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Primally Pure Everything Spray Review

Primally Pure Everything Spray Review

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Primally Pure Everything Spray

Let me first start this post out by saying that I had a grandiose idea for the images for this post. I've literally been waiting to write it, until I could shoot it.  I had plans to do it in the beautiful bathroom/bathtub at Mukan Resort this past weekend, buttttt it was such a short trip, it didn't happen, and all I got was this pretty, leafy shower shot. One of the themes I've been preaching is that "it doesn't have to be perfect" and stuff doesn't have to always be as planned. SO you get a picture of me at Mukan resort and the shower shot. You're welcome. Now let's get to the good stuff.

I mentioned to y'all almost 2 months ago that I was a Primally Pure brand ambassador. (You can get 10% off your first order with PP w/code ELLEMULENOS) started out in January using their deodorant, but hadn't tried anything else from the skincare line. Come June I wanted to try some other things so I could accurately chat about the brand. Side note - yes. I bought them. (I tell you when they are c/o) And yes I use them. One of the things y'all said that you don't like (when I polled you on instastories) is when bloggers just share things you know they don't use. Guess what? I don't do that, but especially here, a hundo percent my opinion.

Anyway, I ended up buying things to encourage Nick to have a skincare routine. He used to wear beard oil, but stopped, so I bought him some and then also picked up a small bottle of Everything Spray. First mistake? I bought the small bottle. I literally read a review of it before I purchased it that said something along the lines of "the only bad thing about this product is that I should have purchased the bigger bottle." But back to Nick...I bought it for him, because one of the things it's supposed to help with is ingrown hairs. When he shaves his neck, most time of the time he gets  tons of angry red bumps on day 2 or 3. He used it on and off (still trying to establish a routine with him ;) ) and honestly I think it works!

After about 2 weeks of having it, I received an email from PP about 5 effective ways to use Everything Spray. I was like eh, why not read?? I already have the goods! The very first tip was to use it as a toner, along with glowing (literally) recommendations about how it cleared breakouts and fast at that. At the time, I had been battling chin acne for about 4 months and had just started to get a line of bumps on the left part of my hairline. At this point I was like I'LL TRY ANYTHING.

Side note - as of today, I have been to see my dermatologist and my medical esthetician and will talk about the specific acne on a post soon. Another side note, in my What's a Toner and Why Use it blog post, I mentioned using Thayer's. I still really like Thayer's! If Thayer's is working well for you and/or you don't have an acne issue, you are probably still good using it! You might like PP, but may not neeeed it.  Plus the price range is slightly different. ($1.20 per ounce for Thayer's vs $8 per ounce for PP). I'm still keeping Thayer's around for things like makeup removal (I love using it to take off lipstick or remove mascara from random spots on my eye) or even when I tone before a face mask (I use PP as the toner after the face mask - I don't need to use it both times because $$$)

Okay so what the heck is in Primally Pure Everything Spray and what does it do? (for the record, I just copied and pasted straight from them what these ingredients are and what they can help with!)

  • Organic Lavender Hydrosol (soothes irritated skin)

  • Organic Witch Hazel (an astringent that tones the skin and reduces inflammation) (in thayer's too!)

  • Organic Raw + Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and balances pH levels)

  • Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil (excellent for treating inflamed/irritated skin)

  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil (broad-spectrum skin healer + regenerater)

So, what have I used it for and what are my thoughts??

  1. Nick's neck, after shaving. Like I said, this was the original reason I bought the product. When he uses, it works! Key word is "when" ;) What is it with most guys and skincare routines?! Oh well, they have other good qualities!

  2. Bikini Line Bump Preventor. Yuuup. I actually just tried this for the first time a couple weeks ago. I dry brushed (which I will talk about in depth SOON) or I use One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Polish prior to shaving and then use Everything Spray after I shave. I will say, uncomfortable underwear will stay make bumps appear if you mistakenly wear some that rub -_-

  3. Bug-bite Begone. Okay so it doesn't make the bug bites go away, but it does help relieve / sooth itching!

  4. Mini Armpit Detox. PP calls it an armpit refresher and I agree. I like to spritz during the day if I can! In my opinion, the ACV is the magical ingredient!

  5. Sunburn Soother. I did this for the first time this past weekend in Mexico. It instantly cooled my burn and I think it made it heal faster!

  6. Toner. The first thing I personally used it for and my favorite!! I actually started taking photos of my acne, just so I could see how it progressed, good or bad. When I got a weird break out in a spot i had literally never had an issue with (my hairline), I started snapping pics. I left the date on them, so you could see progress and know it was real! I started using Everything Spray around July 1st ish. I don't have a picture, because well...I didn't know I was going to share them. They were literally just for me. I was at the point where I would wake up in the morning and feel my face to see not if I had a new pimple, but WHERE I had a new pimple.

Okay so overall, Everything Spray has greatly assisted with my acne. Once I realized I liked using it as a toner, it was too late for me to order another and get it before I ran out. Of course shipping is like 5 business days because I didn't want to pay more, but then my package got lost and it took extra long to get to me. BUT I purchase 3 bottles of it at once because it's #thatgood and I never want to be w/o it again! Plus Nick uses it too and it's super versatile...kinda like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding!! (lol) Andddd don’t forget you can get it for 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS.

On a sad note, the breakout area started popping up again, coincidently during the 2 weeks I went without having Everything Spray. Here's somewhat of a cliffhanger, but as of yesterday I learned that this new breakout - both on my forehead and chin - weren't actually hormonal or cystic... which makes sense as to why my tricks for getting those to heal weren't working. To be continued on that note!! Sorry not sorry for the cliffhanger ;)

Have you used Everything Spray? Anything cool that I didn't mention? Let me know so I can try it out!

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