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Top Restaurants near Knox/Henderson + Dallas Restaurant Week Reservations

Top Restaurants near Knox/Henderson + Dallas Restaurant Week Reservations

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Happy middle of the week, y'all! These pictures/my dress were from my birthday last week. (Here was a picture at dinner, and here was a picture at my party.Mink Pink is one of my favorite brands, so I'm really glad Riffraff carries them! I snagged this "Smells like Summer" dress from Riffraff Dallas a couple of weeks ago. I think it sold out, but they still have the swimsuit version. (I also linked a retailer that isn't sold out here) You can shop Mink Pink pieces (and the entire site) on ShopRiffraff.com for 15% off + Free Shipping with code "RiffraffRepLauren" at checkout.

If you follow me on Instagram or on my newly re-activated Snapchat (ElleSpann), then you know how much I love food! So many people ask me where they should eat in Dallas, so I decided to cover all the Dallas districts and list my favorites. Today's post is the first of several. After I cover each area, I'll finish up by giving my Top 10 favorite restaurants in Dallas! I've tried writing about food and it's not nearly as popular as my fashion posts, so in true Southern Elle Style, I am combining food and fashion. Take this dress, for example. It's perfect for eating out, because it's loose. Don't worry, your food baby will be completely concealed;)

So let's get started! Here's my favorite restaurants in the Knox/Henderson area, in no particular order.

-Hibiscus. I started with this restaurant, because it is where I went for my birthday dinner! Hibiscus is the perfect mix of classic fine dining and modern flair. If you want a special place to go to have an intimate dinner, or get-together, go here! What to order: Get the pork! It is tender and juicy; cooked to perfection. Their burrata is also amazing. 

-The Porch. This is one of the most underrated restaurants in Dallas. If you have a lot of people to please, go here. Everyone will be able to find something that they will like for sure! What do order: Splurge on an appetizer! They have a seasonal burrata and it comes with roasted garlic. It it wonderful! I also love their turkey chili and salmon burger. Their cocktails are also very well crafted.

-Taverna. It's only downside is the lack of parking, because you have to valet. My favorite time to go is during patio season. If you want to have a good time, with good food, go here. What to order: If you're going for brunch, get the Polenta and Eggs...it has truffle oil! Don't forget the $2 mimosas;) If you're going for dinner, get one of their amazing risottis. You literally can't go wrong with any of their variations!

-Chuy's. If you're in Texas, you've gotta have TexMex and Chuy's hits the spot. Whether you're a local or a tourist, it's so yummy! Love queso? Go here. What to order: Go during happy hour and grab cheap drinks with a free, fully loaded nacho bar! Oh, and make sure you ask for some Jalapeno Ranch!!

-Sissy's Southern Kitchen. Southern class, with a bit of sass. This isn't your typical chicken joint- it's a place that Scarlett O'hara would appreciate! If you need a fun dinner place to go with your girls or for mom's birthday, go here.  What to order: I don't care what you order -it's all good. Just make sure you get a side of macaroni and cheese!

-La Duni. A Latin kitchen without the taco grease. If you're looking for a different place to have brunch, go here. What to order: The popovers! They are light and fluffy and come with orange marmalade, strawberry butter, and a seasonal jam. I also really like the Huevos Gauchos.

-Velvet Taco.  Cheap and good! This quick taco shop is so yummy and won't break the bank. If you need to go somewhere where everyone needs separate checks, go here. (You stand in line, order, and pay at once.) What to order: Number 1! You can't go wrong with chicken and white queso!

-Villa O. Boozey brunch at your service! Bring your couple friends for Saturday late breakfast. If you want a loud, upbeat, and friendly atmosphere, go here. What to order: Get their unlimited mimosas and the Bagel BLT!

-Henry's Majestic. A fun little place, tucked away! For an easy going brunch, go here. What to order: The Rose Peach French Toast or the Majestic Breakfast. Flip a coin to pick savory or sweet!

-Great One Cookies. Okay, so not a restaurant, but these cookies are so good! For a sweet treat or party favors, go here! What to order:  Classic chocolate chip or lemon.

-Brian's Wine. Again, not a restaurant, but the cutest little wine shop! The owner/manager are great and their products are too. What to order: Dealer's Choice! They have an awesome array of wine at all different prices levels, but I like to try their bottles under $20.

Do you have a favorite that I left off? Let me know- especially if it's a place that I just need to try again! P.S. If you liked this post or want to remember it for later, here's your Pinterest image! Follow my Dallas board, here.

So, if you're not from Dallas or have never heard of it, in August, there's an event called Restaurant Week.  This week is the main week, but due to it's popularity, it lasts 3 weeks long. Last weekend was the preview and next week, through the 30th, is the extended week. Participating restaurants create either a $35 or $45 (or $65 with wine) 3 course meal, to which 20% of each sale go to the North Texas Foodbank.  Each dollar provides 3 meals, so just think about how many meals you are providing! Last year my bf and I went to 4 and this year we decided to do 4 again. I mean, anything for charity, right?;) We honestly weren't that impressed with the Dallas offering this year, so we chose 2 restaurants in Fort Worth. (Restaurant week is mainly in Dallas, but there are a handful of Fort Worth selections!) So, here's our 2015 selection:

Friday August 14th: Grace. To kick off Restaurant Week, we are heading to Fort Worth! If I'm being honest, I picked this place because I loved the name. Oh, and also because the menu + wine list look awesome!

Saturday August 15th: Mercat. I LOVE Mercat. The first time we went, was last year for Restaurant Week, so we just had to anniversary it.  It is the perfect little Parisian corner bistro and the food is impeccable.

Saturday August 22nd: Waters Bonnell's Coastal Cuisine. Our second Fort Worth location, my bf picked it for their topnotch seafood rating.

Friday August 28th: Rosewood Mansion. We went here last year as well, and it is just as chic as it can get...a true dining experience.

Does your city have restaurant week? Are you going anywhere? I'd love to live vicariously through you! (Yummy food without the calories;)

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