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Pique Tea Brand Review + Discount Code!

Pique Tea Brand Review + Discount Code!

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While I dabble in {good} coffee from time to time, I label myself an avid tea drinker. I drink tea when I wake up, after I eat lunch, and right before bed. Sometimes there’s even a couple other β€œtea times” throughout the day! All that to say, I sipped my fair share of teas and Pique tea is one of the best I’ve ever had, definitely the best from a packet.

Keep reading to find out why I love Pique Tea. Use discount code ELLEMULENOS to get 5% off your Pique purchase.

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Background of Pique Tea

I always find that I not only fall in love with a product, I fall in love with the story. Pique’s case is no different.

Simon Cheng founded Pique Tea in 2014, but the journey didn’t begin there. He was born in the Far East and moved to America in his teens. He ended up going to Harvard to study medicine. As much as he was there to help others he, he found he wasn’t helping himself and was always on some form of antibiotics, steroids, or sprays. A slew of surgeries later, staples in his lungs, and a screw in his jaw, he decided to take control of his health. He began traveling the world and studying all things Eastern medicine. He became a scholar in Chinese literature. Coupling that with his Eastern medicine knowledge, he founded the brand Pique. Pique is more than a company though. It is a movement to help you attain knowledge and health through the power of plants with the simple act of drinking tea.

Why Pique Tea?

Health is something I do not take for granted. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis this year, high DHEA, a slew of other possible diagnoses, all on top of a global pandemic. I’ve been taking steps to better my health with both Eastern and Western medicine. I still take meds for my UC, but I also see a chiropractor and an acupuncturist regularly. I also try to cut gluten and dairy out of my diet at least 80% of the time. (The latter is in regard to my high DHEA.) In addition to limiting certain foods, I also try to add in certain beneficial foods and Pique is an easy way to do so. Besides all that, here are some reasons to consider Pique Tea // see how they compare to other tea brands.

  • Triple Toxin Screened. This checks for for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold. Most tea, especially those in tea bags, suffer from these issues. Quality is of utmost importance!

  • No additives. This means there’s no sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives. Simply pure tea!

  • Ease of use. Not only does Pique tell you the best water temperature, best time of day, and how to consume it, but it comes in incredibly easy packaging. The tea is crystalized and ready to pour from a tiny packet that is very travel-friendly and great for on the go.

What kind of tea does Pique offer?

The only downside of Pique Tea? It is definitely on the more expensive sides of tea, but it honestly makes sense with all the high quality products they use and testing they do. My favorite Ginger Digestion Elixir Tea is $14.99 for a box of 14 packets, which comes to about $1.14 per drink. It’s not that bad compared to what you would buy at Starbucks or a specialty shop. The priciest is the pu’er fermented teas, but comparing that to the price of kombucha (another fermented beverage), it is actually a steal. Those boxes go for $58 for a 28 pack, which comes out to $2.07 a packet. That price is also the same or lower than a specialty shop tea too… I get it though. I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a pu’er tea yet, because those feel so expensive; however, I plan on trying them in the near future. The truth is that Pique tea is worth the price and isn’t that expensive when you break down the cost.

Overall, I love Pique tea! I’m all about using food as a way to treat our bodies and as a preventative measure to stay healthy. PLUS it tastes good and is a great relaxing ritual. I keep packets in my purse and my backpack when traveling, so all I need is some hot water and I’m good to go.

I tend to stock up and buy my tea from Pique’s website, though they are available in some retailers. In LA I can find it at Erewhon, but it isn’t the full selection. When I buy from Pique’s website, I suggest buying several at a time to get free shipping or setting up a subscription for every couple of months to reap the benefits of free shipping. Don’t forget to use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 5% off!

If you have a tea lover in your life or someone looking to get more into teas, Pique Tea is great to introduce them to. A great gift option is their new Ode to Tea set. It includes a glass tea beaker, companion book, and 8 different kinds of tea. A great β€œstarter kit” if you’re looking to try several flavors too. Some of my other favorite tea accessories are my Fellow Carter Mug (my husband uses one for coffee too), as it has all the benefits of a ceramic mug, but has a lid so you can take it to-go. Another one of my favorites is my Fellow Raven Electric Tea Kettle. It sits on our β€œcoffee cart” in our kitchen, with all of our coffee and tea gadgets. You can see them all here.

Wishing you happiness and a warm mug of tea! XOXO

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