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NYFW 2017 Pre-Fall Trend Recap

NYFW 2017 Pre-Fall Trend Recap

Club Monaco Edni Dress (c/o) | Marc Fisher Annie Wedges | BaubleBar Earrings (c/o)

As I'm typing this, I'm not even sure when I'll be able to schedule this blog post, because the dress I need to shoot is currently in LA...Nick's company trip unfortunately got cancelled this weekend, and as much as I want to pout in a corner, it was probably for the best. My heart and prayers go out of California and its residents, as all the rainstorms cause natural disasters and problems. Our flight may have been cancelled, but our luggage still made its trip to LA. We are hoping to get it back in the morning, but we aren't sure :( It has all my makeup and  meds in it, sooo let's pray it get's here soon! UPDATE: we got it a little over 24 hours later. Womp, womp!

Last week I got to go to Club Monaco's NYFW party, here in Dallas. I have never been to New York Fashion Week, but am hoping to go this September. As much as I prefer pre-fall to pre-spring, I don't know that I will ever go during February. The coldest I have ever been I think is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and that was in November! I don't think I would survive in February. We'll see ;) Anyway, that launch party was the closest I'll get this spring and so worth it.  I loved a lot of the items, but decided on this dress. Here's a couple other styles I loved - you may seen them on my snapchat!


Anyway, so I checked out some of my favorite brands and designers and searched for some trends for ya! Honestly not  a lot of new stuff, but here's what I saw.

-Jewel Tones. This is one of the only new things I saw. Think deep hues like reds, purples blues...I think dark teal is going to be huge!

-Cream. Y'all know that I am obsessed with cream right now. My love for it started last year and I honestly thought it was because I was engaged; however, fast forward to now and I love it more than ever! 

-Green. Yes, not surprised. Since greenery was Pantone's color of the year this is just their prediction coming true. Not made about it ;)

-Pastels. Think pinks and purples! I am obsessed with lavender (did a color crush here

-Velvet.  Not new! This kind of exploded fall 2016, but i think this year it will be more tricked up. I saw a couple of  burnout velvet pieces and think things like that will be more popular this year, alongside the classic pieces.

-Embellishment. This will be on apparel, in addition to heels, handbags, and accessories. It's not necessarily loud, but definitely decor that stands out! Think feathers, brocade, stones, etc.

-Black.  Black will always be the new black! It isn't new to feature it for fall and never will be.  You'll see the classic black, as well as the embellished and tricked out black, like I mentioned above.

-Oversized.  This trend started when I was in college and really never stopped! I love it (and I know my mom was so glad when it came on the scene! Anyone remember tight tees and soffe shorts?) It is definitely a trend for girls though. I wore this sweater the other day and Nick told me it looked like I had baby arms... LOL

-Graphic Tees. These have been back in style for a little bit, but are definitely better than what was popular when I was in middle school. There are a lot more positive vibe type of feels and are actually getting political. I mean, women are the major demographic them. Can you blame them?

-Cut Outs. Whether it is scalloped edges or perforated shoes (talked about them here), laser cuts are in! I feel like this trend really came back on the scene around 5 years ago! Things take a while to go mainstream, so here it is! I adore this dress from the post because it is trendy, yet classic...right up my alley! If you want to know how I follow trends, read this post!

So, what were my favorite runway shows? J. Crew knocked it out of the park in my opinion.  I will always love them for their use of color. The lavender and chartreuse jut got me! Ralph Lauren  and MK and A's The Row had me on the cream. I loved Alice and Olivia for their jewel tones as well, and their textures! Of course I loved Kate Spade for just being themselves and Rebecca Taylor for all of their silhouettes.

What trends are you looking forward to this fall? Did I miss any of your favorites?

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