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March Favorites

March Favorites

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Happy March! February always seems like an unfairly short month and this one was no different. While we experienced a lot like visiting Yosemite and finally getting the nursery back after a month of it being unusable, I’m already wishing for time to slow down. We have a ton coming up as a family, so I know the coming months will fly even faster. Lots of travel and life events make for a fun time - can’t wait to keep you updated as we are on the go!

You might notice that this month’s favorites is a little more fashion heavy than it normally is. After basically a year of not buying clothes (pregnancy!), I’m now trying to reclaim my style and figure out what it is, postpartum body and all. Don’t worry, there’s still a good mix / something for everyone.

Enjoy my picks! Most everything is linked in the collage, but if it isn’t, it is linked below the image.

  1. Gap Organic Vintage Crew Neck T-Shirt. Tees, especially white t-shirts are are something that generally gets replaced every season regardless of how nice the shirt was when you start out. I recently bought a couple of these and really like them. They look super cute tucked into the 90’s jeans I shared here, plus are just an all around great basic to have. I tried both a M and a S and preferred the S size.

  2. Cheeky Night Guard. (c/o) How very adult of me to share, I know! I still have my retainers from middle school and thought those work well enough, but they actually don’t. I have TMJ, so I should have started wearing a night guard a long time ago. Every time I visit the dentist, they ask about it, but I have put it off, since they are so expensive! Cheeky is $219 (upfront) a year for a night guard every 3 months or $69 initially and you can be billed quarterly for $59 every 3 months. Use discount code LAUREN15 for 15% off.

  3. Pipette Sunscreen. I’ve tried my fair share of β€œclean” sunscreen, but this might just be my new favorite. It isn’t as greasy as other mineral sunscreens and easily rubs in. Nick even likes it, which is saying a lot, because he hates sunscreen. Just be sure to shake the bottle really well pre-use. You can read more about nontoxic and reef-safe sunscreen here. Read about clear zinc sunscreen that don’t leave white casts here.

  4. Onyx Tea. Onyx is one of Nick’s favorite coffee roasters, so when they came out with tea, we knew it would be good. Spoiler - it is! The Rose is fantastic, but the most unique one I’ve tried is their Moonlight blend. Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  5. Amanda Uprichard Hera Bodysuit. I feel so stinking cute in this! It is a bit of a splurge, but I’m really into bodysuits right now. They make me feel cute and this one is basically season-less since it can be paired with darker or lighter colors. I love the print, but liked it so much, I almost grabbed this dark pink one too.

  6. Miss Messy Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Remover. I was hesitant to say this worked better than other stain remover, but the other day I watched it eat away at a stain right before my very eyes. I will say after reading reviews I only use it on white fabrics and stick to this one otherwise. With all of our white clothes and burp rags it works wonders though!

  7. Agolde 90s Jeans. I plan on sharing a post about these alone, but these jeans are awesome. I feel cool in them and don’t feel cool in much these days. I have shared about Agolde before. I know they are on the pricier side; however, I think they are worth it. Love them!! Growing up in the 90’s I didn’t have jeans as cool as this, just saying.

  8. Electric Picks x Lauren Kay Sims Sunset Hoops. (c/o) These earrings are from my sweet friend’s collection and I wanted to share this month because 1) they are a great updated basic and 2) it’s her birthday! You can shop her whole collection here.

  9. Cowl Neck Jumpsuit. I’m not sure if you have any events coming up that would warrant this, but it is such a cute piece and it is under $100. I got the one they label metallic silver, but in my opinion it looks more black? I got a M and it was perfect - tried the S and it was a little tight over my bottom. I’m wearing it for my sister’s bachelorette party and I’m so excited!

  10. Facial Steamer. No, you don’t have to just use the heat from your dishwasher or the steam above your pasta water - hah! This is a fun little tool to elevate your face mask rituals. I love to use this before I pluck my eyebrows or before a face mask. I try to make the most of my β€œme-time” and this makes it a little more special. It also doubles as a towel warmer!

Next up, here’s some of YOUR favorite things over the previous 28 days.


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  • Started several books, haven’t finished any of them - maybe next month ;)

    See you next month… spring is coming! XOXO

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