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Let's Talk About Periods ft. THINX

Let's Talk About Periods ft. THINX

THINX hip hugger underwear (c/o)

Let's talk about periods, baby.

Let's talk about you and me.

Let's talk about all the good things and all the bad things that may be.

Let's talk about periods.

Ladies, all the ladies, louder now, help me out!

I debated writing a post on this, but think there is so much good in putting it to paper, er I mean computer, so here I am. People feel so strongly about #freethenipple and whether or not you should be able to decide what bathroom you use; however, I think there is something more important to talk about. Period.(s).

Yes, periods. Periods are taboo and have been, dating all the way back to B.C. Why? It may be messy and difficult at times, but that doesn't mean it should be shunned. Women used to have to spend their menstruation days away from everyone, in a special hut, because they were deemed unclean. Periods are a natural way of life, that shouldn't be treated with disdain.

Let's talk about my period. I started the summer after I was in 6th grade, while I was at camp. My fourth of July was a little different that year, to say the least. (hah. Can I make period jokes?) When I entered high school, I began having bad cramps. I would get clammy and nauseous and no amount of Midol would help. I vividly remember one day in chemistry class, my teacher Mr. Belmir, asked me what was wrong. I asked to be excused to the bathroom and he stated "either your boyfriend just broke up with you or you're going to throw up, so yes"...get the picture? I didn't want to have to take the pill, so I fought it for a while; however, the worst it ever got, was my first day of college, at Baylor University. Go figure. After that, I decided to go on the pill, for reason that I couldn't function without some sort of help. Usually with a lot of cramps, come a heavier cycle. The pill did help that, but I'm not one of those lucky duck girls (I still love you if this is you!) have super light periods and last 2 days. This is not me.

What do you do? There are girls who definitely have it worse than me, but in the end, it isn't a competition. My favorite tampons are Kotex Security - the multi style pack. But...even those have let me down before. Leaking isn't fun, especially when it gets on your clothes. It's easy to keep it in check when I'm just living my life, at work or home, but what about vacation? Or long days of traveling? Or even running?

Last summer, Kiran Gandhi ran her first marathon. She did what she deemed "Free Bleeding". I don't know about y'all, but I don't blame her. Have you ever run with a super-plus tampon? It SUCKS. Now, I'm not as brave as her to do that, but I appreciate it. Why was she criticized for doing what her body does naturally? She was called "disgusting", in case you forgot. Disgusting for not letting her period hold her back.

Periods affect women in different ways, but often times they keep them from activities. That's why I am proud to introduce you to Thinx. Thinx is a company by women for women...all over the globe! You know that connotation you have a period underwear? Throw it out, along with your ruined undies and check out Thinx. They make leak resistant, absorbent underwear, that are moisture wicking and anti-microbial. You're probably thinking "Lauren, if I wanted to wear a pad, then I would buy them at the store." Nope! Not a pad. Trust me! I've tried them. They have a thin layer in the crotch and a tiny layer on the back side. I've worn them to yoga, run in them, sported them to work (no VPL, I might add. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here), and slept in them. These babies work! 

But, how? Here's more about them, don't you worry!  They come in peachy nude or black and run S-3XL. You get to choose between their several style options, as well! They have a hip hugger pair, meant for your heaviest days, highwaisted and sport versions, for your medium days, boy short and cheekies for your light days, and thongs for your lightest days. I chose to get a black, hip hugger, in a size medium. Like I mentioned above, I don't have the lightest of periods, so I wanted to be sure test it out well, for you! Without getting too graphic, the only time I noticed what I was even wearing, was on my 1 heaviest day, at the end of the work day. The hip hugger is supposed to hold up to 2 tampons worth, so I wasn't really surprised, as on that day, I'm more like 3 tampons. On that type of day, I'd probably start out wearing a tampon, with the underwear, then graduate to just the undies, after lunch. So, yes, I did test them without any back up and they worked great! If you're someone who just wants extra protection, I'd recommend the lighter ones, with tampons; however, if you can get over not wearing a tampon, I think you'd really like it!

One of the best parts about THINX, is that they are re-usable. I'm sure by now, you're telling me that I'm crazy...but I'm being honest! All you do, is rinse out your underwear in cold water, then place in the washing machine, on the gentle cycle, no fabric softener, then hang to dry. Not only is this more cost effective than buying feminine products at the store, but it is more "green" too!

As if it didn't get any better, it does. The heart of THINX, is actually helping all women...even those without access. Like I mentioned at the beginning of my post, women are limited to doing things, due to their periods...even in today's society. Girls in Uganda specifically, aren't able to go to school when they are on their period. Why should they be denied days of learning because of something their body does naturally? The answer? They shouldn't. When you purchase THINX, you are funding the world dream. Yes, the American dream, but also other girls' dreams across the globe. THINX works with a partner organization called AFRIpads. They send funds to Uganda, where the money goes to 4 different factories, spanning across around 130 people. AFRIpads then trains women to construct and sell washable, reusable, cloth pads to locals, including girls in school. They are able to then buy the pads and keep them at school, so they can continue learning throughout the entire month, not just when they're off of their period. (read more info here). 

If that's hard for you to grasp, then consider wherever you live. Picture the homeless people. While it's not on the same scale as the girls in Uganda, it is a similar situation. What do you think they do when they are on their period? Pads and tampons are expensive and most shelters don't have stock readily available. This type of giving may seem simple, but doing such, is a foundation for bigger and better life accomplishments!

So, I obviously loved my hip huggers and now I want to create a cycle set, meaning a pair for my entire period length. Are you going to join me?  A woman uses around  17,000 tampons in her lifetime...let's lessen that.

If you want to go ahead and get a set, buy 3 pair and get 10% off, 5 pair and get 15% off, or 7 pair and get 20% off. If you want to just buy a pair (or even if you want to buy more), you can get $10 off your first order! Yipee!!

I’ve tried the hiphugger, sport and thong, but I think my favorite is the organic cotton brief!

So, what do you think? Will you try it out? Even if you decide not to, at least you have a better understanding of the world we live in and can help break the period shaming.

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