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June Favorites

June Favorites

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Summer is coming! I can definitely tell that with this June heat. Yes, I know it sounds weird coming from someone who lives in β€œperfect weather” LA, but it does get warm in SoCal if you aren’t in the shade or by the water. You have to remember that a lot of people here don’t have central AC, which makes a HUGE difference in cool levels. Nick and I have some fun summer trips and some cool things I’m working on. Hoping to share more with you soon! Until then, here are some of my recent favorite things. A couple things aren’t linked in the collage, but everything is linked below the image. Enjoy!

  1. Pink Chicken Children’s Clothing Brand. When I was considering my favorite things to share this month, Pink Chicken came to mind because I LOVE their children’s clothes. They are probably my favorite brand for cute outfits for fun and special occasions. It is so easy to find something for both Cyprus and Olive, which is often hard for me to at just one place. I’m not super trendy, but I’m not super classic either. Pink Chicken is 100% my vibe for my kids. Their designs are childlike, but aren’t too crazy our out there, as they feel timeless too. I feel lucky because I can shop them online, but we also have a Pink Chicken retail shop near us in Santa Monica. Cyprus has this orange and white shirt and this blue and white shirt and Olive has this bubble romper. I love the hydrangea print they recently launched. Definitely check them out for cute clothes for your babies!

  2. Phonak Hearing Aids. (c/o) I recently discussed my story with hearing loss here, so I wanted to share my hearing aids since they help me with everyday life so much. I have the Phonak AudΓ©oβ„’ Paradise Hearing Aids. I’d encourage you to get your hearing checked regularly and see how you are on that side of things, as it affects the rest of your health.

  3. House of Noa Standing Mat. Last month I mentioned the foam tiles that we have in the twins room and love, so I wanted to mention their other product. We love the tiles so much, I knew I had to get one of their mats for our kitchen. I bought the Ula pattern in oat, size 20x48 and it is exactly what I hoped it would be and more. It is great in our kitchen but would be amazing with a standing desk or anywhere you stand really!

  4. Cometeer Coffee. We have been buying this frozen coffee for a while and it is truly amazing. Nick loves to make his own espresso and pour overs, but on mornings he only has time to pull a shot or maybe not even time for that, he grabs one of these pods. You run the pod under warm water for several seconds, then dump the pod into a mug. Pour 8oz of hot water (204 F) over it and your coffee is ready. You can’t make a craft cup of coffee that quickly! It’s Father’s Day this month, so I wanted to share it in case you need a gift idea for your dad. This link that gives you a $25 discount your order.

  5. Heating Pad. Seems odd to throw this in here as we are approaching summer, but it has been a lifesaver for me! I used it post c-section on my scar, in the recent months for knots on my stomach, and then for back pain from my growing babies. It’s really good basic to have on hand if you don’t already have one.

  6. Jouer Bronze and Glow Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. (c/o) I have been trying to chase that β€œjust had a baby / nursing” glow, because ever since I stopped breastfeeding, by skin became dull. Also I’m very tired. Hah! I grabbed this bronzer for summer, but also to help give me some of the glow back. It is so easy to apply and glides on with a powdery, not sticky finish.

  7. Milk and Honey Spa Treatments. Last month I got to visit the newest Milk and Honey location in Culver City. If you need spa treatments or are looking to for a nice gift for someone, definitely look and see if there are any locations near you. Their spas are beautiful and their treatments are top notch.

  8. HoldOn Sandwich Bags. (c/o) I just shared about these plastic alternative bags here. We are on-the-go and often messy with the twins, so I love being able to use bags and not feel bad about contributing so much waist. They have trash bags in a couple sizes, but I use the sandwich bags and freezer bags the most.

  9. HoneyLove Super Power Thong. I need to write a post on my favorite clothes after having kids, because things just don’t fit the same! I love this shape-wear because it keeps me sucked in and doesn’t fall down because it is corseted. It makes me mentally feel better about myself and more confident. I normally wear a M in underwear, but grabbed a S in this, so I’d recommend sizing down.

  10. Amanda Uprichard Clearly Dress. I wore this dress to a wedding recently and felt so chic! It does tie in the middle, but doesn’t accent your waist in an annoying way. The shoulders also make your waist look small. I wore it with heels, but plan to wear it with tall, black cowboy boots to dress it down too. I took a size S. You can see it on with my family here.

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