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Primally Pure Baby Balm Review

Primally Pure Baby Balm Review

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Hello beauty queeeeen! I’m stoked to talk to you about Primally Pure’s Baby Balm today, because it is not only wonderful product, but a versatile one at that. While I’m not a 2-1 shampoo / conditioner kinda girl, nor do I want to wash my face with body soap (I would wash my body with my face soap, but that would be $$$), I am all about making the most out of my products and saving money!

Keep reading to learn more about Baby Balm and how I like to utilize it. Don’t forget to use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off your Primally Pure purchase!

Primally Pure Baby Balm (c/o - get 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS) | Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow

I’m a Primally Pure ambassador. While I do buy all my own products, they will occasionally send me some goodies. Late MarchI bought my own bottle of their immune boosting hand sanitizer; however, they sent me a bottle as well. With that bottle they included their Baby Balm, as frequent hand washing / use of hand sanitizer can really dry out your skin. I had seen their Baby Balm before and heard people sing its praises, but I had never tried it. I mean I don’t have kids… I had considered buying it as a gift for other people, but never myself. Let me just cut to the chase though - I AM HOOKED.

Like I mentioned, Primally Pure created this to be a part of their baby line. Baby Balm was made to help soothe diaper rashes and other skin issues like eczema and psoriasis, cracked nipples, and even prevent stretch marks from growing. It has just 5 simple ingredients, no fragrance, and lots of benefits!! Take a look for yourself:

  • Tallow. Harvested from grass-fed cows, this is a base of a lot of PP products. It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K. Those vitamins work together to not only deeply moisturize thanks to linoleic acid + palmitoleic acid, but also ward off inflammation.

  • Emu Oil. This pure lubricant is also anti-inflammatory and brings its healing properties with it deep below the surface of the skin.

  • EVOO. Organic extra virgin olive oil is great for more than just the kitchen! It is soothing and calming to chapped skin. This blend is infused with calendula flower which is known to be a great natural diaper rash healer. It is is anti-inflammatory AND anti-fungal.

  • Beeswax. Another natural anti-inflammatory, known for healing wounds. It is great because it protects your skin and creates a barrier WITHOUT clogging pores. It also supports cell restoration and growth.

  • Marshmallow Root. This is organic ingredient is a true hero!! It is known for soothing and softening skin, lowering swelling, and killing bacteria. Marshmallow root is the ingredient that helps with stretch marks.


So how do I use Baby Balm besides what it was created for? I love using it as a hand cream before bed. At the very least i use it on my cuticles every night. You can definitely use it as a facial moisturizer, though I prefer to sure the Primally Pure Beauty Cream. I love using BB on my neck and dΓ©colletage area nightly though! I always wake up the next day feeling so soft and smooth. Okay but my favorite way to use it?! AS EYE CREAM. The marshmallow root makes it fantastic as an under-the-eye balm. You only need a tinyyyyy amount. A little bit goes a long way, so the tub ends up lasting a while. I’ve been using it every other night as an eye cream for almost 3 months (since early April) and I’ve maybe used 1/4 of the jar? It definitely makes my under eyes feel great, but the best part is that it doesn’t create those pesky white milia marks under my eyes. I know eye creams are important for preventative skincare; however, I’ve probably gone through 3 or 4 that worked just okay, but I never woke up looking refreshed like I do now. Those β€œokay” products also formed milia under my eyes. I stopped using eye creams for a while, because it wasn’t worth it to me if I was going to get those hard protein bumps. It is so great to be using one again now.

Side note - I feel like eye creams can get expensive and this is only $30 for a 2 oz jar (or $18 fo 1 oz) that will around last you 6 months. Even if you use it for other things besides your under eyes, it’s an oil based balm, so you can get away with using less product, as it rubs and spreads well. The eye cream that I’ve liked the most besides PP Baby Balm is Patyka Energising Gel. It is better as a day-time product, under makeup than a night-time sleep on it product in my opinion. I don’t see the results I get from Baby Balm AND it is more expensive… $48 for a little tube!! I saw minimal milia from this product - probably a bump once a month or two.


Don’t sleep on this Baby Balm like I did. It is too good to miss! Do you have a favorite versatile product? I’m trying to be smarter with my products. BONUS when you use the balm up, wash the jar out and repurpose it as a container of sorts!! Oh anon’t forget to use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off your Primally Pure purchase!

Side note - another β€œ2 in 1” PP product that I love is their immune boosting hand sanitizer. I obviously use it to clean my hands on the go, but have been loving using it as a spot treatment on pimples. I just dip a q-tip in the bottle and apply where needed. The aloe minimizes inflammation and reduces redness, plus the essential oils like oregano are super healing and anti-bacterial. Try it for 10% off with discount code ELLEMULENOS.


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