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Ode to Rompers

Ode to Rompers

Photos by: Sarah Campbell

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Oh, romper!

You are as easy as a Sunday morning.

With your flowy bottom, you can be mistaken as a dress, but I know your true heart.

Casual or dressy, you style see-eth no end, nor does my love cometh to an end.

Rompers, don't ever un- trend!

Too much? Well, I had to play out my "ode to rompers" title ;) Rompers have been on the scene for a while now, while their cousins the jumpsuit, and playsuit, are newer trends. Personally, I love rompers. You obviously can't wear them to work, church, or a wedding, but other than that, you can pretty much wear them anywhere! I wore this at the bachelorette party I attended in Fredericksburg (I will have a Bach Guide, but here's my previous Fredericksburg Travel Guide), a couple weeks ago, and it was a hit! (and yes, I have this Palm Funday print by Show Me Your Mumu in kimono form - I wore it on this post, last week - I can't get enough of it!)  So, without further adieu, here's why I can't get enough of the romper trend:

1) They cover your bottom. Um, hello! They have an extra piece of fabric between your legs. I love a good dress, but there are some things that you just can't do in them. Enter the romper...a garment that is dressy enough for a date night, but casual enough for a picnic in the park. In a dress, you have to make sure you're ladylike. In a romper, you still should act like a lady, but don't have to have as many precautions;) 

2) They are versatile. This is my favorite reason, by far. You can drastically change the vibe your romper gives off, just with accessories. I dressed mine down by adding a leather braided skinny belt and flat booties. I can just as easily make it dressy, with a pair of wedges, and some gold jewelry accents. This is more of a dressy fabric, but this dress up or down trick works even with cotton rompers! Try it, next time you're stuck in a outfit rut :)

3) They only have one flaw. Most trends and garments have lots of flaws (like the off the shoulder trend...they are cute, but uncomfortable, show your butt if you move too much, and confine your arms), but the romper only has one. They make it a little more difficult to go to the bathroom, but oh well! Even though you essentially have to get completely naked to just use the restroom, I am still all about them. It's an easy problem to deal with.

Do you like rompers? If you haven't in the past, you should give them another chance! Here are some of my favorites that I've seen around:

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