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Primally Pure Face Mask Review

Primally Pure Face Mask Review

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With one, almost two days of 2020 under your belt now, how do you feel? I know a lot of you mentioned that skincare and nontoxic beauty is something you are striving for in this new decade, so I am stoked to share with you that Primally Pure launched face masks! Get 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS. Face masks are a great way to have some β€œme time” and relax, but also take care of your skin. Plus they are cheaper than facials! They launched January 1st, but I’ve been testing them out for you since last fall and let me tell ya… they are GOOD.


I’ve tried a lot of face masks, and while I do have a couple non-PP favorites, I can confidently say, these are the most luxurious and PRETTIEST masks I have ever tried. Not to mention, they work amazingly too. Buuuut it’s Primally Pure, so I’m not surprised. I first learned about them through their deodorant. I switched to natural deodorant almost 3 years ago, and started using Primally Pure deodorant almost 2 years ago. Currently I use their charcoal deodorant! Blue tansy and pink geranium are my second and third faves. I became a Primally Pure ambassador mid 2018, which basically meant that I test a lot of their products and YOU get a discount code. Use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off.

Since then, I’ve tried most of their products. I need to update the post, but most of my favorites are listed here. I love everything they have to offer, but face masks were something I reallllly wanted them to create. They came out with skin specific serums last year (hoping to review those this year) and little did I know, they had plans to make skin specific face masks too!! I’ve tried all three and they are all soooo good; however, if I had to pick one, I think my favorite is the plumping one. Same with the serums! It is hydrating and makes my skin look so fresh. I do think the clarifying mask is good for acne, but even the plumping one is good for acne, as most of my acne needs to be hydrated… but the soothing serum is great for calming and reducing the redness of acne, so can you go wrong with any of them? NOT REALLY. They all have fantastic ingredients, but the main thing they have in common is that are all made with raw + local honey. This means it won’t dry out your skin or strip your pores of goodness. They also all have kaolin clay, so the masks nourish andddd detoxify. One last ingredient they have in common is lactobacillus ferment, which is an antimicrobial. One of my favorite parts of all 3 masks is that they gently exfoliate when you remove them - you can literally feel them exfoliate! I know their ingredients do so as well, just when you’re using them, but there’s something about feeling them do their job. Keep scrolling for a break down of all three, in alphabetical order.



Use for: Purifying

It will: Calm breakouts, while detoxifying and brightening skin

Color and scent: Yellow, lemon/citrus

Key Ingredients:

honey - heals and hydrates

kaolin clay - refines and detoxifies (this one has white clay only)

turmeric powder - acne relief and scar reduction, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory and brightener

white willow bark powder - clears pores of build up thanks to salicin, which is the compound salicylic acid is made from

colloidal silver - calms skin due to anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties

lactobacillus ferment - increases hydration and moisture levels in the skin, due to its natural antimicrobial probiotic properties



  • Use for: Rejuvenating

  • It will: Firm skin by stimulating cell renewal and promoting collagen production

  • Color and scent: Red, floral

  • Key Ingredients:

honey - heals and hydrates

kaolin clay - refines and detoxifies (this one has rose and white clay)

hibiscus powder - promotes cell turnover, as it contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids, aka nature’s botox

bakuchiol - improves skin texture and accelerates cell renewal, as it is aplant based alternative for retinol

lactobacillus ferment - increases hydration and moisture levels in the skin, due to its natural antimicrobial probiotic properties



Use for: Restoring

It will: Relieve redness, while expediting healing, to support and balance stressed and damaged skin

Color and scent: Green, wood/herbs

Key Ingredients:

honey - heals and hydrates

kaolin clay - refines and detoxifies (this one has green and white clay)

spirulina - maintains moisture in skin due to fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids

chlorella - decreases inflammation thanks to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

colloidal oatmeal - creates protective barrier for skin, boosting hydration and healing

lactobacillus ferment - increases hydration and moisture levels in the skin, due to its natural antimicrobial probiotic properties

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1) Shower before. Okay, okay if you don’t have time to do this, buttttt it will naturally open your pores, which makes the mask work better. Either way, make sure you cleanse your face before you mask.

2) Make sure skin is damp. Whether you showered or just cleansed at the sink, pat your face mostly dry, leaving it slightly wet. This will help the mask apply easier, because it is honey, which is hard to spread otherwise. This also helps you use less, since it is more spreadable. Trust me, you’ll want to savor every last drop of this mask!!

3) Use an applicator. For sure don’t put your fingers in the mask, as it you can introduce bacteria, even if you wash your hands before. (you should be washing your hands before you wash your face btw) This also helps it spread more easily and wastes less on your fingers!

4) Wear headband. Because the base of these masks is honey, it will get sticky in your hair, if you aren’t careful. Though it’s 100% worth it, I’d make sure to put your hair back!

5) Multi-mask. Use most than one mask at once, so you can treat specific areas for exactly what they need. My chin and t-zone needs more clarifying, while the rest of my face needs more plumping!

P.S. I actually shot this in October - this is a cute, tiny, LA bathroom!! I think it is important to test things for longer periods of time, rather than shorter, so I can really speak to how they work. Though I loved all of them, I think my skin felt the best after the plumping mask. It felt smooth, hydrated, and pretty, which during my crazy breakouts of 2019, says something. I often cried not only because of how my acne looked, but also how it felt…painful!! These masks made me feel better about myself in a time where I desperately needed the confidence and had to re-learn to be nice to myself. Thank you Primally Pure for creating such amazing products!! I am truly a customer for life.


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