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NuDerma High Frequency Wand Review

NuDerma High Frequency Wand Review

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I feel like I’ve been a ton of reviews, but 1) I’ve been testing, testing testing and am finally ready to share and 2) You seem to like reviews the best, or at least prefer helpful content, so I’m happy to give it to you! If you want to check out my recent reviews, I did a review of Dr. Marten Boots, Primally Pure Face Masks, and Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies.

I started getting facials every 8 weeks in December of 2018. In Dallas I saw Amanda at Eleven Wellness and she is awesome! (I see Maddie at Corrective Skincare in LA now, but that’s a blog post for another day!) She occasionally used a high frequency wand on my, so their concept is not totally new for me. It may be a β€œfad” right now, but Nikola Tesla is credited with developing the high frequency current in the 1800’s, so the science has been around for a while. Initially it was used to treat bacterial infections in general, but in the 1890’s, Jacques-ArsΓ¨ne d'Arsonval used it to treat skin diseases! Keep reading for how we use high frequency currents today. You can also watch this YouTube video I made!

This is the neon gas NuDerma High Frequency Wand I have, but it also comes in an argon and neon gas Frequency Wand version.ο»Ώ



An electric current is passed through neon or argon gas in a glass electrode, straight to your skin. (It is the gas that causes the subtle glow of the tube and creates the buzzing noise!) I Don’t worry, it is a low enough frequency that it won’t cause pain or burn your skin. The frequency makes oxygen molecules occur, which causes blood vessels to push away toxins (like pimples!) via blood circulation.


  • Increases levels of collagen and elastin

  • Causes cell renewal

  • Calms inflamed skin

  • Decreases severity of blemishes and healing time

  • Increases absorption of products

  • Kills bacteria

  • Nourishes hair follicles

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines

  • Rids skin of dark circles and under eye puffiness

  • Shrinks enlarged pores


This kit comes with 4 different heads - a comb (for hair), a small round bulb (I like this for spot treating), a flat round bulb (for entire face, also called a mushroom head), and a tongue head (for entire face, I like this one over the mushroom). I prefer to use the high frequency wand at night, because it does produce some redness. You are getting blood flowing after all! Per instructions, I don’t use it every day, but try to use it every other day. At the very least, I spot treat every other day. Some people put gauze down before using it, but honestly that is really hard if you are doing it to yourself versus at a spa. It does make it easier to glide though! You can use it with a serum, but I like to use it with a moisturizer, then add a little extra cream to troublesome spots afterwards, so they stay hydrated. I love Primally Pure Palmarosa and Mint Beauty Cream (get 10% off w/code ELLEMULENOS) - a little goes a long way since it is oil based! This also helps the wand glide well. If you are looking for a lighter moisturizer, I like Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream. You can choose to do it with clean skin alone, just make sure you top it with something after using the wand. If I’m spot treating, I’ll use the small bulb, but if I do my entire face, I’ll use the tongue wand evenly, and go back and spot treat with the small bulb at a little higher frequency. Either way, make circular or infinity sign type motions around your face. I start at more forehead, then go down right side, then the left side, just like you would with a gua sha tool. This direction helps with lymphatic drainage and pushing it out / away from the face.


  • Night time preferred

  • Every other day

  • perform with gauze, a serum, or moisturizer (can do dry skin if you would like though)

  • In a circular or infinity sign motion

  • No longer than 15 seconds per area


There are 5 levels of frequency. I typically hover around a 2 and maybe go to a 3 on a troublesome spot. Depending on the level of frequency and where you are putting it on your face, you may feel just a slight vibration or like a bunch of rubber bands are being popped on your face. The noise you hear is the neon or argon gas passion through the glass, so don’t be alarmed. Those are the low currents being delivered to your skin! There is also a slight smell and it is normal. Not a bad smell, just distinct! Overall, it is pretty painless!


  • Read the instructions - I know, I know. I’m not an instruction reader either, but you need to with this. You don’t want to mess up your face and I think it is important.

  • Clean the tools - I meannnn you should be using them on clean skin, so do you really need to? Yes! I like to spray mine with Primally Pure Everything Spray. (Use code ELLEMULENOS for 10% off) I do this after I use it, so it will be dry and ready for me to use the next time.

  • Don’t overuse - I know, I know. It is super tempting. It works so well and you want to just get after it! Well don’t. Your skin needs a chance to heal. Let it breathe. Just do it every other day and don’t focus too much on one area. Max 15 seconds!! If you are using it on a pimple with a head, be careful, because if it is ready to pop, you don’t want to go over it for 15 seconds, as it will pop it (because of blood circulation and pressure) and cause it to bleed. Be smart!

  • Work up to frequency levels - I stayed on level 1 for the first 3 weeks and made my way up. I haven’t gone higher than level 3 and have been using it for almost 3 months. Don’’t get too crazy!

  • Be gentle - Don’t press too hard. You don’t need extra pressure anyway. The current does its job. Also be super careful around your lips and your eyes. The skin is thinner and it may not be able to take as high of a frequency as your cheek. I’ve done a 3 around my mouth and it was like someone was popping rubber bands on my lips. Just be aware! Also, don’t spend too much time on pimples with heads. The frequency could cause it to pop, and you don’t want to spread the blood and bacteria everywhere.


I bought this tool at the end of October 2019. Like I said, I had heard about it from my esthetician, but didn’t know I could have an affordable one in my home! My friend Rhonda from The Skinny Arm, was like LAUREN YOUN NEED TO BUY THIS. She said that several times and I finally caved. For under $50 on Amazon? Sure, why not! Let’s just say, I wish I had purchased it sooner. Part of me hesitated, because I didn’t think the at home version would work. The other part of me was nervous, because I didn’t know if my esthetician would approve. I know how most estheticians feel about at home products like the micro-needling tools or face razors. They are meant to be left up to the proxfessinoals! So, I finally asked my esthetician and she said go for it! Sooo, here we are.

Ultimately, if you have acne or even if you don’t. this tool is not going to prevent acne. There is no magic, one stop thing you need to fix your face, or you would have already done it. AND they would be charging a heck of a lot more than $40 for it. BUT. I do think the high frequency wand helps acne. It has drastically decreased the lifespan of my blemishes and helps them heal faster. I started doing a lot more spot treatments, so I didn’t use it on my face as much, and man did I notice my nose! I helped with those pores and black heads immensely! The only semi-negative thing I have to say is that I wish it were easier to travel with. Glass tubes like that are no fun to pack.

The pack I purchased is neon gas and is $39.99. Nu Derma also came out with a neon and argon gas pack. for $59.99. Neon light is red-orange, whereas argon gas is blue violet. Blue-violet tones are supposed to be good for acne, and reducing it; however, red-orange is supposed to be good in general for your skin, so I don’t know if it is worth the extra $20. Either way, both are affordable and are easy to insert into your daily routine!

Have you tried a high-frequency wand at home?? Any tips?

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