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Mini Skirts and Over The Knee Boots

Mini Skirts and Over The Knee Boots

JOA Sweater | LoveRiche Mini Skirt **| Vince Camuto Over The Knee Boots | Kendra Scott Earrings | Urban Outfitters Map Watch | OPI Get in the Expresso Lane Nail Polish

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It has been a while since I have written a strictly trend post, so eat your heart out, you fashion lovers!

I'll admit that I wasn't an early adopter to wear Over The Knee Boots. I try to really think it through before buying into a trend, and at first I just wasn't sure about this one. They came back into fashion last fall and are still going strong! I waited to buy these until the day after Christmas last year, which means I got them for a STEAL. (Fun Fact, the day after Christmas is my favorite day to shop! I think it has better deals than black Friday!) Because I knew I already liked OTKB, this fall I chose to get a pair of these, which I actually featured already here and here!

Fashion is honestly all about balance and proportion. (I kind of touched on this a while back, when discussing crop tops here) One of the reasons I like Over The Knee Boots is because they switch up lines and looks of outfits from past seasons. OTKB look great with almost anything, but there are definitely some do's and don'ts of the trend.

Don't Wear Over the Knee Boots With:

-A short and tight dress

-An outfit that shows a lot of skin up top

-A crop top (unless you are wearing pants that don't show your belly button)

I mean it's pretty simple, right? We all love Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but we shouldn't channel her spirit animal when rocking OTKB. So how should you wear them?

Do Wear Over the Knee Boots With:

-A long sleeve, above the knee dress

-A mini skirt with proper coverage up top

-Shorts with a more dressy top

I love Over The Knee Boots with mini skirts, because they are known for showing a lot of leg, but OTKB can make covering up that leg just as sexy. Who would have thought that hiding skin would be more appealing? I can tell you right now that middle school and high school Lauren would not have thought that! I had a "thing" for mini skirts. I honestly liked to see how short of a skirt I could get away with ;) Since then I haven't really touched a mini skirt, but Over The Knee Boots have me diving in the back of my closet, in effort to switch up my old looks.

Do you like OTKB? How do you rock the trend? What's your favorite pair?


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