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Light Jeans, Denim Jackets, and Other Things I Thought I'd Never Wear Again

Light Jeans, Denim Jackets, and Other Things I Thought I'd Never Wear Again

American Eagle Shirt (perfect for summer! not wool/too warm!) | Madewell Jeans | Dolce Vita Pacer Slides | Daniel Wellington Leather Classic Petite (c/o) <-- use code ELLESPANN15 for 15% off!

Prepare yourself...I'm about to eat crow.

From Wikipedia: Eating crow is a colloquial idiom, used in English-speaking countries that means humiliation by admitting having been proven wrong after taking a strong position. Crow is presumably foul-tasting in the same way that being proven wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow.

If you thought my light wash jeans were a throwback, then I'm sure you'll appreciate my reference to Wikipedia...the one site you were not allowed to source things from in school...LOL And yes, that was before the days of TurnItIn.Com. #ImOld

Anyway, my friend Lauren of LaurenKaySims.com adores light wash denim. I vividly remember telling her several years ago, that I would never own a pair of light jeans again and the darker the denim the better. Now, let me say that these shorts are my absolute favorite -they are totally worth the money, as I practically live in them during the summer BUT I do not have light wash jeans...gulp. Until now.

It was the weirdest thing...I just woke up one morning a couple weeks ago and had the sudden craving for scrambled eggs and light wash jeans. Honestly, I thought hell must be freezing over or something!I tried to find a pair that I liked that was under $100, but was stuck on these Madewell 10" jeans in the Hank wash. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (size down. I wear a 29 in J. Brand and J. Crew, but needed a 28 in these) They are $128, available in petite, regular, and tall and are so worth it. I have learned that I am very okay with spending a little bit more on jeans, because the fit is usually worth it and so is the quality! At the end of the day, you always reach for and wear what makes you feel the best, both physically and mentally. Additionally, you will wear them more, so you need them to withhold wear and tear. I feel the same about my favorite dark skinny jeans...I'm obsessed with J. Brand's 811 mid-rise jeans. I wear them at least once a week!

So there you have it...I, Lauren Elizabeth Spann Mulenos (it's official now!), have a pair of light wash jeans and like it. Sue me.

I recently saw an article talking about trends that are coming back

-Jelly Shoes (yep, had those. They got grossly yellow as they yeared)

-Steve Madden Black Stretchy Slides (wore those in the 5th grade and they were the bomb!)

-Bandannas (actually did a post on the square scarf here - I'm not too sure about the trend now, because I wore too many. I had every single kind known to man...even those ones that were just a triangle of fabric on a string, so you could tie it in your hair like a headband!)

-Denim Jackets (When I was in middle school, every Thursday was super busy. I had to go from school, to All City Choir Practice, to Dance Rehearsal. I ate dinner in the car, on the way to dance class. My mom would always make me chicken noodle soup. Then I had it to often and couldn't touch it for YEARS. I mean imagine having it every Thursday for 2 years and out of thermos, while driving?! I know, I know, at least I had dinner. Anyway, denim jackets were kind of like chicken noodle soup...I had plain ones, white ones, cropped ones, bedazzled ones. Too many! I bought one almost a year ago and have LOVED it. I just have a plain Levi's one, but there are a lot of good ones out there. Perfect for layering!

-Chokers (Another one of those things I went ALL OUT with. I bought chokers, yes; however, I ended up making a lot, because I literally wanted one in every color. I actually had a "circle" birthday party one time. What was the craft? Choker making! Anyway, I actually mentioned the choker trend here and how I won't be partaking in it. I can appreciate it on others, but NOT for me. Give 10 years or so. LOL)

-Black and Brown (This is kind of opposite. I was STRONGLY against pairing the 2 hues together, but now I'm all about it! Did you see my sweet new Daniel Wellington Leather Classic Petite? It has the prettiest little brown leather strap, with a black face. Needless to say, I'm obsessed with it. Use code ELLESPANN15 for 15% off!)

Alright, I think these are about all I can stomach today. We'll have to save ringer tees, band images, and flatforms for another day;) It's so funny to see how our tastes change. Let me ease back into my past with denim jackets + light jeans, please! And fashion influencers and buyers, please for the love of all things good, don't make me write about low rise jeans. I'm not even sure how I wore them, with their .5 inch zipper!! I'd say never again, but I've said that before ;)

What do y'all think? Any trend you are repeating that you wore when you were young? *cue Adele* I hope this post was fun for you and was a good trip down memory lane...or is it present day?!

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