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Senreve Belt Bags: Aria vs Coda

Senreve Belt Bags: Aria vs Coda

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Before I get into today’s post, I just want to share that Senreve is making strides in helping our medical professionals as we fight COVID-19 / Coronavirus. Starting today (03/26), for every mask donated, $10 donated, and handbag purchased, Senreve will donate 100 masks to hospitals and medical professionals in need. Learn more about this initiative here.

If you could only buy one bag right now, what I would would tell you to purchase would be a belt bag from Senreve. (Plussss you can grab them for $50 off with discount code ELLEMULENOS) I got my first one last fall and shared how to wear a belt bag 3 ways here, but since then I have purchased another one. You see, Senreve has two - the Aria (the one I bought first - has the flap like the Maestra) and the Coda (my second one - has a zipper).

Outfit linked here

What initially peaked my interest about belt bags in general is that they are so practical. We were / kind of still are planning a Europe trip this fall, so I wanted to make sure to have a belt bag for that trip, logistically speaking. What made me look to the Senreve belt bags is that not only are they most likely the chicest belt bag I’ve seen, but they also fit my versatility requirement. You can wear them so many ways! My favorite part is that I can wear it like a traditional belt bag or fanny pack, but that it can turn into this luxurious shoulder bag for drinks, dinner, or a night out.


Honestly, I originally thought I would get the Coda Belt Bag first, because I was attracted to the idea of the zipper and it being 100% closed. I ended up getting the Aria Belt Bag first, simply because I thought I liked the way it looked more-so than the Coda. The joke is on me though, as I ended up getting both, but they are different AND I like the way they look equally now.

Looking into getting a belt bag from Senreve and not sure which one to buy? Here’s a breakdown of the Coda and Aria - their similarities and differences. Don’t forget you can get $50 off your belt bag with discount code ELLEMULENOS. The code works for any purchase over $300 and you can use it more than once!



  • Price: $395+

  • Color Options: 13 Classic and 23 Seasonal

  • Dimensions:

    • Width: 8”

    • Height: 5”

    • Depth: 2”

    • Removable Leather Strap: 38.25"- 59.5"

  • Features: 3 interior pockets, 1 exterior front pocket, fits up to an iPhone 8 Plus (which is larger than the 11 Max), scratch proof, water resistant, lifetime guarantee

  • Ways to wear it: around your waist, diagonally across your body, with a chain, as a clutch

  • My thoughts: What I love about this bag is that it scream Senreve. It has the look of their classic Maestra bag. It fits the most and is such a classic shape. My only wish is that it totally closed, but that would take away from its Maestra look, unless they added a zipper on inside, which honestly would still leave the same small hole on either side. Get this version for classic uses.



  • Price: $395+

  • Color Options: 5 Classic and 15 Seasonal

  • Dimensions:

    • Width at base: 7"

    • Width at top: 7.5"

    • Height on sides: 4"

    • Height in middle: 3.75"

    • Depth: 2.5"

    • Removable leather strap: 38.25" - 59.5"

  • Features: 2 interior pockets, 1 exterior back pocket, fits up to an iPhone Xs Max (which is smaller than the 8 Plus, but pretty much the same size as the 11 Max, though the 11 Max weighs slightly more), scratch proof, water resistant, lifetime guarantee

  • Ways to wear it: around your waist, diagonally across your body, with a chain - You can use this as a clutch too, but I probably wouldn’t because it is harder to β€œhold” than the Aria

  • My thoughts: My favorite part about this bag is that is zips. I love knowing that everything is safe inside of it. I also like that shape is unique. I get compliments on this bag every time I use it. I think the β€œdragon chestnut” shade I purchased makes it look super elevated and people notice it, but you can also grab the Aria in dragon chestnut too and it would probably have the same affect on people. Get this version for β€œsafety.”


Which do you like better? If I had to pick one, I’d probably choose the Aria belt bag, since it fits more and .is β€œprettier”; however, I’ll probably end up taking the Coda belt bag to Europe, because I like that it zips. But hey, they are so small, I suppose I could bring them both! I do use them as belt bags, but honestly, I love using a chain to glam it up most of the time. Senreve sells a chain, but before I even realized they had one, I purchased this one off of Amazon. The Senreve chain is nicer, but the Amazon one works just fine! (I hook the lobster claws together.) If you like the belt better, you’re in luck, because they have a ton of holes punched, so you can literally wear it as long or short as you want!

I love my belt bags in black and chestnut hues, but if you’re going for neutrals, I love the Coda in pebbled cream and the Aria in sand (which is the same color as my big Maestra!) They have a bunch of fun pop colors I like though too, like mimosa fuchsia and pebbled tangerine. ALSO, the belt parts are obviously remove-able, as you can use a chain instead, so don’t forget you can literally wear the belts as a belt. I couldn’t actually find my black belt for a shoot the other month, so the belt I’m wearing in this post is the black strap from my Aria!! Happy deciding! And don’t forget you can use code ELLEMULENOS for $50 off!

Here’s a video of basically everything I said above, in live time!


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