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Lunya Silk Pajamas Sizing and Product Review

Lunya Silk Pajamas Sizing and Product Review

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Wellllll, 2021 is off to a luxurious start, because today I’m discussing Lunya washable silk sleepwear! They are a brand that I’ve had my eye on for awhile, but finally took the plunge late last year. They are definitely a splurge item, so I wanted to take the time to review them, so you could learn a little more about the company and better understand the brand. While they do have pop-ups here and there, they are pretty much sold online, which can create a tricky shopping scenario at times. Hopefully this post will take the guesswork out of it for you!

Update: As of July 2022, you can use discount code LAURENMGIFT20 to get $20 off your Lunya purchase of $100 or more.

Lunya was founded by Ashley Merill in 2012. There are quite a few silk sleepwear brands on the market, but the main thing that makes Lunya different is the fact that you can toss their silk in the washing machine No handwashing or dry cleaning necessary!! Silk is a pretty finicky fabric and traditionally has to be treated as such - with lots of care. Another difference is that they are female founded // run. LOVE THAT. I found Lunya before I moved to California, but I do love that they are based here in LA. I love supporting local businesses. Just to clarify, their pajamas are not made in LA.

Over the last year, I have put more emphasis on sleep and strived to go to bed at a better time or at least get more than 5 hours of shut eye. I aim for 8 hours. I’m also continuing to try to stress less and practice other life-giving principles that contribute to my overall wellness. Working from home / myself makes it harder to turn my brain off. I am trying to create a better schedule and choosing to intentionally β€œwind down” helps that. One of the things that I love about Lunya is that is why they were created. The founder literally created them to reclaim that part of the day. This is why the word β€œotium” is Lunya’s mantra. Here’s what Lunya has to say about otium:

Our pieces are carefully crafted for the important part of your dayβ€” your Otium hours. Otium is the Greek word for the time we regroup after our daily business to enjoy meaning leisure (i.e. eating, playing, resting, reading, writing, contemplation, connecting with ourselves and others). Whether you’re just waking up or calling it a night, Lunya is your daily reminder to prioritize the most meaningful part of your life and find beauty in the everyday.

Now you know what otium means, check out what Lunya’s founder says her personal inspiration was. It hits home for me so maybe it will for you too! I for sure chuckled a bit when reading it.

I walked by my bedroom mirror and laughed at my sad outfit – I was wearing my husband’s old frat t-shirt and his rolled up boxer briefs. Clearly this time of day had become an afterthought, despite it being the time that I looked most forward to in every day. This realization sent me on a journey to find sleepwear that was in line with how I wanted to feel during my Otium time – the time I spend at home in meaningful leisure. But none of the options on the market matched the modern woman I was or wanted to be.

This personal experience became the foundation for Lunya. Our painstaking attention to detail in quality and construction is a testament to the significance of this time. Lunya sleepwear is the uniform for those who share our belief that Otium is the most important part of the day.
— Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO

Why silk pajamas?!

I know. I asked myself that a lot as well. If you want to get into the science of it, I actually shared a post on what to look for when buying pajamas here. Spoiler alert: the best fabrics to sleep in are natural fibers and silks is probably the softest. It is also hypoallergenic and thermoregulating which means that it helps your body maintain its core temperature. This is good in general, but also contributes to better sleep!

Why so expensive?

Again - another question I asked myself a lot. This is what kept me from buying them immediately, but it is also something I was able somewhat justify due to my degree. I studied apparel merchandising in school and therefore have and understanding of what things actually cost. Let me tell you - silk is NOT cheap. You can find cheaper silks, but even those can be $10+ a yard, going up to $50+ a yard. These pajamas probably use around 3-4 yards of fabric. Besides the fact that the fabric is higher priced, Lunya’s pieces are draped to be more comfortable. The back of my tank has a petal opening and the sides of the shorts are petaled as well. This means there is more fabric needed and it is cut on the bias. Cutting on the bias makes the garment drape better and have more ease, but it also means cutting more in the middle of the fabric versus edge to edge. This means that less of the fabric is usable, because it isn’t cut to fit the most amount of patterns on it. You also end up needing more fabric than if you were just trying to make the most pajamas.

To recap, their pajamas are pricey because silk is expensive and so is the nature of way they designed the pieces.

Top: size medium β€” Bottom: size small

Are they worth the price?

While I didn’t necessarily enjoy spending $178 on these silk pajamas, I would say their price reflects the quality of both the fabric and the design. They are the most comfortable pair of pajamas that I own and are probably the chicest too! It’s not often that those 2 go hand in hand. ALSO, my husband likes them // they are way cuter than the other pajamas I wear in the house.

What size should I get?

I was in-between a small and medium via the size charts. I asked a customer service rep for Lunya and they said to size down to a small. I ordered a small and medium just to see and ended up keeping the small. If you are in-between sizes, size down as they are made a little oversized / with lots of ease. I did like the length of the medium bottoms, but the top was way too big. I’m happy with the small, but wish the shorts were a tad bit longer. Overall though I’m really happy with the small! Side note - I love that Lunya offers up to 3XL! Most silk brands don’t even go above an XL.

Anything I didn’t love?

I try to give a full picture review and in reality nothing is perfect. I was a little disappointed at the lines / wrinkles upon arrival (you can see it in the video below), but not really sure how they could handle that better, as silk is known for wrinkling. The crease line were nice and neat and clearly from folding properly. Just wanted to note that, because they are pretty obvious when you open the package.

One other thing that is kind of odd is that once you place the order it cannot be cancelled. I ordered a gift for a friend and accidentally shipped it to the wrong address. Less than 2 hours after placing the order I sent a message to cancel it and then placed an order with the correct address. While I have ordered from companies that cannot change an address once placed, I haven’t dealt with one that can’t cancel it entirely when you request it in less than 24 hours since placement. The customer service team was really nice and offered to try and re-route the package for me, but even that is not guaranteed to take affect.

A positive is that Lunya does have a good return policy. They accept all returns within 30 days as long as it is unworn and unwashed. Free return shipping is included!

Left: size small β€” Right: size medium


I love the Lunya brand and its mission! I love that it is machine washable and contributes to my β€œotium” time. Since buying the silk sleepwear set, I also grabbed the silk scrunchie and it is wonderful. The silk tightens around your hair versus an elastic band. I have been sleeping with my hair pulled back in it every night.

Lunya does offer fabrics besides silk if that isn’t your thing. To be honest I have to be careful picking up my cats while wearing silk, so I can try to make sure their claws don’t pull or create a snag. Besides their washable silk they also have wool, pima cotton, cotton / silk blend, and modal. Not sure I’ll pull the trigger on anything else soon, but I can’t lie. Their entire collection is pretty dreamy!!

Side note - the silk top actually doubles as a nice blouse in my opinion!! Looks great with nicer jeans and shoes ;)

Want more details // see how the silk sleepwear fits? Here’s my YouTube video about them

Thanks so much for reading and watching! If you have any other questions, let me know. Happy to help! Here’s to better sleep, more relaxation, and less stress. XOXO

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