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Rings to Celebrate my Babies

Rings to Celebrate my Babies

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I found out I was pregnant in February (2021). Looking at this year I knew we had several milestones. Not only were we going to have a baby (2!!), but we were also set to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday… both things we would normally take trips to celebrate. With the pandemic and later finding out we were having twins, I didn’t think we would be able to travel, so I set my mind on jewelry. We were able to take a babymoon to Hawaii, but that was not expected. We celebrated the babies, our anniversary, and my birthday all on that trip.

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I’m a big proponent of skipping cheaper, trendy jewelry and investing in pieces I’ll wear forever. This is likely because my most worn jewelry are pieces that were passed down to me. I’m not against fashion jewelry and do buy it from time to time. When I do purchase it, I focus on pieces that I know will go out of style or are too trendy for me to want to spend a lot of money on. With everything going on, I decided I wanted to design a 5 diamond necklace for our 5th wedding anniversary and stackable rings to commemorate the twins. So I called up my custom jeweler in March and we got to designing.

I’ve mentioned Custom by Kathleen before, so her name might be familiar to you. She actually helped Nick with my engagement ring and reset my sapphire diamond ring that I stack with my wedding band. Prior to that she took some of my grandmother’s diamonds after her passing and made me and my sister earrings. She also reset my grandmother’s diamond pendant so I could wear it daily versus only on special occasions. My point in saying that is that she is really good at taking old pieces and making them new; however, she can also procure stones for you and that’s what she did for the my rings and necklace!

I think there is a common misconception that custom work is much more expensive that buying off the shelf. Jewelry in and of itself is expensive. Have you seen the price of gold today?! If you’re in the market and already willing to spend X amount, custom work can be the same and even less in some instances. It is by no means cheap, but you get what you pay for most of the time and I wanted these to be built to last. I had general ideas of what I wanted, but Kathleen worked with me to help me figure out exactly what my vision was. If you are looking to do this, I recommend looking on pinterest and screenshotting what you like. I searched a lot of “5 diamond necklace” and “stackable rings” pictures and saved them in a “jewelry” album on my phone to use as inspiration / a starting point for our design discussions. Side note, you can always make shared iPhone albums and “share” them with your significant other so they know what things you like / are looking for ;)

I wanted to share the necklace I had Custom by Kathleen make, even though it isn’t what this post is about. See above. I love it so much! It is on an 18” chain, so it layers perfectly with the 14” chain my diamond pendant is on. It is unique, yet classic and I love that it represents our 5 year wedding anniversary.

Back to the rings… going into the design process, this is what I knew:

I knew I wanted two (so the twins could each have one) and I wanted them somewhat dainty and to have the ability to stack. I like to keep things fair, so they each get a ring and although they go together, they are also unique and can be worn apart, just like the twins. I also knew I wanted to keep the stone weight as close as possible. Did I mention I try to be as fair as possible?! There is only a .02 carat difference in the main diamonds, so the smaller one (the marquis cut) has more tiny diamonds on the sides to make up for it. Another reason I wanted them to stack is so I could possibly stack them with my wedding band. I love to stack it with my sapphire diamond ring and figured this would make for a fun stack as well. I also knew that I wanted yellow gold. My wedding rings are white gold.

Just so you can see, the below were some of the inspiration pictures I went into the design process with. I LOVE the shapes we chose. The “east to west” set marquis diamond (sideways versus longways) is so stunning and not something you always see. I’m not typically a baguette (the rectangle) fan, but this one is so sparkly and pretty. As you can see, they both off set from the center, so that plays into the uniqueness of the rings and pairs them well together, but also makes it to where they look good alone. This also allows me to add other rings should we have more children. I’m not 100% sure yet, but am thinking the marquis diamond will be Olive’s and the baguette will be Cyprus’.

Though all of the below pictures are diamonds, I initially wanted to do birthstones. I ended up not doing that for several reasons. One being that I wasn’t sure when they would be born. Sure my due date was very much in October, but with twins they often come early. If I would have picked the October birth stone and they surely would have been born in September. September’s birth stone is a sapphire and I already have my sapphire ring, so I wanted something a little different than that. Opals are October’s birth stone, which isn’t my favorite. I have some opal pieces I like, but I didn’t want it on these rings. Tourmaline is another October birth stone, so I initially thought about doing green tourmaline, but Kathleen advised against that due to stone texture. She is so knowledgeable! But hey, diamonds are classic and go with everything. We tossed around the idea of doing a pink and blue stone, but that didn’t feel like me, nor would it be something I wear everyday. I wanted these to be daily jewelry that go with everything.

I guess you could say this was my “push present”, though I don’t really consider it that. I kind of just said ‘hey Nick, I want to do this.” and we went from there. I can’t say I didn’t consider other ideas to commemorate the day... While a bag or shoes would be nice, I wanted something that was a bit more meaningful and lasting. It was slightly risky to do rings since my hands would likely swell, but I wore them on a necklace in the hospital just in case. Actually Nick had to wear them on a necklace during birth, because they forgot to take away my jewelry pre-op!! Plus, we sized them for my right hand as I’m right handed / that hand measures a little bigger.

I wrote this post pre-birth, but wanted to say that I actually didn’t swell much at all. They fit well on my right hand (what we sized for / my bigger hand), but I have been wearing them on my left hand with my wedding band, which I love! My engagement ring hasn’t had as much wear since it became a little tight pre-birth. l still love it, but I truly haven’t minded, since I love wearing this stack right now!!

I hope this gives you inspiration for meaningful for gifts and jewelry that last a lifetime! It’s been so hard to keep these in their box and not wear them, as I’ve had them since August. I got my necklace in June and have been wearing it non-stop; however, I couldn’t bring myself to wear these before the twins’ arrival. I did start wearing them regularly the week they were scheduled to arrive though… Totally in love with them… and the rings ;)

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