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Where to eat in Deep Ellum

Where to eat in Deep Ellum

Black and White Romper, Felt Hat | Southern Elle Style | Dallas Fashion Blogger
Black and White Romper, Felt Hat | Southern Elle Style | Dallas Fashion Blogger

Riffraff Romper** (found it in navy here) | Riffraff Panama Hat** | Nordstrom Wedges | Kendra Scott Earrings | Kate Spade Bangles (White, Gold, Black) | NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick | OPI Nail Polish | Rayban Rounded Wayfarers

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Just think, next weekend, you'll be sleeping in today;) This weekend, I picked up this amazing romper from Riffraff Dallas, for a party I had to go to. Follow me on snapchat? You know what I'm talking about! (Username: ElleSpann). 

When I picked up this hot little number, I just knew that I had to feature it on my blog. It went perfectly with this mural in Deep Ellum, so I knew it was time to feature my top picks in Deep Ellum. If you are late to my Dallas food party, catch up on my top picks from Knox/Henderson and Downtown Dallas!

Now, not in any particular order, here are my favorite restaurants in Deep Ellum, Texas! P.S. If you're not from around the area, but Deep Ellum sounds familiar, it might be because I listed it in my Top 10 Places to Take Pictures in Dallas post!

Filament. Matt McCallister's second Dallas restaurant, so you know it's going to be a good one. His first restaurant was/is FT33, in the Design District. Think of Filament, as its younger and less expensive, more hip sister. It is modern with its brick walls and light fixtures, but has a southern, foodie flare. Come here for a date night, anniversary, or before a show. What to Order: Start with the bread basket + seasonal butters (they make them in house!). The Ember Roasted Onion Dip is phenomenal with their house-made chips, as well! They have a main dish for everyone - my favorite thus far is the Butchers Block TX Wagyu.

Deep Sushi. If I'm craving sushi, I will probably head here! Come here if you want to impress your sushi loving friend! What to Order: Anything on their off the menu selection! It's honestly all so good.

Pecan Lodge.  One of the best barbecue joints in Dallas, for sure! Come here to impress your dad or your out of state visitors. What to Order: The brisket!

Cane Rosso. For a sloppy piece of pie, look no further than Canne Rosso. Their classic Italian pizza will leave you begging for more. Come here to keep your friends and their kids happy! What to Order: Pardon my French, but their honey bastard pizza is amazing!

Black Swan Saloon. You might have to ask around for this place, because there isn't actually a name above the door. Come here to impress your friend who loves a good drink. What to Order: They make their own infused vodka, but my favorite is their rendition of the Hemingway.

The Free Man Cajun Cafe. This is your dinner and a show place to go! Not only do that have traditional Cajun soul food, but they have the music to go along with it . Come here to make your Louisianian friend feel at home. What to Order: Red beans and rice!

Mozzarella Company. This is my go-to cheese place. Their mozzarella is the best you will ever have for sure! Come here to buy cheese for your dinner party or to take a class with your bffs! What to Order: Their mozzarella for sure! Taste test their other cheeses to see what your favorite is.

Rudolph's Market and Sausage Factory. This is my bf and mine's favorite place to buy meat. Come here to buy meat for your date night, dinner party, or as a gift for your neighbor. What to Order: Their lamb is impeccable, but so is everything they have!

Twisted Root. This is one of the best burger joints in town. Come here with your friend who likes a good burger. Plus, they have exotic meats too! What to Order: I love their classic cheeseburger + the onion strings.

Braindead Brewing. A relatively new add to Deep Ellum, this place rocks.  Come here with your friend who has an impressive beer taste. What to Order: The queso for sure +  their spiked milk and cookies.

Glazed Donut Works. This is your one-stop-shop gourmet donut place. Come here with your friend who is in love with voodoo donuts. What to Order: Any of their picks are amazing, but their special editions are the best! See if you can get some of Dude Sweet Chocolate + Glazed collaborations!

Anvil Pub. You know those awesome brunch in a cup pictures you see? This is where they are from! Come here with your friend who you're trying to show what Dallas brunch is all about! What to Order:The bloody Mary brunch!

Truth and Alibi. A speak easy that doubles as a candy shop...what more can you want? Come here to impress your party-goer friend. What to Order: Just make sure that you know the password, or you won't be able to order anything! They post it on Facebook every week!

**I've never been to Local or Uncle Uber's, but have heard they are great!

Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know so I can try them out!

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