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Mom Jeans: Agolde Denim

Mom Jeans: Agolde Denim

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10 years ago I said I’d never wear light wash denim ever again, yet look at me now. I remember back in 2017 when I bought my first pair of Madewell jeans - a light wash - and literally ate my words. We all make mistakes, right? Hah!

Over the last year, I have been toying with the mom jean style. You know, the heavy cotton, pretty much no stretch, old school type of denim. I liked the look of them, but didn’t know if they would look good on my body. My hips are large for my frame, so I was unsure if they would even fit and if they did, I wasn’t sure they would flatter my body type. To be honest, I’m still not sure if they truly flatter my body type, but here I am wearing them. Let’s just say they aren’t Nick’s favorite of my pairs of jeans ;) He says I look good in them though!

A month or so ago, I polled you on Instagram and asked if you would rather have me blog about Madewell jeans sizing or mom jeans. About 75% off you requested Madewell and I’m going to get to that I promise! I just have to go in store to figure that out. My point for mentioning that is to say that I don’t think I’m good at sizing myself up. A lot of the time, I’ll size bigger than I actually need - not on purpose. Just my brain overcompensating or something. Not sure! I * think * I’m wearing a size too big in Madewell jeans (28), because as I’ve worn them over the years, they have stretched and are a little too big. I think a 27 might be better. Will report back! SIDE NOTE - I was wearing the wrong size! I wear a size 26 in Madewell and a 27 in Agolde. (07/2020 update)


I brought up Madewell because I want you to forget what size you wear in those, because most likely it will not translate over to Agolde Jeans. Most Madewell jeans (not their newer β€œvintage” styles) have a lot less cotton and a lot more stretchy fabric, like spandex. Do not expect the mom jeans to be comfy. They are going to fit tighter and not have as much β€œgive”.

The mom jeans I’m wearing here are by Agolde. I first learned about them brand their shorts. I love them and first wrote about them here. They are based here in LA and make such great quality products. I’ve tried on other versions of the popular cut-off short style, but I think theirs are the best. In shorts I wear a size 29, but only because I like them loose and longer. I could for sure size down. When I finally decided to try Agolde Jeans, I ordered 2 different sizes to compare and contrast. Ultimately I ended up going with a 28, because these jeans do slightly stretch. To be honest, I’m tempted to try a 27, but think the initial wear might be a little tight. hah! UPDATE - I sized down again and am much happier with a size 27 in Agolde. I was also wearing the wrong size in the shorts and now wear a size 26. I would recommend wearing a size up in the Agolde denim in comparison to the shorts! I wear a size 27 in jeans and a size 26 shorts. I cannot button up the size 26 in the jeans, but obviously like that size and can button them up in the shorts…Hah!

Much like the cut-off shorts, I think Agolde is one of the best when it comes to the looser fit, classic denim, so I highly recommend them. The thickness of their product, plus the silhouette is what I prefer when wearing this style. I know they are kind of pricey, but keep in mind that they are mostly made of cotton, which is growing in cost over the years. My specific pair is actually made with organic cotton, which drives the price even higher. Additionally, Agolde focuses on sustainability and taking care of the earth, which I love, because fashion is such a dirty industry; however, this adds to the overall cost too. Because I know that they are an investment when you purchase them, I want you to have the best experience, so here are 6 tips to keep in mind when you are buying them.


1) Try on more than one size. Like I mentioned, I ordered more than one size, so I could actively compare them. At first try-on, I thought I was going to keep the 29, but my sister-in-law suggested I actually size down and she was right. If I didn’t have both sizes to compare, I probably would have just gone with the 29 and been a bit of a baggy mess. If you don’t want to order online, there are several places that have them in store, which you can try on there. I personally just love to try-on in the comfort of my own home.

2) Size down. I mentioned this in the paragraphs above, but if you wear the shorts, I would actually size down from them. I can’t compare this to other jeans yet, as I do wear a 28 in Madewell; however, I think I need to size down to a 27… which would me size up 1 from stretchy jeans!

3) Leave them on for a while. My sister-in-law recommended this too! At first wear, I thought the 28’s would be too tight for comfort; however, as you wear them, they cotton loosens and becomes more bearable of a wear. Since I tried them on at home, I was able to put them on and then watch some TV / do things around the house in them and felt them loosen.

4) Know they aren’t comfy. Okay, these aren’t horrible, I just wanted to mention it, because they aren’t stretchy jeans. You can’t do the splits in them or bend over without the waistband poking you, but stop trying to make them something they aren’t! This is how jeans were initially - they are just going back to their roots ;) Just wanted to call that out, so you wouldn’t expect otherwise. I WILL say that they are more comfortable and soft in comparison to other 100% cotton jeans like Levi’s.

5) Wash at least every 2 wears for optimal sizing. I say this because, I go several wears without washes for my stretchy jeans. I say wash these at least every 2 times, because, they will kind of stretch out; however, when you wash them, they tighten back up like a charm!

6) Look for discounts. Like I said, these jeans are more on the expensive side; however, they do occasionally go on sale; so, be on the look out! I grabbed the pair I’m wearing on sale from Net-a-Porter! (They were basically the same price as Madewell jeans when they were on sale - around $130) You can also find Agolde jeans at places like Shopbop, Revolve, and Nordstrom, but don’t be afraid to look at discount retailers. Places like TJ Maxx are known to get them in store too!

So yes, I love mom jeans and I don’t care who knows it! Because they wear larger, I usually try to pair them with at least a fitted tee if I’m wearing a jacket or cardigan. I know people who do wear oversized items with it, but I don’t have as petite of a frame as them, and prefer otherwise. They look fantastic with bodysuits, like I wore here. See how I wore them with a duster cardigan here. They are a trendy piece right now, but I also consider them a classic, which I why I indulged in a pair. The exact style I’m wearing is called the Riley, but I also have my eye on the Jamie , specifically this pair with holes. I also think I want them in black! A cheaper option that I think might be similar to the holey ones are these Levi’s. I haven’t tried them on yet, but I know their denim is thinner than Agolde. Not bad - just different. Will report back once I have tried them!

Do you have a favorite pair of mom jeans? Let me know! I love trying new things. Let me know if you try them and like the Agoldes otherwise!

P.S. I shot these pictures during our day trip to Napa the other week. It is truly my happy place!

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