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October Favorites

October Favorites

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I know I always say β€œI can’t believe it is already said month,” but after traveling for half of September (an already short month,) I truly cannot believe it is already October. The twins are about to turn 2 and Nick and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage. It is apparently supposed 90 degrees this weekend in Los Angeles… I’m not happy about that, but I have had some crisp mornings / some sweatshirt weather already, so I can’t complain!

Keep reading for some of my favorite things as of late! Everything is linked in the collage if you click on the image, as well as hyperlinked in the paragraphs below the images. Enjoy!!

  1. Chappy Wrap. I have wanted to try Chappy Wrap blankets for awhile. Ever since I splurged on a Barefoot Dreams 2 years ago, I decided okay some blankets are just better. A couple months ago CW had a summer sale and I swooped one up. It is so good! I should do a complete review and compare it to BD, but basically is is a soft, but still structured blanket and is made to be washable, which I really appreciate. I think I would bring this blanket outside, whereas I feel BD should really just stay on my couch or bed. I purchased the original size, but they come in smaller sizes, and a family size too.

  2. Sezane Le Crop Jeans. Nick took me on a little shopping spree for my birthday and these jeans were one of the items I chose. They fit me like no other!! I really like the higher waist, as well as the cut of the leg / crop. They have so many cute styles, I would check them out if you are in need of elevated basics and statement pieces.

  3. Wooden Toy Camera. My cousin sent these to the twins before we left for Europe and they were a life saver. their favorite toy by far! They would be really cute as a Christmas gift and aren’t that heavy / can be worn around their neck if you don’t want to carry them.

  4. Goop Colorblur Glow Balm. Goop Beauty just released this potted creme blush and it is so soft and buildable! It does have coconut oil, but I’m not really worried about it, as it will just go on my cheeks. I think my favorite color is whiskey!

  5. Lunya Silk Sleep Mask. Everyone needs a silk eye mask, even if they don’t know it yet. This is such a great goodie for yourself or a gift for a friend this upcoming holiday season. I gave one to my sister before our London flight and it saved her face / she didn’t get throw up in her eyes because of it! Yes, a passenger threw up on her. It is a larger width than most, so it really keeps the light out and the calm on. Pair it with their recently released silk sweats for an even comfier travel look!

  6. Badger Clear Zinc SPF 40. I mentioned it on other posts, but I have gone back to badger as my daily sunscreen. I know some people prefer chemical / silkier sunscreen, but I love that this one has minima ingredients and is mostly clear / doesn’t really leave a white cast. My skin works best with this, as zinc is super healing and a lot of other brands (even though they have zinc) will have ingredients like Octinoxate that are more likely to cause a breakout.

  7. Primally Pure Plumping Serum. I mentioned it on my Fall Beauty Update, but PP recently reformulated their plumping serum to include bakuchiol! I don’t use a retinol product on my skin currently, but do try to incorporate their β€œnature made retin a” ingredient in my skin, so I grabbed it as soon as I could. I am loving it on my skin and will most likely switch out my other bakuchiol product for this one. It smells so good, but is all from natural botanicals and none of the fragrance cocktails out there. Use discount code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off every order.

  8. Quince Striped Polo Sweater. Relaxed polo t-shirt and sweater starting coming on the scene last year and I am very into them. This black and off-white top is my current obsession. It is a little cropped, but not too much. It drapes perfectly over your shoulders, but you can easily slip it on over your hair and makeup if you get cold, because the neck opening is large enough. It is organic cotton and under $50, so grab it before it sells out again! I’m wearing a size S.

  9. Goop G Label Katie-Marie Wide Leg Pants. (c/o) I know these are a splurge item, but I love them SO much. They fit so well and make me feel so chic. I brought them to London and they were one of my favorite outfits. The business-wear look is in, but I feel like these will be timeless and something I keep forever. I’m wearing a size 4, I’d say they run a little large and you can size down if between sizes.

  10. Show Me Your Mumu Trevor Trenchcoat. I purchased this at a Mumu sample sale and did not know how much I would love it. It was a last minute grab that ended up being such a great buy. I brought it to London and it was perfect. I really like how it elevated some of my outfits, as well as kept me warm on the cooler, wet days. It is light weight and unstructured, but I actually like that about it. I also really appreciate that I can wash and hang it to dry / I don’t have to have it dry cleaned. I’m wearing a S.

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I’d say that I’m hoping to post more this month, but since I’m about to go out of town for the remainder of September, see you come October?! Hoping to prep one other post to welcome Fall, so keep an eye out for that!

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