They ended up giving me a brand new bag! I had to send back the old one and once they got it back they sent me the new one, but still. I was / still am very impressed.

Want more? Here’s a YouTube video with all the details you see here, plus more visuals!

Thanks so much for reading and watching. What do you think? Do you have a favorite Senreve bag? Which style is next on your list? Don’t forget you can use coupon code ELLEMULENOS for $50 off!

P.S. These pictures were taken at The Barn Tasting Room at Cielo Farms in Malibu. My husband took me there for my 30th birthday last week and it was so fun. Will have to go back when I can actually enjoy their wine! Until then their pizza and sparkling lemonade hit the spot.

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