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Mate the Label Review

Mate the Label Review

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You know those things that you have your eye on and can’t seem to pull the trigger on, but then they go on sale and you buy it and wish you would have purchased it sooner? Wow I’m tired just typing that, but that’s my story with Mate the Label.

I think I originally discovered Mate the Label via Instagram. I was drawn to their beautiful neutrals and tantalizing textures. They are on the pricier end (which I’ll touch on shortly), so they were never really something I could impulsively purchase. Long story short, I finally purchased some of their apparel over Black Friday because they were having a 30% off sale. I bought them because they were on sale of course, but also because my life has become a lot more casual thanks to COVID and moving to California. Recently I polled you on Instagram and about 50% of you said you wanted to see more everyday style moving forward… well this is the most everyday style I can get. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!


Why I love Mate the Label

Here are 5 reasons why I really like the brand.

  1. Female Founded - Created in 2013 by Kayti O’Connell Carr, Mate is small business that is women owned and run! (who run the world?!)

  2. Made in the USA - Well, made in Los Angeles specifically! Everything is procured within a 10 mile radius of each other before it is shipped off to you. So not only are supporting an American made company, but you are also helping a brand that has a small carbon footprint, which is better for the earth!

  3. Fair Trade Friendly - While they aren’t certified, they do meet all of the fair trade criteria.

  4. Eco-Friendly - I love his section!! Clothes are something we wear everyday and the impact of the dyes and chemicals is something most people don’t know about. Mate the Label creates product with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton uses 87% less water and 45% less greenhouse gas than regular cotton, which is better for you and the world. They also use (vegan) low impact dyes. While those aren’t 100% natural / are still synthetic, they don’t have the 8000+ known toxic chemicals that conventional dyes contain. Mate takes their eco-friendly stance into their packaging as well. They don’t ship with poly bags and use safety pin tags instead of plastic attachments. Oh and get tired of your clothing or want to pass it on? They give you the option to return the clothing to them so they can make it into new Mate clothing.

  5. Extended Sizes - A lot of eco-friendly brands do not offer an extensive size run. I love that Mate offers 1x, 2x, and 3x in their most popular basics. It is pretty much unheard of I love how they continue to take the road less traveled.


What I purchased

I contemplated, but ultimately went with the Organic Thermal Short and the Organic Thermal Boxy Crop, both in bone. I read the reviews of how people liked wearing the shirt with jeans / not just with the shorts and I was sold. Honestly now I want the top in other colors! The shorts are great too, but the top is so versatile. I’m also eying the Organic Thermal Wide Leg Pant. That and another top (likely in black) will be my next purchase!

What size(s) I bought

This was honestly the hardest part for me! I ended up purchasing a size S in the top and a size M in the shorts. To be honest when I got the top I was like oh man, I maybe want this in a medium; however, a small was the right choice. It is slightly cropped (though not as cropped as their actual crop top), so a medium would really have just added bulk to the sides and not much length. A medium also would not have looked as nice with jeans either. Side note - they do have a regular length tee if that is more of what you would like!

In the shorts, I’m glad I got the M. The shorts sit at your natural waist, so I could have gotten the S, but I got the M for length. The leg openings are loose / wide and I would not have wanted that with a shorter length. Plus, don’t really want comfy clothes hugging on me, unless they are my leggings. Now, when I get a pair of the wide leg pants, I’m not sure if I will get a S or M in those… I think I’d lean more to a small those, but who knows! Will keep you updated when I buy a pair of those. **Update as of 2021 I purchased a pair of the pants and I love them! I got the size M.

How to style them

So I didn’t shoot these all nice and styled, because it is one of the pieces of clothing that I brought with me on this long holiday. I’m sure you’ll see it A LOT. I’ve haven’t even had them a month and they are already some of my favorite pieces. I of course wear the top and shorts together, but I also really like wearing the top with my black bootcut jeans (in this post) and white sneakers. So chic and sporty!!


All this to say, I love the brand and the product!! The quality is great and it is so comfy chic. I don’t have a Mate the Label coupon code or anything for you, but you can get 10% off when you join their email newsletter list. They also give free shipping when you spend $50 more, which is pretty easy to do! My top retails for $98 and my shorts retail for $72. Something to keep in mind, when you make you products in America, it costs more. When you use better-for-you fabrics and are fair-trade friendly like Mate does/is, it also tacks more onto the price. While I can’t really just buy their apparel on a whim, I don’t mind saving to purchase from them, as I want to support companies that are making those no-so-easy decisions. I want to buy more from brands that consider the environment and not just their bottom line. I hope you’ll add some of their apparel to your everyday wear! Definitely worth some of your upcoming Christmas money ;)


Want more details / see the product in person? Here’s a YouTube video I made!

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