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Men's Spring Style Essentials

Men's Spring Style Essentials

Quilted Jacket | Nordstrom Quarter Zip | DL1961 Russell Jeans | Sperry Topsiders | Daniel Wellington Watch | Imperial Pomade | Beard Oil

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I feel like guys' style is fairly simple. Sure you can dress it up with fun socks and a great pair of shoes, or a nice watch and pocket square; however, even that is pretty straight forward. There's not a lot to think about, comparatively speaking. (If you missed my top 10 womens spring 2016 trend guide, catch up!)

So, what does a guy need, to survive spring? I know most people, myself included, think of spring as pops of color, pastels, and Peeps; however, that's not how this spring feels at all! This whole week has been sunny, but chilly. With lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's, there's not much yummy, spring weather to be had. So what are everyday essentials for guys during this time?

I did a study (aka, looked at what Nick wears) and discerned that these 4 pieces were necessary for the winter-spring transition, and even into late spring, in colder parts of the world.

1) Lightweight Jacket. I don't know who created the first lightweight jacket, but I'd like to shake their hand. They keep you warm in the winter, but not too hot, in the spring. Plus, if it does warm up, you don't have a 15lb jacket to lug around. They're also quite pack-able, which makes them the perfect item to travel with.  (I actually discussed them, in regard to womens fashion, here)

2) Quarter-zip. If there was a "guys spring uniform", I think it would involve a quarter-zip. Again, not too hot, not too cold, and you can push the sleeves up and you can pair one with pants or shorts and still look normal. Another attribute that makes them great, is that they come in different fabrics. Right now, you might choose a light knit or brushed cotton option, but later on in spring, as we head toward summer, a polyester/performance piece, might be better. 

3) Leather Slip-Ons. First of all, slides are super in! (I mentioned that here), but that trend started last year, with the return of the Birkenstock. Like I stated at the beginning of the post, guys style, just isn't that complex. I think it is absolutely essential that one has a pair of leather slip-ons. Nick's are Sperry Topsiders, but there are other great brands. Most of the time in spring, you don't want to wear socks, but it's too cold to wear sandals. A slip on makes a great happy medium. I suggested leather, because they look nice enough to wear to work (depending on where you work), but can be dressed down.

4) Light Denim. Personally, I love dark denim and I think I will always prefer it; however, there is a time and a place for light wash denim and springtime, is it! Nick actually has these jeans, that he paired with a more fallish top and vest on Saturday, and looked super cute! It was the perfect way to say "it's spring time!!" but still be practical, in regard to the weather.

If you're a girl and you missed my 3 Wardrobe Essentials to Survive the Winter-Spring Transition, here it is! They would translate well, into a guys' closet, too!  

Do you agree or disagree with my essentials? Would you have added something else to my list?

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