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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

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It’s that time of year again - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Last year was weird and it was delayed. The stock was kind of weird and I think I maybe bought 3 things? This year is a little different because there are some things I need to replace, some things I want to try, and some new categories of the NSale to shop for. The twins are definitely influencing my shopping decisions both for them and for me. All that to say, I’ll be quiet now and just get to my picks. Happy shopping!!

Just for reference, the sale starts today for Icon shoppers, but the sale isn’t public until July 28th. It runs until August 8th. Here are the key dates:

  • Icon Early Access: July 12

  • Ambassador Early Access: July 14

  • Influencer Early Access: July 16

  • Public NSale Access: July 28

P.S. There are some splurge items, but the bulk of them are under $100 and even under $50 :)



What I’m looking to buy this year! I need to replace my white camisole because it is way too dingy to wear anymore. I’m looking to buy this nightgown so I can have more in the hospital. I own two already, but thought I could use another one as I will likely be having a C section. I had to throw away my Ugg slippers this year because I threw up all over them earlier this year, plus they were 5+ years old and needed to be replaced anyway. I’m still on the fence with finally trying the coveted Barefoot Dreams Blanket, but I’m for sure going to order some BD socks for my hospital stay as well. I’m going to try to snag these smoking loafers for Nick and we always grab him a new pair of jeans and underwear too. He already has 2 sets of these mugs, but they are so good and this blue is a new / exclusive color. I will for sure be buying these onesies for the twins and probably a couple other things too. We will see what is left / available when I shop on Friday!


These are items I have previously purchased from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale along with things I have paid full price for and / or purchased at other times and still recommend. This jacket is something I paid full price for and think it is 100% worth it, especially as we transition into fall. I accidentally bought these flare jeans 2 years ago because they wound up in my dressing room and I feel in love with them. I have two of these nightgowns and plan to buy another this year. I don’t have this exact pair, but I have their nude sandal from a couple years ago and they are my most worn heel! Nick LOVES this shampoo along with these mugs and kettle. He refuses to wear any underwear but these. I have these for the twins and can’t wait to use them.

Side note - A lot of these items are on this post / I share them actually wearing them!


This is typically your favorite section of mine! You’ll notice I didn’t include any over the knee boots this year. They have a couple pairs, but they aren’t my favorite and I think the boots to focus on this year are shorter and chunkier. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my otk boots and wear them occasionally, I just wear more of this kind of lug boot right now. I have last year’s version of this heeled ankle bootie and it is a great buy to pair with jeans or even dresses. Personally this year I’m replacing my Ugg slippers, so these can’t come in fast enough.


All the goods you might want! A lot of you said you were looking for non-skinny jeans, so I tried to make sure to include those. I love this pair. These are similar to a pair I have and wear all the time. I’m personally buying this cami, but this is another good white top that is great for work. I have their more basic sweater dress from a couple years ago, but this updated version is too cute and the long sleeve half-top comes is detachable, making it really versatile. There are so many good shackets, but I think this one is my favorite. I love this army jacket, but you can never go wrong with a black cardigan.


What I share in this section is what I would buy for Nick, but they are honestly great basics. These jeans work great for him, but if I feel like spending $15ish more these are great too. Bombers are great right now, but don’t sleep on this black jacket or this olive shirt jacket. These are great β€œnicer” pants, as are these sneakers. Nick likes these workout shorts a lot, along with these undies. These are some of his favorite mugs, which he uses daily.


Things to use in your kitchen, bedroom, and beyond. I have several of these diffusers throughout our apartment. Slippers are a must in our house, as we try to wear shoes as little as possible indoors. This is one way Nick makes pour-over coffee, along with this kettle. Cozy socks and blankets are essential as we head into cooler weather.


A new section for me to include! I’m buying these up in case the twins have to be in the NICU, as they need footless onesies. Bonus though, as these are convertible. I think these little sets are darling and are perfect since they will be born in the fall. I’m considering these jackets as well, since they will come in handy this winter. They don’t need it yet, but I’ve always thought these suitcases are so cool!


I never really buy anything from this section, but they do have some good deals. This shampoo helps with Nick’s itchy scalp. My mom loves this exfoliant. If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d buy snatching this up. This hat is on my wishlist!

I hope this helps you shop the sale! It can be really overwhelming and I made this to help you navigate it. I tried to pick items that I thought were worth the money and worth the purchase overall. As a reminder you don’t need everything or even anything for that matter. Shop smart and your wallet and your closet will thank you!

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