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Kentucky Derby Style: DIY Fresh Flower Fascinator

Kentucky Derby Style: DIY Fresh Flower Fascinator

Asos Dress | Jessica Simpson Heels | Kiel James Patrick Pearl Bracelet | Kendra Scott Earrings | OPI Cajun Shrimp Nail Polish

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Day at the Races Kentucky Derby Party (c/o), an event thrown in honor of the big race, benefiting the Lee Park and Arlington Hall Conservancy. In true Dallas fashion, everything is decorated and themed to perfection. Even if it wasn't, it would still be beautiful, because Lee Park and Arlington Hall is naturally gorgeous. Side note, it's actually where we got engaged! You can see photos from our real time engagement here.

I was invited to the party last year, but was unable to attend. I am so glad I could go this year - if you haven't been before, be sure get your tickets next year! This year Trunk Club had a biscuit bar, complete with biscuits, bacon, fried chicken tenders, preserves, and even nutella! There were of course mint juleps, but also local beers, coffees, and carefully crafted cocktails! In these photos, I'm enjoying a Ruby Slipper;) Whether you are watching the race or not, there are other vendors to check out, games like croquet and bags, and a live auction and a live band! It is truly an afternoon to remember!

Anyway, when I received the invitation, I immediately began thinking about what I could possibly wear! No surprise, right? This Asos dress was definitely a no brainer, but the important thing, was what I would wear on my head! Everyone knows that large, sometimes obnoxious hats and recently fascinators, are what the Kentucky Derby is known for! I've attended other derby parties before, and it is such a hassle to take photos, with large and in charge hats; so, that's how I decided to go the fascinator route.

I shopped around for cute fascinators, but didn't want to spend more than $20 on one. I can justify a $50 sun hat, but opportunities to wear fascinators, just don't come about that often. Alas, I decided to make my own! I wanted to be somewhat original, so I chose to make mine out of fresh flowers. I originally wanted peonies, but Trader Joes didn't have any. Instead, I went with hydrangeas and hyacinth and I am SO glad! Fresh flower fascinators are budget friendly, plus they smell good! You won't use all the blooms on your fascinator, so they also double as a new arrangement for your home. Two birds, one stone;)

Without further adieu, here's my DIY!

Materials needed:

-1 headband

-fresh flowers of your choosing (I'd recommend a main flower and an accent flower)

-floral stem wire (you'll cut pieces to about 15 inches, per flower)

-hot glue


Step 1: decide where you'd like the bunch of flowers to sit on your head band. Dab the spot with a dot of hot glue, so you remember the exact place. (I part my hair on the right side, so my larger chunk of hair is on my left, which is where I wanted my flowers. I'd advise that they sit on the opposite side of your part)

Step 2: Choose your main flower, cut it from it's bunch and attach it to the spot on your headband, with the floral wire. For hydrangeas, you can't really stem it with the wire, so  I just wrapped it round the thickest part of the stem and around the headband. You want the stem a little long (1.5-2 inches)  because it's easier to attach. Don't worry, you'll trim it at the end. 

Step 3: After you situate it exactly how you want it to lay on the headband, hot glue the wire into place, to make it remain in the correct spot. You probably don't need hot glue, but I just wanted extra hold, because it was going to be a long day.

Step 4: You can now trim the stem. You want to leave about 1/2 inch left under the wire.

Step 5: Grab your accent flowers and place them how you'd like them against the main flower, so you can get an idea. I wanted two accent buds. For these, I needed the stems longer, because I won't trim them. Cut them from their bunch, leaving the stems about 2 inches long.

Step 6: Attach your accent flowers with floral wire. My accent flowers were hyacinth, which can be wired through the stem! Like I said above, you want these to have relatively long stems, depending on how far you want them to stick up. Thread the wire through the bottom, until it comes out in the bud. (You can see it on the right side, in the picture below). Bend the wire that is out of the bud, down, so that it hooks it in. Repeat for other accent flower(s).

Step 6: Wrap the newly wired flower(s) around the headband, secure in correct place, then hot glue down. DO NOT try it on until the glue dries. If you want to try it on, do so before you glue the final flowers down, for placement.

Step 7: Try on for placement and make sure it works. If you don't like it, you can slightly bend the wire and/or hot glue things up or down. Place in refrigerator until time to wear. I would not buy your blooms until day of, if you can stand it.

Step 8: Place remaining flowers in a vase, to enjoy!

Easy, right? It took me about 20 minutes, once I gathered all of my materials. I guess if you wanted it to last longer, you could easily use silk flowers!

Have you ever attended a Kentucky Derby party? This would be perfect to wear to the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes! Who thinks Nyquist will win the Triple Crown?!

Let me know if you have any questions about making your own - happy to help. Enjoy!

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